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And The Oscar Goes To . . . Coral Reef! February 23, 2015

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Humor, Joke.

This video landed in my mailbox last week and made me laugh out loud.

If we are to believe Jackie Jordan . . . Coral Reef is a true Renaissance Color!

It’s vibrant, uplifting, buoyant, spirited, and joyful . . . with botanical notes . . . and a vintage spirit . . . “something we are truly craving today.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need someone else telling me what color to paint my living room.

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Hariod Brawn - February 23, 2015

Thank god you posted this video Nancy; I’ve been so afraid of painting my walls the wrong colour I haven’t been able to sleep of late.

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Haha! When we peruse ads the way archaeologists study shards of pottery, we see all sorts of intriguing efforts to herd us from one box to another.

“We are poised and ready in this mid-decade year to add some vibrancy and color to our surroundings to lift our spirits . . .”

“I’m so excited about this color . . . I think it has such potential.”

2. Pix Under the Oaks - February 23, 2015

I once strayed from Kilim Beige and painted the guest bath in our St. Louis house this kind of pink color. I called it the Pepto Bismol bathroom.. 😛

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

I’ve been in a Pepto Bismol bathroom!
Always an eye opener. 🙄

Silver in the Barn - February 24, 2015

WE had a Pepto-Dismal dining room once. UGH.

nrhatch - February 24, 2015

Let’s call it “Dusty Rose.” 😛

3. Jill Weatherholt - February 23, 2015

Hum…reminds me of mauve, which was all the rage in the late 80’s. I’m with Pix, it looked like Pepto Bismol. 🙂

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Mauve can be such a dusty old gal. :mrgreen:

What made me laugh at the video isn’t the color, per se, it’s the idea of imbuing of a color with “life saving capabilities” . . . the marketing message that, if we would just paint our homes with the “Color of the Year,” all will be well. Tres silly.

4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - February 23, 2015

I wasn’t aware that you could say that much about any color!! But apparently I need to run out and paint my house this color or my life is totally bland and without joy! LOL

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Now you’re talking! No one should live in bland quarters without the JOY of Coral Reef as a backdrop. :mrgreen:

5. William D'Andrea - February 23, 2015

Please check out: http://www.webook.com/project/The-World-is-Red which has nothing to do with vampires, or anything supernatural, and is very short.

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Loved the last line . . . we see the world behind our eyes, through the filter of our experiences.

Taking off our “tinted glasses” allows us to see the world anew.

6. NancyTex - February 23, 2015

I laugh at the announcement of the color of the year every year. Seriously?? 🙂

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Coral Reef celebrates its BIG WIN while Anguished Aqua mopes and mutters . . . “I coulda been a contenda!” 😛

7. suzicate - February 23, 2015

Ha, a selling technique….wait, I have to go buy a bucket now…

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Exactly! Never mind wasting time and advertising on subliminal messages . . . use DIRECT marketing:

Buy the color of the year ~ it’s all that’s missing from your life!

8. L. Marie - February 23, 2015

The video made me giggle, because I “truly crave” Skinny Pop popcorn, rather than coral reef paint.

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

I’m with you, Linda. Marketers can get me to crave favorite foods, not paint colors, sofas, cars, or faucets.

9. thecontentedcrafter - February 23, 2015

Just another reason why I don’t ‘do’ commercials! A bit of laugh Nancy, when not cringing! 🙂

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Our favorite commercials at the moment feature Screaming Goats ~> Sprint, Discover, and Geiko all had the “same idea.”

10. Tiny - February 23, 2015

I had a laugh too…and won’t paint my home coral despite the overly poetic description. I’m just wondering if the color of the year nomination assumes we’d repaint every year??!

nrhatch - February 23, 2015

Yes. Yes, it does ~> repaint, re-paper, re-upholster your sofa, replace linens, towels, and shower curtains, update your wardrobe, etc.

It’s the patriotic thing to do! 😛

11. Three Well Beings - February 24, 2015

That is a very bold color! I loved the suggested color pairings–violet? I think that combo would keep me awake at night. I think Tiny has a good point? A new color of the year EVERY year? I guess colors are like new cars. As soon as you paint, or drive off the lot, it’s lost value! LOL!

nrhatch - February 24, 2015

Yes. Just like new cars. “Oh, that’s SO last year!” At least that’s what “they” want us to think ~> it’s the central tenet of the “Spend More” marketing message that inundates TV, Radio, and Cyber Space.

Changing the channel gets easier for me with each passing year ~ they’re not the boss of me. 😎

That said, Coral Reef seems palatable for our palettes.

12. Silver in the Barn - February 24, 2015

I wonder what color I’ll be craving next year! Marketing and manipulation of the masses. Awesome.

nrhatch - February 24, 2015

It’s a dirty job . . . but someone’s got to do it! How else would mere mortals like us be able to CHOOSE?

Silver in the Barn - February 24, 2015

That’s true, how silly of me. COL!!! ps, thanks for the tips on layering. I tucked a thin vest in my suitcase before heading to sunny and warm (ha!) Florida. What a lifesaver. St. Augustine was beautiful in spots – thoroughly enjoyed although SO COLD.

nrhatch - February 24, 2015

Saturday and Sunday were glorious, but last Thursday was BITING COLD. Glad you had a few layers to don.

We haven’t been to St. Augustine. Yet. I’m looking forward to it.

13. livelytwist - February 24, 2015

The colour has amazing potential, I agree 🙂

nrhatch - February 24, 2015

Bwahaha! That line cracked me up.

People have potential.
Paint has pigment. 😎

14. Grannymar - February 24, 2015

Never mind paint imbued with a revolutionary spirit. I’ll have a bottle of wine, pretty please!

nrhatch - February 24, 2015

Paint is paint . . . but wine is divine! Cheers.

15. Behind the Story - February 24, 2015

You have to admit, these paint people are imaginative. I really enjoy the color names they come up with. I love colors. I can spend an inordinate amount of time looking through the colors displayed at a place like Home Depot. Coincidentally, coral reef looks like the same color I chose for my guest bathroom.

nrhatch - February 24, 2015

Yes! I love the names they come up with. We painted an accent wall in our living room with “Bayside” ~ the runner up was “Scottish Heather.”

“Coral Reef” looks terrific in many of the video shots, but I’m not convinced by the marketing propaganda which imbues it with special powers. “It’s a color, people!”

16. Val Boyko - February 26, 2015

My buoyant mindset and vintage spirit are truly craving this today. So much potential….
Thank you for the giggle Nancy.
You dropped off my reader this week (along with some other blogs … no idea what happened)
Glad I noticed before we got old and gray.

nrhatch - February 26, 2015

Haha! Well put, Val.

It’s odd when blogs go MIA from our Reader ~ I usually find out at the weekly recap, but by then some posts are “old and gray.”

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