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Green Is The New Black April 27, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Humor, Sustainable Living.

2015-10-23 13-09-10_0024

Decor Direct (in Sarasota) jumped on the eco-friendly repurposing bandwagon long before it was cool!

2015-10-23 13-09-55_0025

As a result, it acquired lots and lots of wagon wheels . . . which it transformed into terrific table tops.

2015-10-23 13-13-09_0027

Don’t need a table?  How ’bout a wagon wheel bench?

2015-10-23 13-05-00_0023

Not a fan of wagon wheels?  No problem . . . use shutters.

2015-10-23 13-13-36_0028

No room for a double-wide bench?  Consider a throne.

2015-10-23 13-13-56_0029

Sunburn woes?  No worries, mon . . . dis Tiki Hut’s got ya covered!

2015-10-23 13-16-41_0030

Aah . . . that’s Green!



1. Jill Weatherholt - April 27, 2016

Oh, I love that Tiki Hut, Nancy!

nrhatch - April 27, 2016

Ya, mon . . . perfect spot to enjoy an umbrella drink!

2. Ally Bean - April 27, 2016

I love places like this one where odds-and-ends are turned into even odder ends, with a new purpose. Cool beans.

nrhatch - April 27, 2016

We had a great time that day ~ we went to four different salvage places selling odds, ends, and bric-a-brac.

The only thing we bought ~> a pizza!

3. suzicate - April 27, 2016

My very own throne? Now, I like that idea! (and I’m not talking about the one in the bathroom, ha!)

nrhatch - April 27, 2016

Having your own throne is a great idea! All Haill Queen Suzi!

4. Kate Crimmins - April 27, 2016

I’m surprised there are wagon wheels around!

nrhatch - April 27, 2016

Lots and lots of wagon wheels. They must have raided a bandwagon graveyard.

5. anotherday2paradise - April 27, 2016

Very innovative indeed! I also love the Tiki Hut. 🙂

nrhatch - April 27, 2016

You could recline there for hours while Iggy and others amused you by posing for the camera.

anotherday2paradise - April 27, 2016

Great idea,Nancy! 👍😎

6. Carol Ferenc - April 27, 2016

This looks like a fun place to browse for an hour or a day. So thankful for the repurposers!

nrhatch - April 27, 2016

The place is packed to the rafters inside ~ with some gorgeous furniture and accessories. Fun place to meander.

7. Barb - April 27, 2016

Ooooo, I just love places like this Nancy, I could spend hours looking around at everything and getting ideas for our own yard. That wagon wheel table would look good on my patio…..and I have the perfect spot for that Tiki hut! Can I come visit?

nrhatch - April 27, 2016

Absolutely! Come awa’ with you!

8. Under the Oaks - April 28, 2016

I sort of like the wagon wheel bench and the Tiki Hut is pretty cute!

nrhatch - April 28, 2016

Morning, Pix! Hope all that wild weather missed you. Missouri sure “attracts” more than its fair share of storms.

Under the Oaks - April 28, 2016

It didn’t miss us and that is why I was late to comment on your post. We are fine but the Tiny Ten is a mess and lightning took out our modem and Dish. Just got internet back late yesterday. Gives CH a good excuse to get a new TV and to ride around on the lawn tractor. I headed for the basement and stayed there… LOL!

nrhatch - April 28, 2016

Glad you’re back on line and in one piece, Pix. The basement sounds like the place to be to ride out storms.

Do you keep games, snacks, etc., down there to keep you amused until the winds die down?

Under the Oaks - April 28, 2016

Yes, we have games, books, and TV down there. It is a finished basement with a family room, 2 bedrooms, a junk room, and a bathroom. We spend a lot of time down there when it gets hot, much cooler. FOOD and wine down there… 😀

nrhatch - April 28, 2016

Sounds great! I bet it’s especially nice to hang out down under now that the foundation has been fixed.

9. L. Marie - April 28, 2016

That’s awesome, Nancy! Love the furniture! So creative!

nrhatch - April 28, 2016

We had tons of fun looking around.

10. Val Boyko - April 28, 2016

Interesting stuff!

nrhatch - April 28, 2016

We enjoyed window shopping ~ inside had lots of stuff for home and garden. But we have enough stuff.

Val Boyko - April 28, 2016

I know the feeling. I went to an Asian import a warehouse with a couple of friends last week. Interesting to see and learn about … But unrelated to where we are in life with much less wanting stuff!

nrhatch - April 28, 2016

Less is more at this stage in our lives.

11. Behind the Story - April 29, 2016

You look lovely on the throne.

At this stage of life, I’m so happy when I find a place like that–not to buy from but to give to. I recently gave a bed frame and two small chests to Habitat for Humanity. I was so glad I found them. And, they picked up.

nrhatch - April 29, 2016

Thanks, Nicki.

BFF used to work for one of Habitat’s Re*Store’s when we lived in Maryland. They are great about picking up larger items here too. We’ve donated armoires, bookcases, sofas, tv’s, etc. ~ and they picked them up!

12. BunKaryudo - April 29, 2016

Love the wagon wheel bench. I doubt I’ll be buying it anytime soon, though, given that it’s bigger than my living room.

nrhatch - April 30, 2016

Space constraints.
Time constraints.
Money constraints.

If it ain’t one, it’s the other!

BunKaryudo - April 30, 2016

So true! 😦

13. Tiny - May 2, 2016

Great post! And you look like a queen on the throne.

nrhatch - May 3, 2016

How’s this . . . “Kneel when you address the Queen!”
Will it pass muster?

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