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A Campus Tour August 17, 2017

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Food & Drink, Travel & Leisure.

While in Williamsburg, we took advantage of gorgeous summer weather to tour the campus of William & Mary, my alma mater.

We stopped in at the Alumni House . . .

Checked out the Stadium . . .

Toured the Sadler Center . . .

Inside . . .

And out . .  .

We stopped to admire its stacked stone walls . . .

Then crossed the street to The Daily Grind, a coffee house housed in Lodge 2 (former campus housing) . . .

From there, we hiked through the woods around Crim Dell . . .

Enjoying the meandering path and dappled shade . . .

Until we spied the Crim Dell Bridge through a break in the trees . . .

We walked further to get a closer look before crossing its curved planks . . .

On the far side, we stopped to read the dedication plaque . . .

“. . . that one may walk in beauty, discover the serenity of the quiet moment, and dispel the shadows.”

After dispelling the shadows, we trekked across campus to Lake Matoaka to check out the new amphitheater . . .

And its inviting stage . . .

At this point, we were hot, tired, and famished . . .

So we hoofed back across campus to the College Delly to split a 3-Way Cheese Sub & a basket of fries . . .

Washed down with a Ray Ray’s Extra Pale Ale from COTU (Center of the Universe) Brewing Company . . .

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Val Boyko - August 17, 2017

What a beautiful setting for learning!! I hope it brought back happy memories as well Nancy 💛

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

It did.

Nostalgia surfaced. I sensed the unbroken connection between past and present ~> a river of time connecting then and NOW.

Val Boyko - August 17, 2017

That’s special 💛

2. joyroses13 - August 17, 2017

Looks like a lovely campus!! Thanks for sharing. Always fun to relive memories, isn’t it!

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

Yes. And the weather that morning was an unexpected pleasure. It had been so hot and humid the night before that we planned to pack the car and head home early. Instead, the humidity and temps dropped to the PERFECT level for our planned campus tour ~> giving us a chance to work up an appetite!

3. Tippy Gnu - August 17, 2017

Why is it that going to college always ends in booze?

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

Because . . . there is a time and a place for everything . . . and it’s called COLLEGE! 😀

4. Rainee - August 17, 2017

A beautiful environment to learn in and enjoy life!

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

Here’s to living, loving, laughing, and . . . . LEARNING!

5. Jill Weatherholt - August 17, 2017

William and Mary has such a beautiful campus. I love the bridge!

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

We love visiting CW and W&M in the fall when the leaves are changing . . . and in the spring when things are waking up.

We are going to head back soon. This visit barely scratched the surface of all there is to see and do in the ‘Burg.

6. L. Marie - August 17, 2017

What a lovely visit. Such a beautiful campus (as Jill mentioned). Glad you had good weather.

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

Me too! The break in humidity made ALL the difference. Instead of wading through waves of moisture . . . it was clear sailing!

7. suzicate - August 17, 2017

I’ve always admired the beauty of W&M and the Williamsburg area.

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

It’s one of my favorite places to visit, especially in the Spring and Fall.

8. Kate Crimmins - August 17, 2017

Beautiful campus. Sounds like a fun trip.

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

Stopping by the ‘burg and strolling around campus = a great way to end our 2nd major road trip this summer. For the rest of the year, we’ll stick closer to home.

Kate Crimmins - August 17, 2017

Sounds like a plan.

9. javsimson - August 17, 2017

Lovely! My grandson will be starting in the fall. Maybe I should make it a point to visit.

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

Sounds like a great idea to me!

10. diannegray - August 17, 2017

What a lovely place, Nancy. I bet this trip brought back some great memories! 😉

nrhatch - August 17, 2017

It did, Dianne. Plus we got to frequent a few favorite eateries. 😀

11. Behind the Story - August 18, 2017

It’s a beautiful campus. I love the dedication plaque. Besides the new amphitheater, has it changed much? My alma mater, Seattle University, has so many new buildings, I hardly know where I am.

nrhatch - August 18, 2017

Some places on campus look the same . . . others are completely foreign to me . . . and some are “under construction.”

Even on college campuses, change is constant.

12. Joanne Sisco - August 18, 2017

I love the look of that beautiful walk through the woods … and of course nothing is better after a walk in the forest than a cold beer 🙂

nrhatch - August 18, 2017

We enjoyed our wander in the woods and following our frolic in the forest ~> a frosty mug!

13. roughwighting - August 18, 2017

I love William & Mary – didn’t realize you went to college there. For my freshman year, I attended Mary Washington College, and spent several wonderful weekends with friends at W & M. Beautiful campus and town. Looks like a great visit!

nrhatch - August 18, 2017

My roommate freshman year was from Fredericksburg, as was the girl across the hall. Glad you have good memories from visiting friends at W&M.

I just posted a link on your SNAPchat post you might enjoy:

https://nrhatch.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/the-snapping-turtles-lament/ ~> Check out my response to Comment #12

roughwighting - August 18, 2017

TOO much. You and I – turtle lovers. That guy in the truck – a turtle SOUP lover. Ack.

nrhatch - August 18, 2017

I’m glad the drivers who stopped for your turtle let him go on his merry way.

14. beeblu - August 18, 2017

Lovely campus grounds

nrhatch - August 19, 2017

We got lots of exercise in college just crossing its sprawling grounds.

15. Debra - August 18, 2017

A lovely campus tour, Nancy! I am sure it was very enjoyable to be on such familiar grounds, but to see the changes. I really love that new amphitheater! The Crim Dell Bridge also appeals to me. What a great school!

nrhatch - August 19, 2017

I would love to attend a performance at the new amphitheater. As I recall, the old one was nothing more than tiers of grass covered stone to sit on and a flat surface for performances ~ but I don’t recall it being used much. On the right day/night, this would be a terrific venue for concerts, plays, open mic nights, etc.

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