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Tigger Is Gone December 21, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Gratitude, Life Balance.

Tigger took a turn for the worse this week and we had to say good-bye to the little guy yesterday.

RIP little buddy!  (July 2004 – 12/20/2016)

We are sad, but coping . . . and hoping he is in a better place.


Sorrow is the price we pay for joy. ~ Joan Bel Geddes

What Cats Do For Us

Warm our laps * Remind us to “paws” and relax * Foster connection with other cat lovers * Turn common household objects (tissue boxes, bottle rings, and paper towel tubes) into toys * Make us more aware of squirrels, raccoons, birds, and lizards * Provide morning wake up calls * Entertain us with daring acrobatic feats and comical gestures * Make window sills and cat perches more beautiful * Keep mice and rats at bay * Make us smile and laugh * Give us cool cartoon characters * Inspire poets and playwrights (think CATS!) * Teach us how to land on our feet * Make our homes warmer and happier * Remind us that life is mysterious * Share the all-is-well experience of purring with us * Show us how to lick our wounds and bounce back * Remind us to S~T~R~E~T~C~H ourselves * Open our hearts

Aah . . . that’s purr-fect!






1. Jill Weatherholt - December 21, 2016

Aw…I’m so sorry, Nancy. RIP Tigger. ❤

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Jill. Not having him here when we got up this morning and not having him greet us at the door when we came back from running errands this afternoon was tough ~> instead of Tigger, we are faced with a big hole. Not sure how we’ll fill it.

Jill Weatherholt - December 21, 2016

I’m so sorry… xo

2. Under the Oaks - December 21, 2016

Oh no! So sorry Nancy and BFF. Tigger was a cool cat! He did love his Temptations and his walks with BFF. We are glad we got to meet him… 🙂 Sending you comforting thoughts. Rest in Peace, Tigger.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Pix. When my brother and his family were here on Saturday, the kids enjoyed giving Tigger some Temptations. He wasn’t as perky as usual, but he was pretty social. Then he took a fast nose dive. Sunday morning he didn’t have much of an appetite and when we got back from my niece’s wedding on Sunday night, he refused to eat anything. We couldn’t even entice him to eat people tuna ~ one of his favorite treats. Same thing all day Monday. So it was time . . .

But it seems so quiet here without him.
We want him back.

Under the Oaks - December 21, 2016

Hugs, Nancy and BFF. I know about that quiet. I wish I could take the hurt away.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks for your kind compassion and understanding, Pix. I know the hurt will get better, and the tears will slow, but right now is awful.

Maybe we should run away to Venice?

3. Rainee - December 21, 2016

Sorry to hear that Nancy. Thinking of you kindly! xx

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Rainee. Right now, the hole he left in our hearts is enormous. It’s hard not having him around.

4. findingmedaily43 - December 21, 2016

I’m so sorry. Saying goodbye to a loved one is always difficult, but what they add to our lives outweighs that. Cats are amazing creatures and they all have their unique characteristics…. and you’ve shown that about Tigger right here.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Tigger had a huge purr-sonality ~ we miss him more than words can say.

5. Kate Crimmins - December 21, 2016

I am so sorry. He was such an interesting cat and perfect for you and BFF. You gave him a great life. Hugs.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Kate. He was the best little buddy. Without him here to boss us around, the place seems deathly quiet.

The silence is deafening.

Kate Crimmins - December 21, 2016

I know how that is.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Maybe I should borrow one of your cats ~ send me a loud bossy one who will keep us on our toes!

6. Tippy Gnu - December 21, 2016

Sorry for your loss.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Tippy. It’s been a hard couple of days ~ dealing with his rapid decline and departure. Today is the worst, because he wasn’t here to give us our morning wake up call by scratching ever so gently against the bottom of the door.

Tippy Gnu - December 21, 2016

Sounds like you really miss him. I guess he was a real nice cat.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

His insistent demands for food, water, attention, and treats kept us on our toes from first light to late at night.

We don’t know what to do without him to boss us around.

