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A Baby Orangutan ~> SWEET! November 3, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Nature.

3d-apeBabies are cute and often a cause for celebration.  No matter the species.

For the first time in 25 years, primate staff at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo are celebrating the birth of a male Bornean orangutan. He was born at 8:52 p.m. Sept. 12.  Both 19 years old, female Batang and male Kyle bred in January . . . 

Animal care staff have observed Batang nursing the infant who has been clinging closely to his mother, and they are cautiously optimistic that the newborn will thrive.

The Great Ape House will remain closed to provide Batang a quiet space to bond with her infant.  

To read more and see some precious shots of Batang’s baby boy:

Orangutan Born At Smithsonian National Zoo

Aah . . . that’s better!




1. Bun Karyudo - November 3, 2016

That is a sweet story. He’s a little cutie too!

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

A real charmer!

2. Jill Weatherholt - November 3, 2016

I saw this on the news…so cool, Nancy. Being from the DC area, The Great Ape House is a must see…when it’s open, of course.

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

I’ve never been to the National Zoo . . . so many other competing sights to see in D.C. I’d love to meet this little guy.

Jill Weatherholt - November 3, 2016

Definitely worth visiting if you’re ever back in the area. 🙂

3. Rainee - November 3, 2016

Lovely story Nancy. I could have done with some of that training prior to having my three babies!

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

In many cases, mothers learn how to care for their babies by watching other mothers. Parenting classes are a great idea in insulated societies with nuclear families where so much goes on “behind closed doors” instead of in the “village square.”

4. suzicate - November 3, 2016

Thanks for sharing the link, such precious pictures of Batang and baby!

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

I enjoyed seeing that sweet little face!

5. Kate Crimmins - November 3, 2016

Awwww! I guess 19 is not old for mating when it comes to orangutans.

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

Like humans!

6. Ally Bean - November 3, 2016

Interesting how the zoo staff had to train the mother-to-be on how to hold the baby. Good thinking, but kind of negates the idea that nurturing comes naturally.

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

Some of its instinct, but much of mothering (for apes, humans, and other animals with “dependent” offspring who need time to develop) involves emulating other mothers.

Snakes, in contrast, leave their offspring to their own devices!

7. Barb - November 3, 2016

Who doesn’t love a baby….he is gorgeous!
Congratulations to the staff in their preparations for this exciting birth; it will make it easier for them to keep a close and watchful eye on the baby’s progress as he grows without stressing Batang too much. The photos are lovely. I love to hear stories like this, thanks for sharing Nancy.

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

Glad you enjoyed, Barb. He’s a cutie!

8. Joanne Sisco - November 3, 2016

Zoos get so excited about a birth and this one is no exception. I hope the little one does well!

nrhatch - November 3, 2016

There are so few orangutans in the wild. Glad that Batang is being a good mom!

9. Val Boyko - November 3, 2016

Aawwww… lovely 💕

nrhatch - November 4, 2016

His face is a treat!

10. Under the Oaks - November 4, 2016

OhMyGosh, he is darling!

nrhatch - November 4, 2016

He’s irresistible and Batang seems suitably doting!

11. L. Marie - November 4, 2016

He looks happy and healthy. Thanks for sharing this!

nrhatch - November 4, 2016

I subscribe to Smthsonian magazine. Lots of interesting articles and stories . . . But this little guy is the BEST!

12. Tiny - November 4, 2016

How sweet! That baby is too cute – like most babies 🙂

nrhatch - November 4, 2016

Babies of all species (save snakes) are adorable!

13. diannegray - November 4, 2016

What a sweetheart! It’s so good to know these creatures as so well cared for xxxx

nrhatch - November 4, 2016

Agreed x 2!

14. Debra - November 5, 2016

I hadn’t heard this happy birth announcement, Nancy. How exciting this must be to all who monitor these rare births! I do hope the little family continues to do well. 🙂

nrhatch - November 5, 2016

I find many articles in Smithsonian to be interesting . . . This one was also heart-warming!

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