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Enough! March 29, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Less IS More, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

Life is a buffet . . . a banquet of immense proportions.  We cannot taste everything.  We must pick and choose.  And be discerning.

When our plates are spilling over, it’s time to re-prioritize.  Weed our gardens. Prune the excess.

*What do I want my life to look like?

*How do I want to spend my time?

*What (& who) adds joy to my life?

*Do I have room for this on my plate?

*Will this add to my happiness?

When our “To Do” lists are ever expanding, it’s up to us to reign “life” in.


Just Say “No.”

Don’t “Just Do It” . . . Just Stop It!

Learn to recognize “Enough.”

Aah . . . that’s better!

To Read More:  Why There’s Too Much On Your Plate (Raptitude)


1. Kate Crimmins - March 29, 2018

Just not enough time for everything you WANT to do let alone things you really don’t want to do.

nrhatch - March 29, 2018

Time is our most valuable and irreplaceable commodity ~ a bank account which mandates daily withdrawals, prohibits deposits, and pays dividends when we spend it wisely.

Here’s to finding the right life balance!

2. joyroses13 - March 29, 2018

Wise words! Now just to listen to them! 🙂

nrhatch - March 29, 2018

As soon as you “find the time” . . . 😀

3. Tippy Gnu - March 29, 2018

Shhh. If everyone thought like you, our economy would go down the toilet.

nrhatch - March 29, 2018

And who would listen to the news?
Or tweet on Twitter?
Or have their privacy compromised on Facebook?

4. Jill Weatherholt - March 29, 2018

One of the greatest things about growing older is learning how to say NO without the guilt.

nrhatch - March 29, 2018

Yes! 😀

5. Ally Bean - March 29, 2018

Less is more, as they say. I find that to be true with social media having never succumbed to FOMO. I can say NO with the best of them!

nrhatch - March 29, 2018

I’ve been deleting a bunch of “news feed” today ~> FOMO is not a positive reason for reading through superfluous e-mails filled with superficial fodder.

6. Debra - March 29, 2018

This is SO true, Nancy. When I retired 18 months ago I was just sure I’d have more time than I do. I am also currently doing a hefty review of “what works” and what does not. 🙂

nrhatch - March 29, 2018

Same here, Debra ~> the battle to maintain “life balance” is on-going! (Sometimes all it takes is a nip & a tuck. Other times, we have to get out the hedge shears!)

7. Joanne Sisco - March 30, 2018

Each one of those questions is a good one to ask ourselves once in a while to make sure we are staying focused on what’s really important to us.

nrhatch - March 30, 2018

Agreed. From time to time, turning off “auto-pilot” to make any necessary “course corrections” makes sense . . . if we want to get to where we really want to go.

8. L. Marie - March 30, 2018

This was very timely. This week I found myself so busy that I didn’t have much time to write or to sit and think. 😦

nrhatch - March 30, 2018

I don’t like to be “too busy” . . . I like to “go with the flow” (as long as the flow is not “raging rapids”). 😀

9. Rainee - March 30, 2018

I just got around to reading the article you included in the link Nancy. It was very good and done with a little bit of humour. I am out to buy some beans!

nrhatch - March 30, 2018

Excellent! Eat them in Good Health!

10. Val Boyko - March 30, 2018

In a world of excess and commercialism, its all too easy to end up with too much. Thanks for the reminder to bring portion control to all of our lives 😉

nrhatch - March 30, 2018

Here’s to finding the “right” balance!

11. beeblu - April 1, 2018

I say no so often these days and have read many more books as a result 😄

nrhatch - April 2, 2018

There ya go! Finding time for the right pursuits = perfect!

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