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Manifesting Our Dreams March 1, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Humor, Magick & Mystery.

I believe that at our most authentic/intuitive level, we want (for us) what the Universe wants for us.


So, unless we do something “counter-intuitive” . . . we manifest our dreams even if we aren’t consciously aware that they are “our” dreams.


Our lives tend to unfold as they should . . . with or without our assistance.


Sometimes they unfold as they should even with extreme resistance on our part (e.g., “NO! I don’t want to change!”).

Perhaps bringing our intention to the mix, gets us where we are intended to be that much sooner ~ a move, a new career, better relationships, improved health, etc.


Aah . . . that’s better!

First published:  Brainstorming Strategies (Pocket Perspective)