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Spools of Gossamer Thread February 11, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Fiction, Word Play, Writing & Writers.

448px-Alice_05a-1116x1492If writers wrote only from first hand experience and observation without extrapolation, we would not have been gifted with:

Harry Potter
Gulliver’s Travels
Alice in Wonderland
Mary Poppins
A Christmas Carol

When writers write from the heart, our worlds collide into a kaleidoscope of shared experience.

Hookah optional.

Of course, we never step into the same stream, book, or painting twice ~ it’s always New . . . Now.

170px-Alice_par_John_Tenniel_02Why insist on writing only “what we know” when most thoughts and memories flow from fertile imaginations fueled by spools of gossamer threads?

Keep honoring your creative curiosity!

Even if you end up chasing harried white rabbits bewitched by pocket watches.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. NancyTex - February 11, 2016

I found myself chasing a white-tailed bunny on the hiking trail two days ago. 🙂 Never caught it, but I did snap a pic!

nrhatch - February 11, 2016

Bunnies are the BEST! They never fail to make me smile.

NancyTex - February 11, 2016


nrhatch - February 11, 2016

This bunny got blown onto a roof during a storm! Talk about hare raising!


2. William D'Andrea - February 11, 2016

I agree totally.
If I wrote only about my personal experiences, the readers would be very bored. I’ve said this before. A video of my typical day, would be a good cure for insomnia.

nrhatch - February 11, 2016

I just finished a book, An Unexpected Guest, that followed an ambassador’s wife in Paris for 24 hours as she planned a dinner party for dignitaries. It won’t make my Best Reads of 2016 list.

3. Jill Weatherholt - February 11, 2016

I completely agree, Nancy!

nrhatch - February 11, 2016

Imagination takes us to the top of Mt. Everest or 20,000 Leagues under the Sea!

4. Kate Crimmins - February 11, 2016

My best posts are tangents extrapolated from a post that started out about something totally different. Writing is like stretching. You start out with a plan then you notice a stiffness somewhere that needs to be worked on.

nrhatch - February 11, 2016

Yes! We start in one direction and end elsewhere.

5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - February 11, 2016

There was a parent in my life for a bit, and man, did she loathe me! In the end, a big portion of her issue turned out to be the fact that I could tell a good tale, spin a good yarn. I love taking mundane experiences and extrapolating the fun and humor in them, and expanding slightly to make it a good story that gets people laughing and involved in a conversation! With my stories, I love chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole and seeing where I end up! 🙂 Great post!!

nrhatch - February 11, 2016

Thanks, Kate! I love people who can spin a good yarn and make me laugh out loud. Sounds like that parent was a wee bit jealous of the rabbits you pulled out of your hat! :mrgreen:

6. Carol Ferenc - February 11, 2016

“Keep honoring your creative curiosity!” Love that, Nancy. Great post!

nrhatch - February 11, 2016

Thanks, Carol. It’s amazing where we end up when we follow our curiosity from Here to There.

Carol Ferenc - February 12, 2016

If only we have the courage to follow . . .

nrhatch - February 12, 2016

Sometimes it helps to visualize a pot of . . . chocolate waiting at the finish line!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

7. L. Marie - February 11, 2016

Thank you for this post, Nancy! Some writing “rules” become nooses around the necks of writers. It’s nice to pull those things off!

nrhatch - February 11, 2016

So many “rules” are truths for only some of the writers some of the time. Artists/Writers should live by their own rules!

8. Behind the Story - February 11, 2016

Before I started kindergarten, my parents fed my imagination. Mom read fairy tales and Dad made up adventure stories to put me to sleep. The lady who gave me a ride to kindergarten didn’t appreciate my imagination though. She complained to my mom that I made up stories. I wonder if that affected me. Even though I love the stories you mentioned above, I tend too much to stick to what I know.

nrhatch - February 12, 2016

Maybe it did ~> maybe she made you more determined than ever to be a story teller? 😀

She must not have quelled your creative curiosity or silenced your imagination . . . or Tiger Tail Soup wouldn’t be here.

9. diannegray - February 13, 2016

When I saw the name of this post it reminded me of a dream I had where I was travelling above the earth and connected by a gossamer thread. What a beautiful dream! 😀

nrhatch - February 13, 2016

Sounds divine, Dianne. I love dreams when I’m flying.

diannegray - February 13, 2016

They’re without a doubt the best 😀

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