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One Thing Leads To Another March 31, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Humor, Magick & Mystery, Music & Dance.

Brian-with-coffee-and-newspaperA few weeks ago, after reading ’til the wee hours, I slept late.

Instead of rushing to get ready for water aerobics, I enjoyed a cup of coffee, checked the weather, and settled in to respond to blog comments.

As soon as my butt hit the office chair, my Inner Voice piped up and told me to get off my ass and go swim.

So I did.

During the class, I learned that Nancy Donaruma (a neighbor who played with the NY Philharmonic for over 30 years) planned to give a cello concert that afternoon . . . just down the street.

We jumped at the chance to hear her play and enjoyed every note!

Before leaving the concert, a neighbor invited us to a cello recital by Nancy Donaruma at her house tomorrow, April Fool’s Day.

Mickey-OKWhen we go with the flow, listen to intuition, and allow life to unfold, we often find that we are in the right place at the right time.

No fooling!

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. Under the Oaks - March 31, 2016

How nice Nancy! Enjoy! I need to get my butt off the couch and quit with the computer and start walking. Florida always gets me jump-started for my walking after the winter. I have not been listening to my inner voice about getting out there to exercise!

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

We walk, bike, & swim more often here than we did before moving to Florida ~> the sun beckons!

Hope you get “back on track.”

2. jannatwrites - March 31, 2016

That’s cool how the one idea progressed and led to more things you enjoyed. Enjoy the recital!

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Synchronicity (being in sync) happens so often that I didn’t have to reach far back into the past for a subtle example:

We did X ~> we learned about Y ~> we were able to enjoy Z.

3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - March 31, 2016

Love that! I’m so glad you listened to your inner voice – what great adventures it led you to!

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Sometimes our intuition points out the shortcuts. And sometimes, when it realizes we missed its whisper, it shouts:


4. Jill Weatherholt - March 31, 2016

I love when my Inner Voice is bossy!

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Me too! Or at least definitive, no equivocation ~> “Do This!”

An inner voice that waffles about is of little use.

5. Kate Crimmins - March 31, 2016

My gut is always right and it’s practical too. It would have been happy to have the exercise but there is always a reward. If it’s not a concert it might be a mocha latte.

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

I enjoy exercising . . . most days. But rushing around in the morning isn’t my cup of coffee!

Here’s to listening to the Wisdom Within!

Kate Crimmins - March 31, 2016

The best thing about retirement is NO RUSHING AROUND!

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Funny you should say that, Kate . . . my next post is about retirement!

6. NancyTex - March 31, 2016

Our guts (inner voices) rarely steer us in the wrong direction. The problem is that we often choose not to listen to them.

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Yes! The still silent voice guides us without faltering . . . as long as we don’t drown it out.

7. anotherday2paradise - March 31, 2016

So true, Nancy. I love listening to a well-played cello. 🙂

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Me too! Well played, the cello exudes warmth.

8. William D'Andrea - March 31, 2016

You’ve been invited to attend on April Fool’s Day? I hope you’ll enjoy the Recital, but be ready to duck.

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Let’s hope the recital doesn’t turn into a brawl or a bash!

9. L. Marie - March 31, 2016

Glad you were willing to listen! And what a delightful experience when you did!

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

It’s great when the whisper within instills us with the knowingness we need, right when we need it.

10. Patricia - March 31, 2016

Listening to inner voice is a good thing. Sometimes I let the outside noise interfere then my inner voice gets testy. Not fun having arguments with yourself when you know they are preventable with a little common sense.

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

External and internal distractions abound. It’s easy to drown out the whispers from within. On occasion, my intuition has had to SHOUT!

11. suzicate - March 31, 2016

What a delight! See, good things happen when we get our butt in gear!

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

I also like it when my inner voice tells me to kick back and relax ~ “ya mon, every little ting gonn’ be alright.”

12. Carol Ferenc - March 31, 2016

Wonderful ~ it was meant to be! So glad you listened to that Inner Voice, Nancy.

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

Me too! It hasn’t steered me wrong yet . . .

13. Val Boyko - March 31, 2016

Obey the voice and enjoy the outcome. Have fun 🎼

nrhatch - March 31, 2016


14. Tiny - March 31, 2016

Very cool! I find this to be true most of the time…And the other times I probably haven’t followed my intuition 🙂

nrhatch - March 31, 2016

That about sums it up for me too, Helen. When I hear my sixth sense encouraging me to do “X” . . . I listen.

Even when it whispers, “Just leap . . . and the net will appear.”

15. Behind the Story - March 31, 2016

Listening to your inner voice really paid off for you. It’s such a treat to listen to a great musician in an intimate setting.

nrhatch - April 1, 2016

Yes! Music adds such joy to life . . . one note at a time.

16. Ally Bean - April 1, 2016

Love it when it all works out for the best! So easy to have good things happen when you learn to let them happen, a skill I’ve not entirely mastered yet!

nrhatch - April 2, 2016

When I allow myself to “go with the flow” life feels “right” ~ and it’s much less exhausting than trying to “swim against the current.”

But I still wrestle with “imaginary boulders” on occasion.

17. diannegray - April 1, 2016

Ahhhhh – I just love synchronicity, Nancy 😀

nrhatch - April 2, 2016

Me too! And when we are awake and aware, fully grounded in the present moment, we increase the odds of seeing the “brass ring” in time to grab it.

18. Debra - April 4, 2016

i do agree, Nancy! But you have had some extraordinarily interesting invitations recently! I would certainly have enjoyed the concerts. I think it also helps to make yourself available and to be open to invitations. Fun!

nrhatch - April 4, 2016

Being “open” to possibilities as they arise is one of the benefits of mindfulness ~> we’re more able to switch gears and turn on a dime because we aren’t wedded to the path we’re on.

In contrast, when we’re “lost in thought” we are often oblivious to all that is being offered Here and Now.

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