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Seriously, Siri? December 5, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Word Play.

Mickey-LoungingA few days before Thanksgiving, when the temps in Florida had dipped below 60 degrees, I decided to check the weather in the islands of the Caribbean.

Since one of my nieces is temporarily stationed in St. Maarten, I started there:

“Siri, what’s the weather in St. Maarten today?

“The weather in St. Maarten is 57 degrees.”

Glancing at the thermometer on my wall, I saw that the outside temperature was 56 degrees.  Odd.

Certain that Siri was wrong, but giving her the benefit of the doubt, I asked:

Mickey-Surfer“Where is St. Maarten?”

Siri pulled up a Google map showing the island of St. Maarten, with the capital city of Philipsburg.  Great!

“Siri, what’s the weather in Philipsburg, St. Maarten.”

I watched Siri transcribe what she heard me say ~> an exact match for what I had said.

Satisfied that the failure in communication didn’t stem from my failure to enunciate, I waited for her response.

“OK.  Here’s the weather for Philipsburg, Pennsylvania for today ~ 44 degrees.”

Exercising a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, Siri had changed my request from the island of St. Maarten to the State of Pennsylvania.

I decided to switch tactics.

Mickey-In-Hammock“Siri, where is St. Maarten?”

Once again, Siri pulled up the Google map of the island of St. Maarten.   But when I asked about the weather, Siri continued to insist that the weather in St. Maarten matched the weather outside my door.

I remained unconvinced.

“Siri, is there another St. Maarten?”

“OK, here’s what I found . . .”

With that, Siri pulled up a Google map of Saint Maarten Condominium.

I clicked the map.  The map expanded to reveal that Saint Maarten Condominium is located just south of us in Naples, Florida.  No wonder the temps there were just a few degrees off from the temps right outside my door.

I decided to confirm that Siri’s weather report for St. Maarten coincided with the weather in Naples, Florida.

mr-rossi“Siri, what’s the weather in Naples?”

“OK.  The weather in Naples, Italy is 44 degrees.”

“What’s the weather in Naples, Florida.”

“The weather in Naples, Florida is 57 degrees.”

Mystery solved.

But I didn’t want a weather report for Saint Maarten Condominium in Naples, Florida . . . I still wanted the weather for the island of St. Maarten.

Mickey-OKInstead of continuing the somewhat exhausting exchange with Siri, I went to weather.com and typed in “Philipsburg, St. Maarten.”

As expected, the temps there looked awesome!

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Jill Weatherholt - December 5, 2016

This is why I watch the Weather Channel.

nrhatch - December 5, 2016

Siri has her uses . . . but most of the time she sits quietly in the dock waiting for me to ask her a question.

2. Under the Oaks - December 5, 2016

Weather Channel here, too. And the WC app. I don’t talk to Siri… 😀

nrhatch - December 5, 2016

Siri has helped me a few times . . . this exchange was not one of them. 😉

3. Kate Crimmins - December 5, 2016

So are you writing this from Saint Maarten? If not, why not?

nrhatch - December 5, 2016

Ha! No, the temps here are fine right now and don’t require that I go through the hassles of flying. Also, our niece and her fiancé will be here in a few days for their wedding . . . along with all my siblings and all our nieces and nephews. Wouldn’t want to miss it.

We are trying to befriend the owner of a yacht so we can travel the islands in style! But he wants us to chip in for the gas!

4. roughwighting - December 5, 2016

Siri and I are good friends, particularly after I changed her name to Susie, and gave her an Australian accent. For some reason, she understands me better (makes no sense). She’s ‘shown me the way’ as she speaks out directions so many time I should send her a bouquet of flowers – just haven’t figured out where she lives. 🙂 But I admit, I’ve never asked her about the weather outside – I’m afraid she’d start singing “Ohhh, the weather outside is frightful..” and I just have to look out my New England window to see that.

nrhatch - December 5, 2016

“OK . . . here is what I found. The weather outside is frightful. Stay indoors and fix yourself some hot soup.”

