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Rocky Mountain Hike in Colorado June 7, 2017

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Nature, Travel & Leisure.

On our first day in Fort Collins, while still adjusting to the increased altitude, we decided to hike a local preserve.

We followed the path high up into the foothills . . . watching for rattlesnakes.

BFF and I lagged behind the pack because breathing at that altitude is hard work.

But the views were worth it!

A quick pit stop to learn about the history of the flora and fauna.

Nothing like a Rocky Mountain Hike in Colorado!

Especially in such a special place.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Rainee - June 7, 2017

Looking good there Nancy!

nrhatch - June 7, 2017

Thanks, Rainee. We kept the hikes close to home this visit since the weather was “iffy” ~ with promised rain arriving with regularity. Between showers, heavy clouds weighed down on the Rockies.

2. Kate Crimmins - June 7, 2017

Truly beautiful place. My stepkids live in Denver. Nice country.

nrhatch - June 7, 2017

Colorado is gorgeous! We’ve always loved our visits out there ~ hiking, picnicking, whitewater rafting.

We enjoyed most of the states we drove through. The Georgia and Tennessee mountains were great. Kansas and Missouri surprised us both with undulating hills, wind farms, and spectacular views. We’d also never been through Mississippi or Alabama before. In Mississippi, we drove a short way on the Natchez Trace Parkway before calling it a night in Tupelo ~ serene scenery. Alabama kept us entertained with the rising and falling tide of its hills.

3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - June 7, 2017

So beautiful! Love that you got a hike in!

nrhatch - June 7, 2017

We walked about 5 miles that day . . . a nice change of pace from sitting in the car for 1900+ miles!

4. Tippy Gnu - June 7, 2017

Nice country, though it looks a little chilly.

nrhatch - June 7, 2017

It was chillier than FL! I kept my sweatshirt handy for most of the visit ~ if the sun was out, I tied it around my waist.

5. Jill Weatherholt - June 7, 2017

Aw…you look so cute in that photo, Nancy! I love Colorado and John Denver! πŸ™‚

nrhatch - June 7, 2017

Thanks, Jill! Colorado is great. As is Rocky Mountain High by John Denver.

I felt a bit like Rumpled-Stiltskin in that shot. πŸ˜€

6. granny1947 - June 7, 2017

Looks fabulous.

nrhatch - June 7, 2017

A definite change of scenery from the “pancake flat” of Florida!

7. L. Marie - June 8, 2017

How lovely! You looked so rested, Nancy. Glad you were in such a beautiful setting.

nrhatch - June 8, 2017

Thanks, LM! We always enjoy our visits to CO.

8. Ally Bean - June 8, 2017

Looks like fun and so pretty there. I’ve never been to CO and every photo I see of it makes me want to get there right now.

nrhatch - June 8, 2017

It’s a great place to visit, Ally ~> in coming posts, I’ll share some more indoor and outdoor pitstops (Poudre Canyon, the Poudre River, New Belgium Brewery, the Natural Alternatives Pot Shop, etc.)

9. NancyTex - June 8, 2017

Have a wonderful trip!

nrhatch - June 8, 2017

We had a FUN time and even enjoyed the drive out and back ~ something I thought might qualify as “horrid.” πŸ˜€

10. Tiny - June 9, 2017

Well done! I agree the views are worth a little breathing trouble.

nrhatch - June 9, 2017

We really felt the difference at that altitude ~ so I guess we got a GREAT workout!

11. Behind the Story - June 9, 2017

Everything looks green and fresh. Love those sloping meadows and blue mountains. How high is the altitude?

nrhatch - June 9, 2017

Fort Collins is just shy of a mile at 5,003 feet. Denver is exactly a mile at 5280 feet.

My SIL pointed out that it’s not as green mid-summer. πŸ˜€

12. diannegray - June 10, 2017

I’ve been high up in the mountains and I totally understand what you mean when you say you were finding it a little breathtaking at that altitude πŸ˜‰ These are great shots and you look like you really enjoyed yourself πŸ™‚

nrhatch - June 10, 2017

Thanks, Dianne!

You’ve got a point ~> Maybe that’s why mountains are often described as . . . BREATHTAKING!

13. Debra - June 13, 2017

I thoroughly enjoy walking/hiking/trail blazing in the way you and BFF did in Fort Collins. I also understand the whole issue of hiking in higher elevations. It takes a toll! I Googled a little more about the preserve because of the memorial plaque, and found a nice coincidence. I just finished reading a book by a naturalist committed to seeing that the prairie dog doesn’t go extinct! It was fascinating to learn how those little guys remain instrumental in environmental health, and according to what I read, this preserve is dedicated to prairie dog relocation. I would have enjoyed this so much!

nrhatch - June 14, 2017

We didn’t see any prairie dogs the day we were there, but maybe that’s because the sentry sounded the alarm on our approach!

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