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How To Tell The Sex of A Fly January 23, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Joke.

200px-Musca_illustrationA woman walked into the kitchen and found her husband standing around with a fly swatter.

“Hey, Rick.  What are you doing?”

“Hunting flies.”

“Kill any?”

“Yep, 3 males, 2 females.”

“Really? How can you tell them apart?”

“Easy.  Three were on a beer can, two were on the phone.”

Aah . . . that’s better!

Source:  E-mail from unknown author (sent by Joe M.)



1. Jill Weatherholt - January 23, 2016

Ha ha! Good one, Nancy!

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

Rick has good aim . . . even if his judgments are out of bounds!

Hope you’re able to stay inside off icy roads today, Jill.

Jill Weatherholt - January 23, 2016

Yes, we’re hunkered down at home. 🙂

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

A good place to be this weekend!

2. Under the Oaks - January 23, 2016

Good Morning!

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

Morning, Pix! I expect that most flies are hunkered down for the duration of this Arctic Blast! Time for some woolies!

3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - January 23, 2016


nrhatch - January 23, 2016

This joke made me realize that I’ve never considered whether individual flies, fruit flies, gnats, spiders, cockroaches, etc., were male or female.

Except for Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web ~> she’s a she spider.

4. Val Boyko - January 23, 2016

I know Rick!!! 😀😳

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

He’s great at using stereotypical judgments to cubby-hole people, places, and flies!

And he’s got a fantastic back hand!

Val Boyko - January 23, 2016

Thank god for the backhand. It’s his saving grace 😉

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

Let’s hope he does not reincarnate as a fly . . . karma can be a bitch! :mrgreen:

5. Kate Crimmins - January 23, 2016

Need some snow? I’ll send you some. Really bad storm up here.

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

We’ve been watching it on the news, Kate ~ it looks horrid!

Reminds me why we flew south in 2008. It’s cold here today. And windy. But not frigid. Hope it warms up soon!

6. anotherday2paradise - January 23, 2016

Thanks for the smiles, Nancy. Another good one! 😀

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

As I read this the first time, it reminded me of summer temps and sipping cold beers!

Hope you enjoyed your dinner dance last night.

anotherday2paradise - January 23, 2016

Thaks, Nancy. It was a most enjoyable evening. 🙂

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

Yay! We are hibernating at the moment, while the wind whips up the waves outside.

7. jannatwrites - January 23, 2016

That’s pretty funny but now I’m wondering how you really do tell. But that’s one Google search I don’t want in my search history 🙂

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

Sounds like a Google search to do on the library’s computer. :mrgreen:

8. Carol Ferenc - January 23, 2016

Yup, sounds about right 🙂

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

Rick, Rick . . . he’s our man!

9. Barb - January 23, 2016

Sounds like Rick is bored…thanks for the chuckle Nancy!

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

Swatting at flies doesn’t give much of a mental work out!

10. L. Marie - January 23, 2016

Good one!!!

nrhatch - January 23, 2016

I bet this storm has frozen a few flies in their tracks!

11. Tiny - January 23, 2016

Talk about stereotyping! Made me crack up as I’d just finished a diversity analysis for a client 😁

nrhatch - January 24, 2016

Haha! Perfect timing to reinforce the value of your services!

12. diannegray - January 26, 2016

Haaaaa! Love it, Nancy 😀

nrhatch - January 26, 2016

As long as he doesn’t swat your handsome green Jazzman! :mrgreen:

13. Debra - January 28, 2016

Some old stereotypes just continue on and on, don’t they? I guess there must be a little truth to them! 🙂 Very funny, actually.

nrhatch - January 28, 2016

Our flies must be confused without stereotypical role models to emulate:

I rarely talk on the phone . . . and BFF doesn’t drink beer. 😛

14. Tammy - January 30, 2016

hmmm, going for the beer instead!!

nrhatch - January 30, 2016

Aah . . . that’s better!

15. reocochran - January 31, 2016

Bwa-ha ha! 😀 Now, I will remember this joke! Thanks, Nancy!

nrhatch - January 31, 2016

Yay! Glad you enjoyed, Robin.

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