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Walden ~> The Game, Not The Pond April 19, 2017

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Health & Wellness, Nature, Sustainable Living.

I heard about this video game from Poets and Writers.

If you’ve got 45 minutes to commune with virtual Walden, this presentation by the game’s creator is a fascinating look at how and why she designed a video game modeled after Thoreau’s contemplative time On Walden Pond, where he concluded that it is not until we’ve met our innate and mundane needs for Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Fuel that we can turn our attention to inspiration, creation, and the more sublime and ephemeral aspects of life:

If you’ve got 13 minutes to wander in the virtual reeds, this clip will give you a glimpse of how Tracey has used gaming technology to slow “the quickening pace of life” allowing us to “play deliberately” and reflect, as Thoreau did, on how the choices we make change our relationship to nature and the sublime aspects of life:

If you only have a few minutes to walk in Thoreau’s footsteps and ponder his words and philosophy, this video game trailer will give you a sense of what “slow play” is all about:

Aah . . . that’s better!




1. Rainee - April 19, 2017

Thanks for the three options Nancy. I watched the second and third.I am not into games but will investigate some more about this one. 🙂

nrhatch - April 19, 2017

Like you, I’m not a video gamer, but I found the idea of “slow play” a nice change from the “BANG BANG Shoot ’em up!” variety of games available.

2. Ally Bean - April 19, 2017

This sounds fascinating. I was an English major in college and Walden Pond was a big deal in my department. I may have overdosed on it then, but a game about it now will be fun. Thanks.

nrhatch - April 19, 2017

After watching these videos, I went to iBooks and got a copy of Walden to read. It’s been YEARS and I suspect that I will find any number of hidden gems in Thoreau’s observations.

The more things change, the more they stay the same ~> i.e., Thoreau’s concerns with the frenetic pace of life are still relevant.

3. Jill Weatherholt - April 19, 2017

Thanks, Nancy. I’ll take a peek after work. 🙂

nrhatch - April 19, 2017

Start with the last video first, Jill. It’ll let you know whether to invest more time in the longer talks.

I found them fascinating, but I suspect that your calendar is more crowded than mine at the moment.

4. Tiny - April 19, 2017

Thank you for the options, Nancy, my calendar is too tight (with legal projects and deadlines) to watch he longer ones, but enjoyed the ‘slow play’ a lot. Walking slowly and observing calmed me down 🙂

nrhatch - April 19, 2017

It seems like a very “calming” game to play . . . one that reminds players to Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

5. L. Marie - April 20, 2017

I watched the last video. My goodness! What lovely music. I enjoyed the brief peek into the game. The developer obviously spent a lot of time and effort to build the world. I also felt my blood pressure drop just looking at the changing scenes (especially the change of seasons).

nrhatch - April 21, 2017

That’s what I thought . . . “slow play” is very calming!

6. Kate Crimmins - April 20, 2017

I post with homework! Wow!

nrhatch - April 21, 2017

And don’t say the dog ate it! I know it was the cats that destroyed all your hard work!

7. roughwighting - April 21, 2017

I’m not a gamer, either, but I had to chuckle. I take Thoreau’s ‘simplify, simplify’ words seriously, and I go to the source to be inspired. I live about 14 minutes away from Walden Pond, so on a pretty day (or even a cloudy one) I walk along the lovely wooded path that meanders around Walden Pond. It’s glorious. I pass the cache of rocks that people place there in thoughts of Henry David. I walk past the stoned border of the original hut that Thoreau built (one of my writing student’s father was the amateur archeologist who discovered it years and years ago). My wonderful golden was named ….Henry David. Oh yes, Walden Pond is an inspiring place for writers and naturalists and truly, for all of us.

nrhatch - April 21, 2017

How AWESOME! We love walking around the nature preserves and on the beach as part of our life simplification plan . . . but having Walden Pond in your backyard is COOL!

And your golden’s name is PERFECT!

roughwighting - April 22, 2017

If you ever travel to the Boston area, I’ll take you for a hike around Walden Pond. xo

nrhatch - April 22, 2017


8. diannegray - April 22, 2017

I’m also going to look at this later, Nancy, and I read your response to Jill – I’ll start with the last video first 😉

nrhatch - April 22, 2017

Good place to start, Dianne. That’s where I started, but the game intrigued me enough to search for additional info about it.

9. Debra - April 28, 2017

This is great! I didn’t take the time right now, but after reading the comments I know I would enjoy! You find such fascinating places to visit!

nrhatch - April 28, 2017

I don’t find them . . . they find me!

I almost never search the web for stuff to share. Instead, cool stuff lands in my in-box from various and sundry places, like Poets and Writers, the Trust for Historic Preservation, etc.

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