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Fill ‘Er Up December 5, 2017

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Gratitude, Travel & Leisure.

On a recent visit to Hollywood Studios (Disney), we enjoyed a walk (or perhaps a Sunday Drive) down memory lane.

Do you remember when gas station attendants (in pristine uniforms) pumped the gas for you?

With Nevr Nox fuel?

Or when gas stations decorated the pumps for the holidays?

Aah . . . it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



1. Kate Crimmins - December 5, 2017

I haven’t seen either of those in years!

nrhatch - December 5, 2017

Christmas brings out the nostalgia in me. 😀

2. L. Marie - December 5, 2017

Everyone’s feeling nostalgic these days. A lovely feeling.

nrhatch - December 5, 2017

Memories do seem closer to the surface around the holidays.

3. Jill Weatherholt - December 5, 2017

If they brought back the gasoline attendants, it might cut down on those who pump and run.🏃

nrhatch - December 5, 2017

A lot of stations just require you to pay up front. Problem solved.

4. Tippy Gnu - December 5, 2017

I don’t remember any of those things. Nor do I remember anything else.

nrhatch - December 5, 2017

Haha! You’re pleading amnesia, eh?

Tippy Gnu - December 5, 2017

Yeah. When you get old enough, you can get away with amnesia excuses.

nrhatch - December 6, 2017

Yup. In fact, if you get old enough, you can get away with almost anything!

5. Behind the Story - December 5, 2017

And they checked your oil and cleaned your windows. Didn’t they also give away dishes, one for each fill up? (In the days before I started driving. I think my mom had a set of dishes.)

nrhatch - December 6, 2017

You might be right. I remember mom getting dishes at the grocery store too . . . as well as other stuff with S&H Green Stamps.

On a related note: I got a set of dishes with the first car I purchased . . . a gently used 1974 Plymouth Duster. The previous owner left a set of dishes in the trunk when she cleaned out the car. I called to see if she wanted them, and she said I could keep them. Since I was headed to law school and my first apartment, I did!

6. Joanne Sisco - December 7, 2017

Nope – I don’t remember that at all.

Oh right – I’m from Northern Ontario. That was like another planet in 1960s 😉

nrhatch - December 7, 2017

What a difference a border makes, eh?

Joanne Sisco - December 9, 2017

oh yes. Especially given your current political climate. Yikers.

nrhatch - December 9, 2017

I would move to Canada and pledge my allegiance . . . if it weren’t so darned C~O~L~D.

I even like the look of your flag better, with that bright red maple leaf. 😀

7. Debra - December 12, 2017

I suppose the fact that I can indeed remember is quite the tip-off to my age! LOL! I can still remember the panic of being forced to learn to pump my own gas!

nrhatch - December 12, 2017

In NJ, they still pump gas for customers. Especially pleasant in bad weather. Just roll down the window to say, “Fill er up!” BFF says there are two other states that still don’t allow self-pumping.

I do remember how peculiar and odd it felt to get out of my car to pump my own gas for the first time.

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