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OPA! June 19, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Travel & Leisure.

As part of our Anniversary Celebration, we headed to the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs.

Along the waterfront, we met Diver Dan.

And saw lots of boats.

We went to Mykenos for lunch ~ Greek Salad & Greek Fries.

We went to Hellas Bakery for dessert.

After fogging up the display case, we chose Baklava Cheesecake.

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Val Boyko - June 19, 2018

Happy Anniversary Nancy! Greak food is alwasy a cause for celebration. Baklava cheesecake sounds ike ambrosia of the gods 😎

nrhatch - June 19, 2018

Thanks, Val. Greek food is a fave! We had a fun day strolling the docks, window shopping, and watching Sponge Diving films.

2. Jill Weatherholt - June 19, 2018

Happy Anniversary, Nancy! You sure know how to celebrate. OPA!

nrhatch - June 19, 2018

Tarpon Springs has been on our radar for awhile. It’s an interesting enclave of Greek cuisine and maritime history.

3. Rainee - June 19, 2018

Hope you had a happy day!

nrhatch - June 19, 2018

We did. Thanks!

4. Kate Crimmins - June 19, 2018

It’s all about the food and it looks great!

nrhatch - June 19, 2018

We planned to get more food ~ Greek salad and fries at Mykenos, followed by Spanakopita at another Greek eatery followed by dessert. But we couldn’t fit it all in. So we went from appetizer to dessert.

Our appetites are not what they once were. That’s good . . . except when we want to be a bit “piggy.” 😀

Kate Crimmins - June 19, 2018

I find that too. I can’t have dessert unless I box half the entrée. Even then sometimes it’s hard.

nrhatch - June 19, 2018

My mind boggles at how much I used to eat (in college) vs. what I can manage to consume these days.

And most of my choices (NOT Baklava Cheesecake) are FAR healthier than the fare I used to inhale. 😀

5. L. Marie - June 19, 2018

Happy anniversary! That cheesecake looks tasty!

nrhatch - June 19, 2018

The first time we tried Baklava Cheesecake was at a Greek Glendi Festival at Saint Barbara’s Church in Sarasota. It’s a nice mix of sweet and not-so-sweet. 😀

6. Joanne Sisco - June 19, 2018

Sounds like a nice way to celebrate an anniversary 🙂

… ESPECIALLY the baklava cheesecake! Yes, please!

nrhatch - June 19, 2018

Our “celebration” this year was low key . . . but enjoyable. And very TASTY!

7. William D'Andrea - June 20, 2018

Happy Anniversary to you Nancy.

nrhatch - June 20, 2018

Thanks, William. We’re enjoy the continuing celebration.

8. Behind the Story - June 21, 2018

Happy anniversary, Nancy. Baklava cheesecake. Wow! That sounds wonderful!

What is OPA?

nrhatch - June 21, 2018

I like to think of it as a joyous reminder to stop and celebrate life where you are. Here’s a more complete definition:


9. Ally Bean - June 21, 2018

Yum, I say! Happy Anniversary. It looks like you found the perfect places to celebrate.

nrhatch - June 22, 2018

Good food = Good mood = Celebration! 😀

10. Tiny - June 24, 2018

This is a place where I’ve spent quite a bit of time…eaten in the Greek restaurants and taken boat tours with grandies 🙂

nrhatch - June 24, 2018

Doing stuff with kids = so much fun! 😀

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