7. Joanne Sisco - December 21, 2016

I’m so sorry for your loss of such a long time fur-friend, Nancy. I’m sure he’s left a big hole behind in your life.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

The hole is enormous, Joanne. And we can’t think of anything “worthy” enough to fill it . . .

Joanne Sisco - December 21, 2016


8. Ally Bean - December 21, 2016

I’m sorry for your loss, but know that the joy Tigger gave to you will live inside you forever. That’s what cats do… annoy and entertain you so that you’ll never forget them.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Ally. Yesterday was easier than today because we knew that he was no longer suffering. But today I’ve been picturing him the way he was last week, or a month or year ago, and I just want him back. With us. Where he belongs.

9. Don - December 21, 2016

I’m so sorry Nancy. May your memories of Tigger give you comfort and strength. Such a painful time when we have to say goodbye to our pets.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

It is so hard, Don. I know we made the right decision for Tigger and made his last hours as comfortable as we could . . . but today has been awful as we cry rivers of tears.

Don - December 21, 2016

I feel with you all, Nancy.

10. suzicate - December 21, 2016

I’m so sorry. It is heartbreaking to lose our furry family members.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Suzi. BFF and I managed OK yesterday. As we dealt with what needed doing, we reminded ourselves that Tigger was no longer suffering and that helped us stay in the moment where we could access our inner peace and calm.

Today, as memories of his last 2 days have receded, happy memories from the past 12 years re surfacing. We feel lost as we stare into the gaping hole that Tigger once occupied . . .

suzicate - December 23, 2016

Hugs to you and BFF.

nrhatch - December 23, 2016

It’s getting easier . . . day by day.
Thanks for sending warm thoughts our way.

11. Barb - December 21, 2016

Oh Nancy, so sorry to hear you lost Tigger. He was a stoic little boy battling his diabetes for such a long time. He has filled your heart and home with many happy and funny memories over the years and you will look back on them with laughter and tears – but they will give you comfort too.
He was one special little cat – in fact, more like a dog because he came when called and greeted visitors at the door when they visited!
RIP Tigger.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

You’ve described Tigger to a T, Barb. Even after he stopped eating on Sunday, he came out to greet us at the door when we got back from my niece’s wedding.

Hard to believe that we’ll never see his face pressed up against the glass again ~ makes coming home rather pointless. We might have to become gypsies!

Barb - December 21, 2016

I feel for you Nancy because Poppy is deteriorating. She’s 17, blind, deaf and arthritis in her hips for which she has a 2 monthly injection, but she still loves her food and is happy. Each day we have her is precious and like you now without Tigger, we can’t imagine life without her. xx

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

I hope that Poppy continues to enjoy her food and moments of “happy” ~ that makes it easier to know that it’s not time yet. Tigger enjoyed his food, his walks, and chasing treats right up through Sunday. For that, we’re thankful. But the hole left by his passing is so enormous that I can’t see to the other side yet. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a bit better than today.

12. Val Boyko - December 21, 2016

Oh my dear. How sad. My heart goes out to you.
May his special ways and love always be with you and comfort you in the days ahead.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Today has been HORRIBLE, Val. The place seems deathly quiet, like a tomb. The silence is deafening. I keep waiting to hear him scratch in the litter box or MEOW for a treat. When we returned from running a few errands, not having him waiting for us was heart breaking.

I know it will get better. “This too shall pass.”
But right now it SUCKS!

Val Boyko - December 21, 2016

It’s the hole that opens up that makes it so hard to begin with. May each day make it a little easier for you Nancy. Sending a ((hug)) your way. xo

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Val. We’re listening to the Om So Hum Mantra you posted. It’s soothing the raw edges.

13. Barb - December 21, 2016

I’m sorry for your loss. If heaven is truly a perfect place then our animals will be there, too. Here’s hoping Tigger is singing with the heavenly chorus. Take care of your heart.

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Barb. Today has been terribly sad and quiet without Tigger around to chase treats and greet us at the door. His passing has left a gigantic hole that we haven’t figured out how to fill. I know I should do something to distract myself . . . but nothing seems worth doing. So I’m just crying rivers of tears.

