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Down The Hatch March 27, 2017

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor.

I got a kick out of the name of this boat on Echo Lake at Hollywood Studios:

For ships, “Down The Hatch” is a more palatable refrain than “Bottoms Up!”

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Val Boyko - March 27, 2017

I hope you had the opportunity to imbibe a bit too Nancy!

nrhatch - March 27, 2017

We haven’t been drinking alcohol in the parks because (1) it’s too hot and sunny (drinking when it’s hot and sunny gives me a hangover headache before I’m even slightly buzzed), and (2) it’s so expensive. A 12-ounce beer is $8 – $10 dollars. If we each had a modest 2 beers ~> $40! No thanks.

So, we’ve been sticking to ice cold water. Very refreshing on hot sunny days. 😀

Val Boyko - March 28, 2017

Very sensible Nancy!!

2. diannegray - March 27, 2017

That must be your boat, Nancy! What a great name 😀

nrhatch - March 27, 2017

If I had a yacht, “Down The Hatch” would be perfect!

nrhatch - March 28, 2017

Hope the stormy seas and wild wind are not rocking your boat at the RUC! Stay safe.

3. L. Marie - March 28, 2017

Whoever named it must have had fun doing it. 🙂

nrhatch - March 28, 2017

Yes. On the other side, it’s a counter service restaurant selling snacks to toss Down the Hatch.

4. roughwighting - March 30, 2017

Totally! It’s just about wine time here – down the hatch!

nrhatch - March 30, 2017

Excellent! Have a HAPPY happy hour!

5. Debra - April 3, 2017

You were observant to see the name & make the humorous connection! You’re obviously enjoying your theme parks these days. How nice!

nrhatch - April 3, 2017

We’ve visited the 4 parks more than we thought we would. As the weather heats up, our visits will be on hiatus until fall.

That said, this Friday is supposed to be 76 and sunny ~> perfect weather for enjoying the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot!

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