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Black Beans & Rice ~> That’s Nice! March 27, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Vegetarian Recipes.

Want to bust through a few dozen food myths to get to the nub of nutrition?

This article is a great place to start:

In fact, the basic theme of optimal eating — a diet made up mostly of whole, wholesome plant foods — has been clear to nutrition experts for generations. What does change all the time is the fads, fashions, marketing gimmicks, and hucksterism.

How do you avoid the pitfalls of all that?

Focus on foods, not nutrients. A diet may be higher or lower in total fat, or total carbohydrate, or total protein, and still be optimal. But a diet cannot be optimal if it is not made up mostly of some balanced combination of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and water.

If you get the foods right, the nutrients sort themselves out. But if you focus on nutrients rather than foods, you quickly learn that there is more than one way to eat badly, and we Americans seem all too eager to try them all.

To read more:  The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Jill Weatherholt - March 27, 2018

I’m having some almonds and apple slices now! 😋

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

Sounds like a great “go to” snack.

We went on a walking tour of Historic Palmetto this afternoon. At the Palmetto Riverside B&B, the owners met us at the door with Belgian Chocolate. Another great “go to” snack. 😀

2. Kate Crimmins - March 27, 2018

Fruit is my go to. So good!

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

We always have apples, bananas, and oranges on hand ~ one of my favorite snacks is sliced banana sprinkled with shredded coconut, chocolate, and nuts. 😀

Kate Crimmins - March 27, 2018

Almost a banana split!

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

That’s what I call it! 😀

3. mybeautfulthings - March 27, 2018

I’m reading a fascinating book right now that bases its advice on the same foods mentioned here. it’s called Brain Food by Dr Lisa Marconi and is a diet that is supposed to keep our brains healthy. 🙂

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

I’ve heard of her or that book or both. Since my recollection is fuzzy, I guess that means that my brain is functioning at half mast. 😀

BTW: Walnuts are good for the brain . . . and look like little brains. And kidney beans are good for the kidneys . . . and look like little kidneys.

4. Tippy Gnu - March 27, 2018

I’m not sure about all this. I’ve read that people in the olden days, who supposedly ate better than us, had much shorter life spans than we modern humans. Maybe there’s something to be said about the benefits of junk food. I’m just sayin’ (and hopin’ and wishin’).

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

Keep hoping! But I’m pretty sure they had shorter life spans because of saber tooth tigers, lack of penicillin, and poorly timed ruptures of appendix . . . not because they didn’t have access to Cheese Nips. 😀

Tippy Gnu - March 27, 2018

Awe shucks.

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

Disappointing, I know. :mrgreen:

5. L. Marie - March 27, 2018

I’m eating red beans and rice as I read this!

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

Go you!

We’ve got beans and rice on the menu for tonight ~> a Mexican lasagna with tomatoes, onions, peppers, corn . . . and cheese! 😀

6. Rainee - March 27, 2018

I will have a look at that link. I am seeing my GP today and was going to ask for advise about diet and exercise (both of which I need to improve greatly!)

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

Good luck, Rainee ~ check out the link, and see where it leads.

7. Debra - March 27, 2018

I make at least one pot of beans every week! I think I really could live on them! I really do believe that if we eat from the broadest array of “whole foods” we benefit nutritionally. And feel better, too! I often think how fortunate we are to live where we have so much to choose from!

nrhatch - March 27, 2018

Same here, Debra. My favorite beans are garbanzo beans (both whole and as hummus), but I find most beans delicious and nutritious. And filling!

8. Behind the Story - March 28, 2018

For dinner my daughter made a soup chock full of five or six vegetables and a little bit of chicken. Delicious!

nrhatch - March 28, 2018

Sounds great, Nicki! Soup is magic to me ~ put a bit of this and a bit of that in a pot and end up with simmered perfection.

9. Ally Bean - March 28, 2018

I grew up with parents who were foodies, long before that term existed. Eating was all about balance and joy. Every time I read any article about a specific diet I think about how unbalanced it seems. The article you’ve linked to makes me smile, for it is promoting a sensible way of thinking about food. *yay*

nrhatch - March 28, 2018

Food (in its infinite variety) is one of the great pleasures of life, adding color to our plates and palates. To balance and joy!

My parents had a garden full of delicious fruits and veggies so we ate “fresh from the farm” spring, summer, and fall ~ that’s when I realized I preferred eating plants to meat.

10. Tammy - April 4, 2018

Amen. I so agree despite the fact that I do get tied up in some of those fads from time to time.

nrhatch - April 4, 2018

Same here, Tammy.

For the most part, we focus on eating real food cooked from scratch with minimal fuss, muss, and bother . . . but I do “test theories” from time to time.

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