I know it will get better . . .

14. JOriginal Muse - December 21, 2016

Why do we lose some of our closest family members right around the holidays..? Although, I’m happy that he lived long enough to give you so many years of joy and blog posts to share some of the adventures of Tigger with us, I can only imagine what the size of that hole feels like for you right now, Nancy. My heart s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s out to give you a pure-fect hug for your sadness. 💐💝

nrhatch - December 21, 2016

Thanks, Joanne. Last week, we were anticipating my niece’s wedding and spending time with all the family and friends flying in for the ceremony. Then Tigger stopped eating and our world shifted from Happy Hectic to Huge Hollow Hole.

But Tigger taught us how to bounce back. And we will. In time.

JOriginal Muse - December 22, 2016


15. Behind the Story - December 22, 2016

Nancy, I’m so sorry about Tigger. Cats may not be very noisy, but we get used to all their little noises and needs. When you make a list of all the things they do for us as you did above, it’s obvious how much they contribute to our lives. From me to you, all my love and sympathy.

nrhatch - December 22, 2016

Thanks, Nicki. Tigger held a big place in our hearts . . . so he’s left a big hole that we don’t quite know how to fill.

16. Bun Karyudo - December 22, 2016

I’m so sorry to hear about Tigger. Cats become one of the family and when they pass on it’s such a great loss. I had a cat called Pippin when I was a teenager, and I still get sad now when I think about him. But then I remember all the funny little things he used to do and how he’d follow me around the garden like a dog, or cry for food and then turn up his nose at it when I gave him some. Memories of those happy times still make me smile.

nrhatch - December 22, 2016

Thanks, Bun. I can tell you “get it” ~ letting go is a process which takes time, especially when what we’ve lost is so completely entwined in the daily fabric of life, as Tigger was in ours.

* When we were home, Tigger rarely left us alone for longer than an hour at a time before he “needed” something. So his absence in the villa is palpable and the silence is deafening. We donated all his stuff to a local shelter, but his echo still resonates as we walk from room to room, expecting to see him.

* When we came home, no matter how long we’d been gone, Tigger never failed to greet us at the front door. Coming home yesterday after running a few errands seemed unnecessary, but we couldn’t think of anywhere we wanted to go since there’s nothing much we want to do.

We know it will get better in time . . . one day at a time.

Bun Karyudo - December 23, 2016

That’s so sad. I can imagine your home must seem terribly empty without him. I’m certain you are right, though, that the best way now is just to take one day at a time.

nrhatch - December 23, 2016

The warm temps and bright blue skies have enticed us to go out for long walks which has helped fill the void.

Nature nurtures.

17. roughwighting - December 22, 2016

So sorry that Tigger has left the premises. But you can be sure that his spirit is purring all around you. 🙏💜🙏💜

nrhatch - December 22, 2016

Thanks, Pam. Today is a tad easier than yesterday . . . perhaps tomorrow will be better still.

roughwighting - December 23, 2016

2.9 years since our golden Henry passed, and we’re still mourning. It gets ‘better’ in a softer way. But he has never truly left us (and his collar is on our office lamppost). xo

nrhatch - December 23, 2016

Thanks, Pam. The sharp jagged edges of grief have already started to “soften” so the pain no longer cuts like a knife.

We donated Tigger’s stuff to Satchels Shelter . . . but hung on to his leash, his collar, and the drinking cup we used to hand-water him “on demand.” I like the idea of looping Henry’s collar on the office lamppost.

18. Lindsay M Davis - December 22, 2016

I’m so sorry for your loss…

nrhatch - December 22, 2016

Thanks, Lindsay. Tigger was such a tremendous gift ~> it’s hard to comprehend life without him in it.

Lindsay M Davis - December 22, 2016

It always is. Thoughts and prayers are with you as you work through this.

19. Tiny - December 22, 2016

So sorry to hear the sad news, Nancy. It will go back and forth…good and sad days. At least that’s how it was for us when Bumble left. For weeks I would “see” him in places where he used to be. I still miss him and get all teary eyed when I think of him…they leave such a legacy…and I think they stay with us in spirit. RIP Tigger ❤

nrhatch - December 22, 2016

Thanks, Helen. Today has been a bit better . . . instead of crying rivers, our tears have slowed to a trickle. It helps to know that we “let go” at the right time and for all the right reasons.

