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How’s Your Backhand? March 7, 2015

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Humor, Joke.

Goofy-Riding-A-BikeTwo young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of tampons and proceeded to the checkout counter.

The pharmacist at the counter asked the older boy, “Son, how old are you?’

‘Eight’, the boy replied.

The man continued, ‘Do you know what these are used for?’

The boy replied, ‘Not exactly, but they aren’t for me. They’re for him. He’s my brother. He’s four.”

Swimming“Oh, really?” the pharmacist replied with a grin. Β “How’s that?”

“We saw on TV that if you buy these you can swim, play tennis and ride a bike. Right now, he can’t do none of those things.”

Aah . . . that’s better!

E-mail from unknown author (sent by Joe M.)


1. Jill Weatherholt - March 7, 2015

Ha ha! That’s great, Nancy! I remember, as a kid, being so embarrassed when those commercials came on, while watching TV with my father.

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Yes! I also shared these boys’ confusion about certain claims made for products beyond my ken. “Huh?”

2. Hariod Brawn - March 7, 2015

Call the Trade Descriptions Office! XD

[Do you have those in the States?]

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

In the states, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) keeps one eye open to evaluate claims of “false and misleading” advertising. πŸ™„

3. Silver in the Barn - March 7, 2015

There are no words for funny how I find this. Have you seen the tea bag commercial? I have to find it for you, Nancy. So FUNNY.

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Yay! Glad you got a chuckle. If you find the funny tea bag ad, shoot me a link. I don’t think I’ve seen it.

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Thanks, Barbara!

Coffee . . . no tags to tangle with before we wake up.

4. anotherday2paradise - March 7, 2015

Bwahahaha!! Love this one, Nancy. Thanks for the laugh. xx

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

I got a kick out of this, remembering how confusing some of these products seemed when I was 8.

anotherday2paradise - March 7, 2015

I’m wondering if little brother was supposed to eat them. ?)

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Your comment made me wonder how many kids have confused cotton balls with cotton candy? πŸ˜‰

5. William D'Andrea - March 7, 2015

There is a TV commercial about a certain internet company, in which the people complain about service being “Half fast”.
I wonder if they think they think they’re “courageously defying” those of us who can always turn off the sound until the commercial ends.

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Those half fast commercials are great.

“So half fast.” πŸ˜›

6. NancyTex - March 7, 2015


nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Like adults who think that BUYING exercise equipment is all it takes to get in shape. πŸ˜€

NancyTex - March 7, 2015

Haha! So true!

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

To magic wands and fairy dust! 😎

7. colonialist - March 7, 2015

I wonder if they work for playing golf?

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Och, mon . . . why would the wee bonny lads want to chase a miscreant ball around 18 gopher holes? :mrgreen:

colonialist - March 8, 2015

Och, it puts a cool breeze up their kilts! And they do say it is an absorbing game …

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

Absorbing ~> good one! 😎

8. thecontentedcrafter - March 7, 2015

I hadn’t heard the joke or seen the advert before – both raised a chuckle!

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

Glad you’re rebounding from your run-in with that iron, Pauline.

9. Barb - March 7, 2015

Hilarious, thanks for the belly laugh. Can’t beat the innocence of kids, huh?

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

I think that’s why I loved this joke, Barb ~ it reminded me of days when I was naive and clueless. :mrgreen:

10. Tiny - March 7, 2015

OMG…I’m still laughing! And pondering about advertising. There are so many commercials that are equally misleading and assume so many things πŸ™‚

nrhatch - March 7, 2015

What? Marketers are misleading us??? On purpose?
The Cads!!! πŸ˜›

I watch the constant, incessant, and unrelenting attempts to brainwash us with horrified fascination ~> “just say no.”

11. judithhb - March 7, 2015

Reblogged this on I choose how I will spend the rest of my life and commented:
Just had to Reblog this one. Thanks Nancy for sharing this with us.

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

Thanks for sharing the mirth, Judith. πŸ˜›

12. Pix Under the Oaks - March 8, 2015

Funny Nancy! They didn’t keep me from falling off a bike.. πŸ˜€
Cotton balls and cotton candy!
Good Morning! Checked your weather this morning.. looks wonderful!

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

Yes! It looks to be an award-winning day . . . with sunset at a suitable hour. 😎

Pix Under the Oaks - March 8, 2015

Oh yes! Sunsets will truly be perfect now!

