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That’s Just Ducky! June 2, 2015

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness, Spirit & Ego.

Ego (the false self, the illusionist, the imposter, the story-teller) will do anything to keep us off balance.

It is always churning the waters.

2014-12-02 08-51-26_0035

When we practice mindfulness, we no longer believe all the thoughts we think.

We let go of the notion that “I think IT, therefore IT is.”

2014-12-02 08-51-17_0034

Instead, our authentic self  (the still silent observer) watches the ticker-tape parade of thoughts pop up in rapid-fire succession.

As our awareness increases, our aim improves.  We get better at shooting toxic thoughts down as soon as they pop up.

Instead of being thrown off balance by non-productive thoughts, we watch Ego’s ineffectual attempts to “stir the pot” with detached amusement.

We see that Ego is just a big fat QUACK!

2014-12-02 08-55-37_0037

Once we “wake up,” the stormy seas left in Ego’s wake dissipate.

Instead of getting worked up over this, that, and the other thing (or even nothing at all), we mindfully manage our thoughts.

2014-12-02 08-55-48_0038

I am not the thoughts I think.
My thoughts are not “me.”

I am the silent observer of thoughts that arise.
The detached witness.

2014-12-02 08-56-12_0039

I can identify with the thoughts Ego tosses at me.
Or allow them to drift away.


”What are you ~ a god, an angel, a saint?”

“No,” replied The Buddha, “I am A-W-A-K-E.”

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Hariod Brawn - June 2, 2015

Lovely thoughts Nancy; it’s always good to come back to being before the mind.

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Thanks, Hariod. Just be . . . awake . . . and aware.

2. Val Boyko - June 2, 2015

Thank you Nancy for your clarity of thinking. From awareness, clarity and realization comes. When the mind is churned up like this it is the ego at work.
I do wonder what your cat is thinking as he watches the duckies tho….. Or is he being a silent witness …

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Yes! A still pond provides a more accurate reflection.

Tigger is ruled by competing desires ~> to chase the ducks away (proving he is bigger, badder, and better than them) and to have them stay (so he has something to chase away later). :mrgreen:

3. Pix Under the Oaks - June 2, 2015

I am always working on NOT getting worked up over my thoughts. Those “what if” thoughts are always giving me a fit.
Tigger has such a great view! Looks like he has something to say!

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Morning, Pix! Tigger enjoys that view . . . as long as it’s not populated by too many foul fowl!

Mindful awareness of “negative” thoughts helps defuse them. And we can apply the T.H.I.N.K. test ~ by asking whether our thoughts are True, Helpful, Informative, Necessary, and Kind.

If not, allow them to drift off into the ether and think about something positive. Like PIZZA!

4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - June 2, 2015

Oh my gosh, that “wake up” shot is priceless!! What a great capture! And a great reminder that my thoughts are NOT me! Thanks for the smile and healthy brain cleanse this morning Val!

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Haha! You called me Val . . . WAKE UP! 😎

Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - June 2, 2015

Oh my gosh, Nancy, I did!! I had read Val’s comment and apparently my brain just stopped there!! I’m so sorry! I’m giggling, because really, I couldn’t have done that if I tried!!

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

It gave me a giggle too . . . a great example of how our minds can muddle up the mix!

5. NancyTex - June 2, 2015

NH, that second to last shot of Tigger will haunt me for the rest of my days. 🙂

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Tigger is delighted to hear that! He appreciates being the center of our attention too.

NancyTex - June 2, 2015

Bahahaha! Tigger’s facial expression reminds me why I fear cats more than bears! 🙂

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

When he was kitten . . . he TERRIFIED me when he wanted to play “Me FEROCIOUS Hunter . . . You Prey!”

6. L. Marie - June 2, 2015

Once again, I read this post as if Tigger shared these thoughts. 🙂 The ducks don’t appear to be listening.

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Tigger thanks you for your support! 😎

7. Jill Weatherholt - June 2, 2015

How on earth did you capture that shot of Tigger and his gaping mouth? That’s hilarious Nancy!

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Thanks, Jill. I’m glad I had my camera with me to capture that, “M~O~M . . . make them go away!” shot.

L. Marie - June 3, 2015

All of them are great. But the pleading look photo is priceless.

nrhatch - June 3, 2015

And Tigger NEVER has a Bad Hair Day. :mrgreen:

8. suzicate - June 2, 2015

I can only wonder what Tigger is trying to tell you in that one shot!
Thank you for your wise words today as I am struggling with not allowing my thoughts to lead me astray.

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

That would be a good shot for a caption contest ~> “Be Very Very Afraid!”

Hope you win the battle, Suzi.

9. Grannymar - June 2, 2015

I would be Very Very Afraid of that cat’ expression! never mind, I let the thought drift off in the wake of the ducklings.

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Great response, GM! Here’s to letting “IT” drift away!

10. Patricia - June 2, 2015

It is better to control our thoughts than to be controlled by them. I admit sometimes I have to do some disciplining of self to do this. Good to see Tigger is in charge on the deck.

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t have to rein in my thoughts . . . more than once.

The mind is a wonderful servant and a terrible master.

11. brickhousechick - June 2, 2015

This is so very true. I am also learning to let go of judgements and attachments. My brother’s friend (a shaman) wrote a book called, The Map Of Desire. It talks about attachments and letting go of them. 🙂

nrhatch - June 2, 2015

Good plan, Maria. The nature of desire is perpetual => as soon as one itch is scratched, a new itch arises.

12. Behind the Story - June 3, 2015

When meditating, I’ve noticed how many thoughts can appear unbidden. The trick is, to allow them to drift away … to let them go.

nrhatch - June 3, 2015

Yes! Meditation allows us to see the “monkey chatter” streaming through our brains ~ a constant ticker-tape of thoughts unbidden. Bringing our awareness there, we watch as the clouds drift away, one by one, until only blue sky remains.

Of course some are so busy chasing their tales . . . they have no time to meditate. :mrgreen:

13. nrhatch - June 4, 2015

Tigger says to tell you all that it’s Hug Your Cat Day!


14. Three Well Beings - June 9, 2015

It was so nice of Tigger to offer his posing talents as illustration to this post! He looks like he knows how to live in balance. I don’t think he tolerates any toxic relationships! 🙂

nrhatch - June 9, 2015

He is meowing his agreement, Debra. Tigger’s got just the right balance between “No Work” and “Play” ~ with ample time for naps, treats, breaks, and checking up on what we’re doing.

15. jannatwrites - August 21, 2015

Great thoughts on gaining freedom from ego. It’s funny, but I’ve been reading you for several years now, and sometimes when silly things get to me, I actually think of you and some of the things you’ve written 🙂

nrhatch - August 21, 2015

Do “silly things” make you think of me because you think I’m “being silly”? 😛

All silliness aside, “being silly” is good. Life is less serious than many realize ~> it’s a large playground populated by cranky toddlers.

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