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Today Matters May 11, 2015

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Mindfulness.

Eeyore-SittingToday matters.

Today’s experiences form the foundation for all our tomorrows.

A bucket is filled drop by drop.

That said, most of what we do today won’t matter one whit ten years from now.

Tigger-PogoEdges soften.
Mistakes recede.
Recollections cloud.
Pain fades.

Just be.

Just bounce.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. Jill Weatherholt - May 11, 2015


nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Today I began “filling my bucket” with a walk on the beach. 😎

Jill Weatherholt - May 11, 2015

I’m so jealous. Enjoy!

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Come visit!

Given its proximity, I should get to the beach far more often than I do ~> I aim to change that starting . . . NOW!

2. Tina - May 11, 2015

I think every moment is a “building block” today will matter ten years from now. We may not even remember dropping the block into place but it will still be there in the foundation to create either a stable support or a dip in the foundation of your life.

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

If I felt that EVERY decision (no matter how insignificant) would still matter 10 years from now, I might stall in my tracks while weighing the options.

“Hmm . . . vanilla or chocolate? What to do???”

Instead, I use a more broad brush approach to decision making, assuming that if I eat right and exercise most of the time, I don’t have to stress out about the occasional “poor choice.”

Tina - May 11, 2015


3. Silver in the Barn - May 11, 2015

It’s so true, isn’t it, Nancy? Today matters in one way and not at all in another.

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Just one little paradox of life’s tapestry ~> today’s choices impact where we find ourselves tomorrow . . . but we need not obsess or stress over every step (and misstep) we make along the way.

It’s the broad brush strokes that define us “in the end.”

Silver in the Barn - May 11, 2015

Broad and “in the end” definitely applies 😊😊😊

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Even the most famous of our predecessors had wide latitude to “screw up” and “screw around” without marring the broad brush strokes of their visage in our eyes.

I wonder if that will change now that so many of our steps are recorded digitally?

nrhatch - May 12, 2015

I just re-read your comment, Barbara. Your punny funny flew under my radar yesterday!

4. anotherday2paradise - May 11, 2015

Thanks for this, Nancy. I’m bouncing. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - May 11, 2015


That was me bouncing down the beach this morning, soaking up the early rays with a BIG smile! 😎

anotherday2paradise - May 11, 2015

Sounds just perfect, Nancy. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

I love days when I have a bounce in my step (and a twinkle in my eye).

5. L. Marie - May 11, 2015

Just be–good advice. I’ve been too stressed lately, so bouncing sounds good.

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

One of the most liberating life lessons is realizing that many of the decisions we “stress over” recede from view in “no time.”

6. Pix Under the Oaks - May 11, 2015

Hey, I’m gonna bounce!

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

That’s what I did this morning, Pix. I got up, grabbed my keys, and headed for the beach to walk, wander, and wonder in the waves while soaking up the early morning rays.

BLISS!!! 😎

7. NancyTex - May 11, 2015

Hear, hear, sista!

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Hope you are feeling better and stronger every day, NT! From my vantage point, you seemed to “bounce” back well from your surgery.

NancyTex - May 11, 2015

I feel like a new woman, NH! πŸ™‚

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Music to my ears!

8. suzicate - May 11, 2015

“Just bounce” -I love it!
Every moment up to now has prepared me for this one!

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Yes! My experiences (good and bad) led me to THIS door . . . which is exactly where I want to be.

I just tossed you an e-mail. If you have more questions, shoot ’em my way.

9. Val Boyko - May 11, 2015

Hhhmmm… your bounce is inspiring Nancy!!
I detect a shift in my floating πŸ™‚

nrhatch - May 11, 2015

Floating + Bouncing => going with the flow!

Val Boyko - May 11, 2015

Bubbles πŸ™‚

nrhatch - May 12, 2015

Bubbles give us LIFT => Inspiration & Elevation

10. brickhousechick - May 11, 2015

That’s my all time favorite thing to do, to just be. I’m good at that! πŸ™‚

nrhatch - May 12, 2015

Me too! Don’t just do something . . . sit there. _/!\_

11. Behind the Story - May 12, 2015

Bouncing sounds inviting.

nrhatch - May 13, 2015

So much better than dragging our tales around!

12. Three Well Beings - May 14, 2015

I like “Just Bounce!” πŸ™‚ It’s really true that so much of what matters today won’t even be remembered. I need to continually remember that…I can be a little too intense for my own good. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - May 14, 2015

I can get caught up in tangled threads and webs. When I do, I ask, “Will this matter a year from now?” Sometimes that’s just the shift in perspective I need.

13. jannatwrites - July 4, 2015

This is true… sometimes I put too much weight on things that don’t/won’t matter.

nrhatch - July 4, 2015

Hope you feel a bit more bounce every day, Janna. Rough patches are never much fun.

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