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

I am so happy to be on daylight savings time again ~> light at night . . . alright, alright, alright!!!

13. granny1947 - March 8, 2015

Love it!!!

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

Hi Granny! Nice to see you “out and about.” Hope that means that your connectivity is “up to snuff.”

granny1947 - March 10, 2015

I am connected NR but still waiting for my landline so I can visit more posts.

nrhatch - March 10, 2015

Soon you’ll be zooming through cyber space again!

14. Grannymar - March 8, 2015

Two for the price of one today! Now I know why I drink coffee!

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

No tags! :mrgreen:

15. Anne Lene - March 8, 2015

Ha ha, to funny πŸ™‚

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

Glad you enjoyed, Anne!

16. brickhousechick - March 8, 2015

Ha,ha,ha! I just read this to Mr. B who is sitting next to me on the couch and we both got quite the laugh! So adorable! We needed that laugh, Nancy, thanks. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - March 8, 2015

Yay! I’m glad that you and Mr. B have reached Daylight Savings Time with sense of humor in good working order.

17. Behind the Story - March 8, 2015

Very cute! I wonder if the boys will remember the episode when they’re old enough to understand. (I’m taking this joke way too seriously.)

nrhatch - March 9, 2015

Maybe that’s because we see this “comical misconception” playing out in real life. :mrgreen:

18. jannatwrites - March 8, 2015

Hehe, that’s too funny. Maybe I should get some.. I can’t play tennis at all πŸ™‚

nrhatch - March 9, 2015

That’s the ticket!

I saw a wannabe chef on TV last night who proclaimed . . . “I can do anything!!!” Maybe she’s got these in her back pocket as a secret weapon . . . πŸ˜›

19. beeblu - March 9, 2015


nrhatch - March 9, 2015

If only . . . 😎

20. L. Marie - March 9, 2015

Ha! Good thinking on the little boy’s part. At least he wasn’t as embarrassed as I’ve always been when I had to make that purchase. My father, however, never felt embarrassed about buying feminine products for me.

nrhatch - March 9, 2015

I had a tough time buying them until I realized that most cashiers didn’t pay much attention to what I bought.

And good for your dad!

21. suzicate - March 9, 2015

Ha, love it! I caught my son and his friend (when they were about six) using my tampons as missiles with their GI Joe toys!

nrhatch - March 9, 2015

OMG! This might be my new favorite Suzi story ~ too funny.

My previous favorite ~> Dirtman’s deer pee!


suzicate - March 11, 2015

Ha, I’d forgotten about that one. Not sure if I’ve ever written about the tampon missiles. One thing’s for sure, those males in my household have kept me on my toes!

nrhatch - March 11, 2015

Bombs Away!

22. Barb - March 9, 2015

Come to think of it…I haven’t seen any of these ads lately..I guess the bigger problem is wanger dysfunction rather than hygiene. How we’ve changed.

nrhatch - March 9, 2015

That’s a great observation, Barb ~> “be ready when the mood strikes” ads are ubiquitous these days, outnumbered only by car ads (e.g., Matthew McConaughey hawking Lincolns).

23. reocochran - March 9, 2015

The girl power promotion can be quite troubling to little minds, I bet. This was so funny! I have to share a short memory of my brothers unpacking the groceries at our house. I was only 11 (not yet old enough to use the item in question, so Randy would have been 9 and a half and my little brother would have been 7.) They asked why the napkins with the clear wrapping went into the kitchen and the “Sanitary Napkins” went in the bathroom. My Mom had this funny look on her face, then she told us to invite our friends over tomorrow and she would explain. Later that night she called some of our neighbors and told them she was going to do a short lesson on the birds and bees, my Dad being home this week would handle the boys. Isn’t this the strangest thing? All the neighbors, knowing my Mom taught high school knew it would be helpful and not too detailed, while they didn’t know my Dad being a scientist divulged more than my brothers and boys needed to really know at the time! Smiles!

nrhatch - March 9, 2015

That’s a great story, Robin . . . your brothers sure got the ball rolling with their observant question.

24. diannegray - March 10, 2015

Excellent, Nancy! πŸ˜€

nrhatch - March 10, 2015

Glad it gave you a chuckle, Dianne!

25. Three Well Beings - March 14, 2015

This is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time! As outrageous as it is it could be true. LOL!

nrhatch - March 14, 2015

I agree. So glad you got a kick out of it, Debra.

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