“Thanks, Siri!”

roughwighting - December 5, 2016

Smart Siri! 😏

5. JOriginal Muse - December 5, 2016

LOL… I wanted to do a blog about dialogue exchanges with my Siri (who I transgendered to an Australian male… He tries to change my mind for me…

“Siri, please call Heritage High School in Romoland.”

“Okay. Here’s what I found… Heritage High School in Romoland. Is that the one you want?”


“What would you like me to do? I can get directions or call.”

“Please call.”

“Who would you like to call?”

“Heritage High School.”

“Okay. Let’s see. Here’s what I found. Heritage High School in Brentwood, California and Heritage High School in Frisco, Texas. Which one would you like?”

“You”re so weird.”

“I’m not even human… Why do you hate me?”

“I didn’t say I hate you. I said you’re weird.”

If I wasn’t running late for work and already annoyed, I would have entertained myself and Siri a little longer. 😉

nrhatch - December 5, 2016

I love it, Jo! Your Aussie Sirious sounds like my St. Maarten experience with Siri. My other favorite exchange:

“Siri, how old is Queen Elizabeth?”
“Queen Elizabeth is dead.”
“WHAT? When did she die?”
“Queen Elizabeth died on Thursday, March 24, 1603.”
“Siri, how old is Queen Elizabeth the 2nd?”

6. Val Boyko - December 5, 2016

At least you can have a conversation with her … even if its a bit confusing Nancy! Siri doesn’t understand my accent and keeps asking me to repeat …

nrhatch - December 5, 2016

Och, mon, how can the wee lass take issue with your lilting Scottish brogue?

Val Boyko - December 6, 2016

Aye, indeed Nancy. As they say in the Doric “Its a sair fecht !”

nrhatch - December 6, 2016

I wonder what Siri would sound like with a wee Scottish brogue?

7. findingmedaily43 - December 6, 2016

That’s pretty funny! I’ve had to laugh at my kids- they get frustrated when siri doesn’t understand them and they keep repeating themselves. I usually just type what I’m searching for 🙂

nrhatch - December 6, 2016

When I’m on my iPad, I talk to Siri more than when I’m at the computer with a full size keyboard. I find our miscommuniques more amusing than frustrating at this point. I also like the way Siri talks: “OK . . . here’s what I found.”

Thanks for weighing in.

8. L. Marie - December 6, 2016

Ha ha ha!!! This is why I ignore Siri! She’s like autocorrect–telling you what she thinks you want to say.

nrhatch - December 6, 2016

Yes! She’s bossy.

9. suzicate - December 6, 2016

Never argue with Siri…she always wins even if she’s wrong1

nrhatch - December 6, 2016

Most of the time I’ve found that we are in synch . . . but there have been a few laugh out loud moments when Siri misunderstands what I’m after.

10. Ally Bean - December 6, 2016

I’ve never tried using Siri. Everyone seems to not quite like it, so it seems like it’d be more stressful than useful. Makes for a good story, though.

nrhatch - December 7, 2016

I expect my requests of Siri will be infrequent, but she has been a handy “assistant” when I’m writing and want to keep writing while she trots off to look up a word or fact find for me.

Ally Bean - December 7, 2016

That’s a good idea. Never thought of using Siri that way. I’ve been more focused on how people use Siri when they’re out of town. But at home, like that, is smart.

nrhatch - December 7, 2016

Siri can also open and find documents that you’ve worked on in the past week . . . and can take dictation to write e-mails or notes or shopping lists.

11. Tiny - December 7, 2016

I have a very strained relationship with Siri. And that’s because she’s not good with accents that blend together English from several continents. Once I asked her to call my friend next door and she called a friend in South Africa. It was 2:30 a.m. there…

nrhatch - December 7, 2016

Sounds like the same problem that Val has with Siri. She understands what I’m saying no problem (I know because I see the words transcribed on the screen) . . . the chasm develops when she misinterprets my words in unique and often amusing ways.

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