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Cocktails By The Bay October 7, 2015

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor.
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Harbour Isle invited us to the Grand Opening of their new Clubhouse.

2015-08-22 18-35-19_0001

While clouds rolled in, we sipped cocktails by the pool and enjoyed aerial entertainment.

2015-08-22 18-35-28_0002

And acrobatic feats.

2015-08-22 18-35-43_0003

As I dipped pita chips into hummus and munched on egg rolls, I gave thanks that I hadn’t worn a form-fitting leotard to the gala.

2015-08-22 18-35-49_0004

When the rains arrived, we went inside to check out the interior landscape.

2015-08-22 20-34-06_0014

The rain cleared out long enough for us to enjoy a sunset over the intercoastal.

2015-08-22 19-19-14_0007

While ladies in leotards burned calories rolling in, and on, the pool, we swung by a bubbling fountain for a night cap ~> chocolate covered strawberries.

2015-08-22 20-26-45_0008

Just as the sunset reached peak perfection, a human “butterfly” fluttered by.

2015-08-22 20-26-52_0009

We stopped to admire Chef Doug’s “Swan Song” before leaving . . . after a final creme puff.

2015-08-22 20-36-02_0015

Aah . . . that’s better!