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Life Is Riddled With Potholes June 2, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

Donald-Duck-LazyLife can be bumpy at times.

As the path unfolds before us, it is often riddled with potholes.

When worries threaten to capsize your boat . . .
When angry bees are buzzing in your bonnet . . .
When you’re all shook up . . .

When your shock absorbers can’t handle one more shock . . .

* Don’t push the stream.
* Relax.  Breathe.  Repeat.
* Take it one day at a time.
* Don’t drive past your headlights.


And don’t forget ~> life improves with laughter.

Donald-Duck-Diving“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.”  ~ Henry Ward Beecher

“A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.” ~ William Arthur Ward

Aah . . . that’s better!




1. Ally Bean - June 2, 2016

I haven’t heard anyone use that “bee in your bonnet” saying in years! Perhaps with the decline of bonnets as fashion apparel, the saying, while still pertinent, doesn’t have the same cache as it once did. Now when we buzz, it’s usually our phones! 😉

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

My great aunt used the expression. I don’t use it often in “real life” but it worked for this post.

You’re right about the incessant BUZZ of phones with fingers busily texting about this, that, and the other thing . . . or even nothing at all.

roughwighting - June 3, 2016

The expression ‘took me back’ as the saying goes, also. Not only are there fewer bonnets, unfortunately, there are fewer bees too!

2. Val Boyko - June 2, 2016

Spot on Nancy! Laughter lightens us all up and the world around us.💛

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

3. Jill Weatherholt - June 2, 2016

Yep! Laughter makes everything better.

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

It’s a Good Mood Booster!

4. anotherday2paradise - June 2, 2016

Great inspiration for the day, Nancy. Taking one day at a time really does help a lot. 🙂

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

If I’m feeling “overwhelmed” . . . I take a quick peek at my thoughts to see where they’ve wandered off to.

Usually the “overwhelm” is because my thoughts are getting ahead of me by pulling tomorrow on top of today.

anotherday2paradise - June 2, 2016


nrhatch - June 3, 2016


5. L. Marie - June 2, 2016

I needed this today! Potholes? Yep, hit several recently. Laughter helps!

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

Laughter is the BEST medicine I know. It helps me to shift my perspective from “doom and gloom” to “here now happiness.”

6. Tippy Gnu - June 2, 2016

I like the advice, “Don’t drive past your headlights.” That’s something we all have a tendency to do, both literally and figuratively.

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

We do. It’s not that we cannot manage with “the now” we are facing . . . it’s the future we are fearing.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

If it isn’t happening NOW . . . we are battling imaginary windmills.

7. Tiny - June 2, 2016

So true – all of it!

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

Here’s to staying grounded in the NOW . . . where happiness resides.

8. granny1947 - June 2, 2016

Another one of your WISE posts.
I could not survive without a sense of humour.
If I lose it, even for a short time, life really sucks.

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

Whenever my sense of humor is MIA, I am bereft until it reappears on the horizon.

Laughter keeps me buoyant . . . so I can float over challenges.

9. Under the Oaks - June 2, 2016

Right on!

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

Cheers, Pix. Hope you and CH have a day riddled with mirth.

10. suzicate - June 2, 2016

Breathing is an amazing thing huh? Wouldn’t be here without it, ha!
I really like that Henry Ward Beecher quote.

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

Our breath is such a lifeline. When we’re stressed, taking deep calm breaths slows our rapid shallow breathing. As our breathing relaxes, we follow its lead.

Laughter is good for what ails us.

11. Carol Ferenc - June 2, 2016

A sense of humor and some deep breathing makes me feel like I can handle any pothole in life. Usually.

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

Same here, Carol. If my sense of humor is MIA, I am “sunk.”

12. diannegray - June 2, 2016

Too many times recently I’ve seen friends worry about things that just don’t eventuate. From now on I’m going to say to them “Don’t drive past your headlights.” lol – love it, Nancy 😀

nrhatch - June 2, 2016

Simple reminders like that really help me keep the “right” perspective on what’s happening . . . since most things we worry about don’t happen anyway.

Another I like: “Worry is interest paid on a debt we may not owe.”

13. Bun Karyudo - June 3, 2016

I couldn’t agree with you more. I really don’t know how anybody could get through life in one piece without a sense of humor. 🙂

nrhatch - June 3, 2016

When I’m not able to laugh . . . I feel very “brittle.”

Bun Karyudo - June 3, 2016

I know what you mean. Laughter makes us bendy… loopy… um, floppy…I’m having trouble coming up with the right word. Laughter’s a good thing, though. 🙂

nrhatch - June 3, 2016

At a loss for words?
Perish the thought!

Laughter helps me bounce back from “set backs.”

14. Kate Crimmins - June 3, 2016

Perhaps this is why I am my funniest in a doctor’s office.

nrhatch - June 3, 2016

You are witty, wise, AND funny, Kate.

Kate Crimmins - June 3, 2016

and usually terrified!

nrhatch - June 3, 2016

The W.A.I.T. principle might help ~> “What Am I Thinking?”

If I’m worried about something that (1) has not happened, and (2) may not happen, I rein in my imagination a.s.a.p.

Sometimes, it takes more than one tug on the reins.

15. roughwighting - June 3, 2016

“Don’t drive past your headlights’ is such a great motto, and one I haven’t heard of before. But it reminds me of advice to writers to only worry about the story as far as your headlights show, the rest will come. Happy Humor Day to you – can’t imagine living through life without a smile…

nrhatch - June 3, 2016

Yes! Same deal. We can only deal with what’s in front of us here and now. The rest must wait.

Without my sense of humor, the world turns bleak in a hurry.

16. livelytwist - June 3, 2016

Needed this. Bumpy last couple of days. Off to look for my sense of humour! 🙂

nrhatch - June 3, 2016

I usually find mine right where I left it. Good luck! And hope the bumpiness smooths itself out in due course.

17. Debra - June 5, 2016

It’s so true that pushing against the tide is an exhausting endeavor any time, but even more a struggle when there are worrisome thoughts or those dreaded angry bees! Good reminder, Nancy!

nrhatch - June 5, 2016

When people use their imaginations to envision “the best that could happen,” they may be accused of “having their heads in the clouds” . . . as if that’s a bad thing.

Those prone to worrisome thoughts (anger, worry, regret, angst, anxiety, resentment, etc.) might benefit from an airing ~ to rise above the thoughts that weigh them down.

Here’s to putting our imaginations to good use . . . for our benefit, not our detriment.

18. Eileen - June 5, 2016

The gifts of age are humor (somewhat black admittedly) and perseverance. I laugh more at 79 than I did in the first 70 years. Mostly at myself and preferably alone 🙂

nrhatch - June 6, 2016

Laughter lifts our spirit and gives us a mood boost when things look bleak . . . even if our humor is somewhat black.

I love to laugh with other people. I try not to laugh at them, except for medicinal purposes (i.e., to maintain my sanity).

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