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A Quiet Mind Is All You Need August 31, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Books & Movies, Health & Wellness, Meditation.

InfinityIn Journey Into Healing: Awakening the Wisdom Within You, Deepak Chopra encourages us to seek that place inside ourselves that is at one with the infinite intelligence of the universe, the source of life.

There, in the silent space between thoughts, beyond sound and beyond breath, we tap into our inner wisdom and find our Self surrounded by unbounded peace, gratitude, love, and enchantment.

A few thoughts to ponder:

When the mind is peaceful, inner energies wake up and work miracles for us ~ without any conscious effort on our part. (77)

Hand-dipping-in-waterA shift in awareness is the first change. (95)

Quietly, in your own heart, say that you do not want to be afraid. (116)

Intentions automatically seek their fulfillment if left alone. (118)

Complete healing depends upon your ability to stop struggling. (121)

The higher self is that place where . . . [a] mere desire becomes the trigger for transformation. (123)

All transformations eventually lead back to the same source ~ our own pure awareness. (137)

A quiet mind is all you need. (79)


Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Joanne Sisco - August 31, 2016

…. but oh-so very hard to do …

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

But so worth the effort . . . after all, our health and wellness are at stake.

For the last week, I’ve been listening to “Mystic India” each afternoon ~ it’s a delightful CD with chants and rhythms that whisper to me to be at peace. And during the day, I hear it weaving through my thoughts, crowding our worry, anxiety, and angst. Aah . . . that’s better!

2. Under the Oaks - August 31, 2016

Another timely post for me! Putting it on favorites so I can read it often. Would be good for me to check out the book! Thank you, Nancy!

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Every time I read these words, they calm and sooth me. I can tell it’s doing wonders for my immune system.

Glad it’s a new favorite for you too.

3. Val Boyko - August 31, 2016

That really is better Nancy. Thank you for grounding me with Deepak’s words today 😌

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

I read through the book several times this week ~ it’s a quick read ~ while listening to “Mystic India.”

Now, the minute I start the CD, my mind lets go of any non-productive thoughts and I feel relaxed, calm, peaceful, happy, content, and free. Even when I’m not listening to the CD, its strains, chants, and rhythms are running through my mind. Bliss!

Val Boyko - August 31, 2016

And so we intelligent enlightened beings realize we are like Pavlov’s dogs after all!
The mind can be trained and new neural pathways reinforced.
Luckily we are the humans rather than the dogs in this experiment and can make choices for ourselves 😊

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Absolutely! Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

4. Kate Crimmins - August 31, 2016

So so so hard to do!

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Well . . . so was learning to walk and talk. Was it worth it?

Kate Crimmins - August 31, 2016

on occasion…..

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

That’s a step in the right direction.

5. Jill Weatherholt - August 31, 2016

Perfect timing, Nancy!

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Yay! I’ve made a concerted effort this week to focus on having a quiet mind all the time . . . not just when meditating. The result? I feel younger, freer, happier, calmer, and at peace. I can feel residual stress dissolving. I just feel better in all ways.

6. nrhatch - August 31, 2016

This is my favorite from Mystic India:

7. Charlie@Seattle Trekker - August 31, 2016

Very helpful, and so very timely…I am always trying to find a better way.

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Habits of a lifetime can be terribly tenacious. Rewiring our brain to let go of fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, and what have you, takes lots and lots of practice. But the rewards are worth the effort.

8. suzicate - August 31, 2016

A quiet mind really IS the beginning of wonderful things.

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Yes! Reading this book encouraged me to step up my practice and focus on keeping my mind quiet and still more often than not. So much better than giving it free rein to squawk, squawk, squawk.

9. suzicate - August 31, 2016

And I’m adding that book to my reading list!

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

It’s a fast read. I read through it 4x in two days . . . without doing any speed reading. I put on a meditative CD and allowed the words to flow and merge with my intention to Be Calm. And I feel better, calmer, less anxious, more at peace, etc. Enjoy!

10. anotherday2paradise - August 31, 2016

Very wise advice, Nancy. 🙂

nrhatch - September 9, 2016

To peace of mind!

11. Tippy Gnu - August 31, 2016

I suspect that the quietest mind is a dead mind. Nonetheless, I get the jist. It’s a pretty simple practice, really. But it does require a lot of discipline.

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Like most new skills, it becomes easier with practice. Namaste.

Tippy Gnu - August 31, 2016


12. Don - August 31, 2016

I think that “shift in awareness” that happens in a quiet mind is the greatest gift it gives. Good post Nancy, and a good book.

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Yes! The benefits are endless . . . and the practice is so enjoyable. Instead of doing something, we just sit there and be.

13. L. Marie - August 31, 2016

After the day I’ve had, a quiet mind is definitely what I need.

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

Hope you can find your quiet mind.

14. sufilight - August 31, 2016

It’s so worth taking the time to be silent and enhance the well-being of our mind, body and spirit. Last week, I made the decision to stop listening to a half hour of the evening news as it affects me negatively, and instead play meditation music.

nrhatch - August 31, 2016

That’s the ticket! To peace and quiet.

15. Tiny - September 1, 2016

Beautiful words of wisdom, Nancy.

nrhatch - September 2, 2016

Thanks, Tiny. Enjoyed your Hermine pics. We’ve had some wild and wet weather this week.

16. diannegray - September 3, 2016

This is exactly what I need at the moment, Nancy. Thank you xxx

nrhatch - September 3, 2016

Excellent! Just reading these thoughts is calming.

17. Debra - September 7, 2016

I love Deepak Chopra. I could almost hear his voice when reading these different prompts. He has a calming presence. Apparently he walks the talk!

nrhatch - September 7, 2016

Yes! I love listening to his inflections. So calming and soothing.

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