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Kingston Sun January 17, 2017

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Poetry, Word Play.

_0001cI woke up
The tendrils of a dream followed me
With a sound resounding in memory

I listened to the night
All quiet . . . all calm
Save the clock’s constant tick tock

Nothing to disturb my slumber

I turned over
Plumped my pillow
And began my return to Nod

Endeavor interrupted, I surfaced again
To the sound heard first in a dream
My phone’s ring tone – Kingston Sun

This time
The sound resounded
In real time

I got up and fished for my phone in the dark
One “Missed Call” . . .

Just one.



1. Rainee - January 17, 2017

Your words capture that space between sleep and wakefulness really well Nancy.

nrhatch - January 17, 2017

Thanks, Rainee.

I don’t give out my cell phone number so it almost never rings. When I woke up, the sound resounding from my dream was so real that I was sure someone had called. I decided to wait until morning to check. And then the phone rang for real.

I got up to check the number & didn’t recognize it so I let it roll to missed calls . . . sure that there would be TWO calls there in the morning. Instead, only ONE missed call on the phone.

The dream, so vivid, so real => a premonition of the call to come?

2. Jill Weatherholt - January 17, 2017

One Saturday morning, I had a dream that my alarm went off for work. I actually got up and started to get ready before I realized it was the weekend. Perhaps this is what happens when you get up with the chickens. 🙂

nrhatch - January 17, 2017

Bummer! But it must have been wonderful when you suddenly realized, “Hey! I don’t have anywhere I have to be right now. I can linger longer.”

I was glad I was already awake when the phone rang for real . . . I hate being woken up by middle of the night phone calls.

3. Val Boyko - January 17, 2017

I love that tendrily in between time too Nancy. 💛

nrhatch - January 17, 2017

It was so cool that the phone (which NEVER rings, day or night) rang right after I dreamed about it ringing. Mere moments!

At the Edgar Cayce Institute in VA Beach, I took an ESP test and scored HIGH marks at predicting what was coming around the corner ~ I forget the technical name, but it meant I often have premonitions that come true. Mysteries and magic!

Val Boyko - January 17, 2017

Keep tuning in Nancy ❣We are all more capable and adaptable than we realize.
Did you just call me …. 😉

nrhatch - January 18, 2017

Of course!

4. Bun Karyudo - January 18, 2017

The mind’s a funny thing. The oddest dream-related experience I can think of offhand is when I’ve woken from a dream, and then after a few moments realized I’m actually still dreaming. It has happened to me very occasionally.

nrhatch - January 18, 2017

Yes! I wake up, head for the bathroom, and then realize that I’m still in bed asleep . . . so I wake up and head for the bathroom.

Bun Karyudo - January 19, 2017

I just hope the part when you begin to, um… you know… Anyway, I hope that part is during real life and not during dream.

nrhatch - January 19, 2017

So far . . . so good!

5. L. Marie - January 19, 2017

That was lovely!
I had something like that happen to me. Only it was the alarm on my phone going off, like Jill mentioned in her comment.

nrhatch - January 19, 2017

Dreams are so interesting . . . and odd. I got a kick that my imagination imagined the phone ringing before the phone rang.

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