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Outwitting Insomnia July 16, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Health & Wellness, Humor, Joke.

Donald-Duck-LazyI developed a trick to outwit my erstwhile bedtime companion, Insomnia:

Me:  “C’mon . . . just try.”
Insomnia:  “No.”

“C’mon.  Just close your eyes and go to sleep.”

“It will feel good.  I promise.”


“C’mon.  Just do it for me.”

“No.  I’m not tired.”

“Please. Just. Close. Your. Eyes.”

“Yes!  I’m tired!  I want to go to sleep.”
“No.  I’m busy.”

“Hmm . . . okay, Insomnia.  I’ve got an idea.”

Donald-Duck-BaseballDubious, skeptical, yet intrigued, Insomnia raises an eyebrow in my direction.

“What do you have in mind?”



Donald-Director“That’s right.  Since you don’t want to go to sleep, let’s meditate instead.  Let’s let go of thought and focus on the magic power of Ohm . . . . . .”


Works like a charm!

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Under the Oaks - July 16, 2016

Yes! It does work! And Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 breathing exercise… working for me since 2001… 😀
Good Morning, Nancy!

nrhatch - July 16, 2016

Great practice, Pix. Sometimes all it takes is focusing on our breath as . . . we . . . let . . . our . . . thoughts . . . drift . . . away . . .

2. Jill Weatherholt - July 16, 2016

Perfect solution! Happy Saturday, Nancy and Pix!

nrhatch - July 16, 2016

Right back atcha, Jill! Have a chill day.

3. Kate Crimmins - July 16, 2016

Purring cats are good too.

nrhatch - July 16, 2016

That worked with our previous cats, but Tigger is NOT a good nighttime companion ~> we close our bedroom door to keep him out until dawn when he scritches and scratches at the door to let us know that he is UP and READY to be FED!

4. Tippy Gnu - July 16, 2016

That works for me, but not always. Sometimes a monkey joins insomnia, and no amount of letting go will put that monkey mind to bed.

nrhatch - July 16, 2016

Yes! At times sleep is a might elusive entity ~ but this works for me more often than not. As soon as I let go of the desire to go to sleep, I drift off to the Land of Nod.

5. anotherday2paradise - July 16, 2016

Sounds like a good solution, Nancy. Love the Donald cartoons. 🙂

nrhatch - July 16, 2016

Donald is as expressive as your Muscovy Duck.
Quack Quack Quack!

anotherday2paradise - July 16, 2016


6. Val Boyko - July 16, 2016

I’m laughing … Because it does work. Centering on the breath and relaxing the body …. Aahh … Aumm … Better.

nrhatch - July 16, 2016

It does work . . . by letting go of the desire to sleep and following our breath, sleep descends in short order.

7. Debra - July 17, 2016

I have no doubt this works! I know so many people with insomnia who talk about it all day…I wouldn’t sleep either if I kept repeating “I can’t sleep.” Meditating and letting go makes sense to me!

nrhatch - July 17, 2016

Yes! If we walk around saying, “I’m sooooo tired!” . . . we feel even more T~I~R~E~D because we are “owning” that emotion (state of mind) instead of letting it flow. The same thing happens if we tell ourselves, we’re sad, angry, stupid, clumsy, etc.

Far better to repeat a more positive mantra (e.g., “I’m happy and well rested”) ~> and the rest follows.

8. Bun Karyudo - July 17, 2016

I use a calculator and 800 sheep.

nrhatch - July 17, 2016

There’s an App for that!

Bun Karyudo - July 17, 2016

Bet there is too! 🙂

9. Tiny - July 17, 2016

That’s a great trick, Nancy 🙂 And I bet it works!

nrhatch - July 17, 2016

Not always . . . but often. As soon as I stop struggling to fall asleep, sleep drifts in on its own terms.

10. Carol Ferenc - July 17, 2016

I wish I had thought of that last night when I was tossing and turning! Next time.

nrhatch - July 17, 2016

Good luck tonight, Carol! We all have an “off” night on occasion.

11. L. Marie - July 17, 2016

Ha! That’s telling Sleep! You’re the boss, Nancy! Now if only I could get some sleep.

nrhatch - July 17, 2016

Experiment until you find what works for you, Linda. For some it might be reading in bed until eyelids start to flutter shut. For others, it might be never reading in bed. What works one night, might not work the next . . . especially if bed time varies depending upon what we’re doing right before hopping into bed.

12. Ally Bean - July 18, 2016

Brilliant solution. No monkey mind for you! 😉

nrhatch - July 18, 2016

Even monkeys have to settle down some times. 😀

13. livelytwist - July 18, 2016

Good one. I start praying and I fall asleep in the middle of it. 🙂

nrhatch - July 18, 2016

That works!

14. Tammy - July 18, 2016

breathe in, breathe out

nrhatch - July 18, 2016

Following the breath = a cool tool!

15. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - July 19, 2016

I love my meditation app, I do a night time meditation most night – yoga nidra – and I’m out within minutes! LOL. Love it!

nrhatch - July 19, 2016

Glad your yoga nidra app works for you.

Midnight meditation is so relaxing that even if Insomnia wins (and I don’t fall asleep) ~> so what? My mind still gets a much needed break from the “intellectual” rigors of the day.

Hope you’re having a great summer, Kate. Miss seeing you round the hood!

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