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Save Your Breath October 8, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Life Balance, People, Travel & Leisure.

Broccoli-Mocking-StewieSome/most of the stuff people piss and moan about “today” pales in comparison to the hardships endured by people trekking across the plains in covered wagons while gnawing on buffalo jerky.

Compared to the challenges endured during the Civil War and its aftermath, most of us have nothing to complain about.

And, yet, we persist . . .

We regale each other with nitty-gritty details of petty complaints in order to garner sympathy and attention for our insecure egos.

What a waste of time.

AirplaneNext time someone starts to complain about lost luggage or a missed flight connection or some other minor travel or traffic delay, I’m going to encourage them to change their perspective from feeling bad/sad/mad to glad.



Mickey-OKI’ll point out that the ability to gripe, groan, and grouse about an airline snaffu proves, unequivocally, that they did NOT crash land in the Rockies and get cannibalized by the flight crew.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. Jill Weatherholt - October 8, 2016

Some people aren’t happy unless they’ve got something to gripe about. I try to avoid those peeps. Happy Saturday, Nancy!

nrhatch - October 8, 2016

Yes, it makes them feel alive ~> “I think, therefore I gripe!” Have a sunny fun-filled day.

2. granny1947 - October 8, 2016

Feel better now?:)

granny1947 - October 8, 2016

Why didn’t my smiley face come up:)

nrhatch - October 8, 2016

It’s there . . . but it’s crooked. It’s laying down on the job!

granny1947 - October 8, 2016

A bit like me then!

3. granny1947 - October 8, 2016

Nope…you will have to use your imagination.

nrhatch - October 8, 2016

Will do! Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

granny1947 - October 8, 2016

So far so good.

4. Bun Karyudo - October 8, 2016

People just have to appreciate how lucky we all are nowadays. For one thing, cannibalization by flight crews has become very much rarer on the majority of airlines.

nrhatch - October 8, 2016

Exactly! Most of us aren’t getting conked over the head by bands of brigands intent on stealing the venison steaks roasting on the campfire!

5. Kate Crimmins - October 8, 2016

Yeah, I’m not much in the cannibalism thing. I’m also sick of political complaining. I’m in a self imposed exile until after the election when we can complain about normal stuff like how slow Starbucks is. 🙂

nrhatch - October 8, 2016

At least our politicians aren’t like Henry the VIII with his proclivity for shouting . . . “OFF WITH HER HEAD!”

Kate Crimmins - October 8, 2016

If they thought they could get away with it……

nrhatch - October 8, 2016

True. Trump does have a temperament similar to Henry VIII.

6. Tippy Gnu - October 8, 2016

Complaints are always relative, because things can always be worse. Best to avoid dwelling on the negative, lest you give yourself a stomach ache.

nrhatch - October 8, 2016

Yes! People who moan, whine, gripe, grouse, and groan ad nauseum are not benefitting their immune or digestive systems.

7. Joanne Sisco - October 8, 2016

Hear! Hear! It’s such wasted energy.

… well, except for the weather. Complaining about the weather is therapeutic 😉

nrhatch - October 9, 2016

That’s good . . . because I’m going to complain about Red Tide in my next post. 😀

8. Under the Oaks - October 9, 2016

I am glad I don’t fly!!!

nrhatch - October 9, 2016

Ditto! What I’d like ~> high speed rail lines.

9. Behind the Story - October 9, 2016

I spent the summer after college graduation doing community development in a small town in Mexico. When I returned, the complaints of ordinary, even poor Americans, didn’t make sense to me anymore. It took me a while to readjust.

There are complaints and complaints. I think the difference is in whether the person is actually angry about a lost suitcase or just making conversation. It is fun to have travel disaster stories, and some people tell very entertaining ones.

nrhatch - October 9, 2016

Yes! When people “complain” in a light-hearted vein, keeping the tale humorous . . . it can make for fun conversation.

A short stay in Mexico is apt to shift perspectives. Thanks, Nicki.

10. judithhb - October 10, 2016

Working on my attitude of gratitude and if anyone has a reason not to complain it’s me. Thanks for these thoughts Nancy. Judging by the responses you’re on the right track. Hope that hurricane has missed you

nrhatch - October 10, 2016

An attitude of gratitude pays BIG dividends. So much better than wallowing in self-pity when things don’t go our way. Here’s be being like Pollyanna . . . while looking on the bright side of life!

Hurricane Matthew stayed well away from us ~ just wind and rain and not too much of either.

11. L. Marie - October 10, 2016

A great reminder. We’d have less polluted air if the complaining was kept to a minimum.

12. Tammy - October 10, 2016

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it Nancy?

nrhatch - October 11, 2016

Indeed. Every event exhibits different shades depending on your angle.

13. livelytwist - October 10, 2016

Perspective. No they didn’t crash land and no we didn’t die. We should all have a complaint-free day. 🙂

Good reminder.

nrhatch - October 11, 2016

When we stop complaining, a bright new world appears.

14. diannegray - October 10, 2016

Too true, Nancy. When someone starts to complain about mundane stuff I just say – “first world problem” and that usually shuts them up 😀

nrhatch - October 11, 2016

I love that! But I bet it would fly over some heads without registering.

15. Ally Bean - October 11, 2016

Whiners gotta whine. And there’s no better venue for whining than at an airport! All of which contributes to why I dislike travel so much. [Hey, wait a minute, am I whining here?!]

nrhatch - October 11, 2016

No. You are making astute observations about life and peeps!

16. Peyton - October 11, 2016

The one I love is complaining about the heat. How do people think life existed before AC, which really wasn’t that long ago.

nrhatch - October 11, 2016

I admire the pioneers . . . especially those in Florida. I imagine them nipping such complaints in the bud:

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the panhandle!”

17. Debra - October 13, 2016

Well that’s straight talk indeed, Nancy! It’s a shame we can’t be sentenced to a day or two of “time travel” and just go back even a couple of decades to see what life was really like, and that’s just comparing eras within the United States, let alone regions of the world living in grave danger. I liked this post, Nancy. A good reminder!

nrhatch - October 13, 2016

Thanks, Debra. After seeing images of all those flooded homes in North Carolina following Matthew, I walked with greater gratitude through our small villa:

* Happy to be peeling carrots for dinner.
* Pleased to be setting up the coffee maker for the morning.
* Delighted to brush my teeth and get ready to climb into my bed.

Visualization & imagination are tools we can use to make us appreciate what we have . . . Here, Now.

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