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It’s All Relative . . . February 3, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Less IS More, Travel & Leisure.

On our recent road trip across the state to Miami and up the coast on Route A1A, we traveled through congested city streets with bumper to bumper buildings lining both sides of the road.

As we drove north on A1A, we often found ourselves traveling through canyons of skyscrapers peering down on us.

Late Saturday afternoon, we turned toward home on Route 710, driving through mile after mile of sawgrass prairie populated only by cows grazing in the fields.

Not these cows, but ones just like them . . . only slightly less curious about our “cruising tunes.”

Sometime after sunset, as we approached a 4-way intersection, a cautionary sign greeted us:

“Congested Area”

Looking around the intersection for the promised congestion, we noted a single gas station on one of the 4 corners.

And nothing else.

No high-rises.  No bumper to bumper traffic.  No trucks entering or leaving the highway.  No construction.

As we passed through the “congestion” with ease, and without mishap, I burst out laughing.


Like beauty, congestion is in the eye of the beholder ~> it’s all relative.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Jill Weatherholt - February 3, 2018

Reading your post, after coming inside from the 22 degree morning, warmed me up fast. Great photos, Nancy. I’m loving those zebras! Happy Saturday. 🙂

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

Those zebras always make me smile. Your morning temps sound a bit chilly!

I’m guessing you’ll be cheering for the Eagles tomorrow, eh? 😀

2. Val Boyko - February 3, 2018

Congestions is indeed in the eye of the beholder! Love those curious cows 💕

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

I just watched the video again . . . and (for the first time) noticed a cow bell being rung behind the musicians. I wonder if the cows are trained to wander over whenever the cow bell’s rung?

Val Boyko - February 3, 2018

Ahhh …. I saw a similar video with a single trumpeter and the cows did the same. Maybe they were heading their bets in this video to make sure the cows put on a good show!

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

That’s what I think . . . but the cows did seem interested in the show once they were rounded up. 😀

3. mybeautfulthings - February 3, 2018

Cows enjoying jazz! Who’d have thought? 🙂

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

They do seem to be enjoying the “impromptu” concert. 😀

4. Rainee - February 3, 2018

Loved the jazz for cows! I think they enjoyed it too!

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

They love MOO-sic! 😀

5. Ally Bean - February 3, 2018

The photo of the flat empty highway is what I think of when I think of driving in FL– with lots of cows in the fields beside the highway. Looking jazzy in their bovine way!

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

The middle of the state has LOTS of fields and cows . . . and not much else. The perimeter (like a pie crust) is built up around the edges. 😀

6. joyroses13 - February 3, 2018

LOL! Now that is my type of congestion! 🙂

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

Like Goldilocks, I like the middle ground ~> I’m not interested in living in perpetual gridlock in the middle of a congested city . . . BUT I also don’t want to live “off the grid” in “the middle of nowhere.”

I want things to be “just right.”

joyroses13 - February 3, 2018

Haha! I agree! Don’t make me have to drive an hour to buy toilet paper, LOL!

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

A childhood friend of BFF’s moved out west and planted herself in “the middle of nowhere.” Except for the basics sold at a local convenience store (milk, bread, beer, tobacco), she had to drive 4 hours EACH WAY to go grocery shopping!

That does NOT appeal to me.

7. Tippy Gnu - February 3, 2018

Perhaps some old geezer lives near there, with congestive heart disease.

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

That . . . or maybe the populace suffers from perpetual head colds leaving them feeling “stuffy” and “congested.” 😀

8. Kate Crimmins - February 3, 2018

I prefer my congestion to be cows than skyscrapers.

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

I’m with you, Kate ~> a little taste of a city goes a LONG way.

One of our favorite vacation moments ever was sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Acadia National Park for . . . 4 hours!

9. granny1947 - February 3, 2018

Do you have Zebras over there?
Just wondering.

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

Only in captivity ~> Busch Gardens, Lowry Park Zoo, Disney’s Animal Kingdom all showcase zebras, but you’re not going to see them “out in the wild.”

10. Tiny - February 3, 2018

I can handle that kind of congestion any day 🙂 Love those zebras!

nrhatch - February 3, 2018

We were watching a special on Disney’s Animal Kingdom last night and a young girl, when asked about her favorite animal on the Safari, grinned and said . . . “The Zebras!”

I concur!

11. Debra - February 4, 2018

Isn’t that a funny observation! I shared something on my blog one time about an event in what I termed a “small town” and someone really took that comment as a challenge. I heard all bout how I didn’t know what a small town was. LOL! Well, to me, since I live in a high density population, the town I was highlighting really was small. It’s all what we know, isn’t it! I would love to even see a corner where there was only one gas station. 🙂 Love the cows, and love the zebras!

nrhatch - February 5, 2018

Thanks, Debra. Small town charms!

The sign might not have been so so humorous if we hadn’t spent the morning driving through downtown Miami. And, relative to the saw grass prairies surrounding it, the corner probably is congested . . . when church lets out on Sunday. 😀

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