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Escaping Reality With Six Wives February 7, 2017

Posted by nrhatch in Books & Movies, People, Travel & Leisure.

Snoopy5We tend to enjoy movies and TV shows based on true stories better than wholly fabricated fiction especially fiction of the far-fetched variety that strains credulity.

Of course, exceptions abound ~ e.g., Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, Nanny McPhee, Shrek, etc..

Exceptions aside, we’ve seen two “new releases” on DVD this month, based on real life events, that I highly recommend:

Denial ~ a libel case in London brought by a Holocaust denier.  Great cast, script, costumes, and plot.

Sully ~ a crash landing on the Hudson River in January . . . with only minor casualties.  Tom Hanks rocks his role as the pilot.

Both involve courtroom scenes.  Coincidence, or not?

In like vein, we are currently watching two series on PBS.  While neither is as riveting as Downton Abbey, they are a delight in their own Merry Wives of Windsor way:

Victoria ~ the series starts with Victoria stepping into the role of Queen while still a teenager.

Secrets of the Six Wives ~ here’s the trailer:

Both PBS series are historical dramas which take place in the past.  You know, B.T. ~> before Trump became President.

Escapism, or not?

Aah . . . that’s better!




1. Don - February 7, 2017

Watched “Victoria.” Excellent!

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

We are a few months behind you because PBS acquires the right to air about 6 months after the shows air in England.

Here’s where we are: Victoria has just married Prince Albert . . . and they are heading off on their honeymoon.

2. Rainee - February 7, 2017

Thanks for the tips Nancy. I will look out for them.

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

Another show (new this season) that we enjoy ~ Bull. About a trial consultant who tailors testimony to persuade the jury to see things the “right” way.

3. Jill Weatherholt - February 7, 2017

I’ve heard great things about Sully. It came and went so fast at the theater, we missed it.

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

We watched it with another couple and all 4 of us were mesmerized. Didn’t even need any potty or popcorn breaks!

4. Kate Crimmins - February 7, 2017

I love stories of merry (?) old England especially Henry VIII. Is this a series currently running or a rentable dvd?

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

Victoria is currently running on Sunday nights on PBS. We’re about 4 episodes in to the series.

The Secrets of the Six Wives ended on Sunday ~ it’s only 3 episodes long. Not available yet on Netflix, but I bet you could find it on PBS.com.

5. Cecilia - February 7, 2017

Thanks for your review. I will watch both new series.

nrhatch - February 7, 2017


6. Bun Karyudo - February 7, 2017

Ah yes, the good old days BT! 🙂

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

Sometimes we don’t know what we got till it’s gone!

Bun Karyudo - February 7, 2017

I just hope he doesn’t take paradise and put up a parking lot. (Although if he does, “Trump Parking Lots” are going to be amazing, believe me).

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

Haha! I just hope your new job is not as Trump’s political speech writer . . . you would make him sound good. And that would be so bad!

7. Ally Bean - February 7, 2017

All of your suggestions sound compelling to me. I was crazy nutty about Henry the VIII when I was in high school. Read everything about him and his wives that I could find in our small town library. To this day I can’t explain my fascination, but with a new series to watch… who knows where it’ll lead an older me!

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

Medieval England is fascinating. I’ve read/watched lots of stuff about Henry VIII and his 2 daughters, Mary & Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth I was tough stuff!

8. anotherday2paradise - February 7, 2017

We’re enjoying Victoria very much. Thanks for the movie suggestions. 😘

nrhatch - February 7, 2017

Victoria has been an unexpected pleasure. Hard to imagine being crowned while still a teenager.

9. Behind the Story - February 7, 2017

I haven’t watched much television lately, but I have Victoria saved.

I remember how much I enjoyed the long-ago series about the six wives of Henry the VIII. I think it was in the 1960s.

nrhatch - February 8, 2017

Hope you enjoy Victoria when you have time to kick back and watch. It’s been a pleasant surprise.

10. Debra - February 8, 2017

I think you may be right about the ability to “escape” with some of the historical fiction. We rarely watch anything that we didn’t first record, but “Victoria” and “Mercy Street,” both PBS, are our Sunday night live television viewing and the fastest two hours of the week! 🙂 I haven’t yet seen the “Secret of the Six Wives,” but I have them archived and will! Did you happen to get into “Indian Summers?” I loved that one, too, and was sorry it wasn’t renewed for a third season!

nrhatch - February 8, 2017

That’s the way it feels when we’re watching PBS ~> time flies when we’re immersed in an entertaining show . . . with NO commercial interruptions.

We missed Indian Summers. I’ll check it out on Netflix.

Debra - February 8, 2017

I do recommend you give Indian Summers a try. Stay with it more than the first episode before deciding. I was a little slow to warm up to it, I think because I was also a little slow to figure out what was going on! It is a complex piece of history!

nrhatch - February 8, 2017

Thanks, Debra. I added Indian Summers (Episodes 1-3) to our Netflix queue.

11. Val Boyko - February 9, 2017

Thanks for the heads up Nancy! Victoria is SO good. When I was in Scotland Mum and I binge watched the whole series.

nrhatch - February 9, 2017

Yay! Glad you enjoyed the whole series . . . and had a chance to watch with your mum.

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