BTW: I thought of Bumble when I read Dylan’s post last night.

Tiny - December 22, 2016

I know, the letting go is so difficult, but they deserve not to have to hang onto painful life because of us. That is love. I always think of Bumble when Dylan blogs. Somehow it feels like Bumble likes it 🙂

nrhatch - December 23, 2016

I bet you’re right! And I agree . . . animals live in the present moment with no ties to the future. Letting Tigger go was the kind and compassionate thing to do. Even though it hurts, that thought helps ease our pain.

20. Anne Lene @ MinimalistSometimes - December 22, 2016

I’m sooooo sorry, Nancy. It’s sad when a pet pass away, they are such a big part of the family. I’m so sorry for you loss, big hug

nrhatch - December 22, 2016

Thanks, Anne. For a little guy, he held such a BIG place in our hearts . . . it will take time to fill the hole he left behind.

I hope your monster migraine is now a distant memory.

21. L. Marie - December 22, 2016

Oh no, Nancy. I’m really, really sorry to hear that. Tigger had so much personality. You’ll be in my thoughts this weekend. Take care.

nrhatch - December 23, 2016

Thanks, Linda.

It’s been a TOUGH week but we are “Tigger Tough” and will B~O~U~N~C~E back ~> Bouncing is what Tiggers do best.

22. Eileen - December 23, 2016

Love makes us vulnerable to the sorrow of loss. But life isn’t living without love.

nrhatch - December 23, 2016

Thanks, Eileen. We loved him too much not to let him go ~ it was time. The intensity of our loss will pass . . . leaving puddles of love in its stead.

23. Naomi - December 23, 2016

SO sad to see this . . . RIP Precious Tigger ❤ Sending special love to you and Bill, Nancy. Five years on, we still miss our beloved Jina . . . XX

nrhatch - December 23, 2016

Thanks, Naomi. Tigger’s echo will resound in our hearts forever, as Jina’s does in yours.

24. mysticaljourney - December 24, 2016

Deeply sorry for your loss.

nrhatch - December 30, 2016

Thanks! It’s getting better/easier day by day . . .

25. pix & kardz - December 31, 2016

aw Nancy, just found out your news now. so sorry for your loss.
i send you some hugs and Timmy sends some purrs.

nrhatch - December 31, 2016

Thanks, Kris. The sharp jagged edges of grief have already started to “soften” so the pain no longer cuts like a knife.

We walked the beach at sunset twice this week. Both times, we saw the “green flash” that we’d heard about but never seen before ~> “Tigger’s winking at us!” That’s our story and were sticking with it.

26. Debra - January 6, 2017

I’ve thought of you so many times since you shared of your loss. Isn’t it just amazing how their little spirits fill our lives and when they leave us, they leave such a void! When my dad passed my aunt said one of the funniest things, but wise and true. “You know, we are not perennials!” I keep thinking about that. And our pets have a short life experience, but boy do they add to ours. I like the list of what you say cats do for us! “Open our hearts” is just perfect and says it all. Hugs to you and BFF, Nancy. Walks on the beach and an occasional deep sighs are in order. ox

nrhatch - January 6, 2017

Thanks, Debra. Every day is a bit easier, but It’s odd not to have him around to boss us around. For a little guy, he filled a big place in our hearts.

Hope your heart is healing too, Debra. It’s so hard to let go of those we love . . . even if we are “happy” that they are at peace.

27. samba2017 - February 24, 2017

What a wonderful, upbeat tribute to little Tigger who you obviously adored. Thanks so much for sharing. We have just lost our very special cat Lenny and are devastated. I have started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Have a good afternoon fellow cat lover! Sam 🙂

nrhatch - February 24, 2017

Sorry you lost your little guy Lenny. Enjoyed your farewell poem to him as well as Dark Angel. RIP Lenny!

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