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Subject: What Gender??? February 24, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Joke.

A Spanish Teacher was explaining to her class that, in Spanish, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine:

House is feminine ~ la casa.
Pencil is masculine ~ el lapiz.

A student asked, “What gender is computer?”

Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether computer should be a masculine or a feminine noun.  Each group was asked to give four reasons for its recommendation.

The guys decided that computer must be feminine (“la computadora”) because:

1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic.

2. The language they use to communicate with each other is incomprehensible.

3. Even small mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible retrieval.

4. As soon as you commit to one, you spend half your pay check on accessories for it.

Sure they had nailed it, the guys started passing around high-fives.

After the teacher restored order, the girls explained (using both internal logic and stellar communication skills) that the boys were mistaken.  Expanding upon their thesis, they concluded that computer must be masculine (“el computador”) because:

1. In order to do anything with one, you have to turn it on first.

2. They have a lot of data, but have to be told what to do.

3. They’re supposed to help solve problems, but often they ARE the problem.

4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that . . . if you had waited just a little bit longer . . . you could have gotten a better model.

Aah . . . that’s better!

Source:  E-mail from unknown author (sent by Joe M.)


1. Rainee - February 24, 2018

Ah! So true! And funny 🙂

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

Where would we be with the YIN and the YANG? 😀

2. Jill Weatherholt - February 24, 2018

LOL! This was great, Nancy! 🙂

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

There is some truth behind the MARS vs. VENUS logic. Have a Happy Saturday, Jill. 😀

3. granny1947 - February 24, 2018

Love it…thanks for the laugh.

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

Hope your day overflows with grins and giggles! 😀

souldipper - March 3, 2018

Nancy Girl…you’re still here doling out the humour. Good for you. However, I see you’re still being stalked by Granny. Need any help with her? She’s easily distracted by dogs and snakes…just sayin’. 😀

Seriously, it’s sweet to come for a visit and find you still well and looking very happy.

nrhatch - March 3, 2018

Hi Amy! Long time no see ~> hope you have been well and at peace with all that life has tossed in your path.

Granny has made a “recent” reappearance in the blog world and is as entertaining as ever. I don’t know how she finds time to “do it all.” BFF and I are about the same (except for the addition of my recent “addiction” to playing Bridge). 😀

4. Tippy Gnu - February 24, 2018

So far my computers have all been males. I name them after presidents, because after four years (sometimes less), I want a new one.

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

Technology comes at us fast ~> as soon as I’m acclimated to a “new” device, the next generation is announced.

At times I feel like a dinosaur in the digital age.

Tippy Gnu - February 24, 2018

I think I have computers figured out pretty well. It’s those darn smart phones that often leave me scratching my head.

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

I have a flip phone . . . which I think is very smart! 😀

Barb - February 26, 2018

Love this.

5. Kana Smith - February 24, 2018

Literally laughing out loud! Too much truth 😆

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

Glad you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!

6. Kate Crimmins - February 24, 2018

Lots of truth there!

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

Some reasonable facsimile of the truth is a necessary foundation for the best jokes. 😀

7. mybeautfulthings - February 24, 2018

That was fun! Thank you!’ Mars and Venus’ comes to mind. 🙂

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

That’s what I thought!

8. Ally Bean - February 24, 2018

Wonderful! And so true.

nrhatch - February 24, 2018


9. colonialist - February 24, 2018

I wonder which would have explained the down time best?
Or the loss of data, or the need to reboot?

nrhatch - February 24, 2018

Good thought, Col. Those are regular computer issues for sure.

colonialist - February 25, 2018

But, are they masculine or feminine? 🙂

nrhatch - February 25, 2018

See my reply to Val (#10) ~> it depends on where the computer is located. 😀

10. Val Boyko - February 25, 2018

Chuckling … Love when the truth is revealed!

nrhatch - February 25, 2018

My sister asked a good question this morning ~ what’s the right answer? Turns out computers are both!

“There are three different ways of saying computer in Spanish. It depends on where you are located. Spain: el ordenador; Chile / Colombia: el computador; Latin America: la computadora.”

That’s probably why someone wrote the joke ~ because there isn’t 100% agreement on the gender.

11. L. Marie - February 26, 2018

I can’t help thinking of a phrase I once heard: girls rule, boys drool.

nrhatch - February 26, 2018

I remember “boys have cooties!” 😀

12. Debra - March 2, 2018

This is absolutely brilliant! The best of both genders…

Loved this!

nrhatch - March 2, 2018

Good arguments on both sides of the aisle. Glad you enjoyed!

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