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“Get The Quarterback!” January 31, 2015

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Joke.

Betty-BoopA guy took his girlfriend to the Super Bowl in Arizona.  They had great seats right behind the Seahawk’s bench.

After the game, he asked her how she liked it.

“Oh, I really liked it,” she replied, “especially all the big muscles, but I don’t understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it, and for the rest of the game they kept screaming, Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!  Helloooooo? It’s only 25 cents!”

Aah . . . that’s better!

E-mail from unknown author (sent by Joe M.)



1. Hariod Brawn - January 31, 2015

Keep ’em coming Nancy!

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Will do . . . as long as they keep landing in my In-Box. Joe and Kathy have kept me well supplied with Funny Punnies.

2. jisbell22 - January 31, 2015

Thanks for the laugh

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Laughter sets the right tone for the day. Enjoy!

3. Jill Weatherholt - January 31, 2015

Ha ha! I always love a little football humor, Nancy! 🙂

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Thanks, Jill. Go . . . TEAM!

4. Val Boyko - January 31, 2015

More please! Its frigid here!!

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

It’s a chilly morning here too, but it’s supposed to warm up.

Maybe if we do jumping jacks?

Val Boyko - January 31, 2015

Hope you went ahead without me Nancy … I was teaching yoga and then training all day. Feeling warm now 🙂

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

It warmed up here as well ~ got to 77 degrees! Perfect temps, especially for 1/31!

5. Silver in the Barn - January 31, 2015

She’s got a million of ’em, folks!!! COL!!!

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

They’re a great way to kick off Superbowl Sunday (& Saturday)!

6. Kate Crimmins - January 31, 2015

Groan! Time appropriate for sure!

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Perfect for FANS of punts and puns! :mrgreen:

7. Crowing Crone - January 31, 2015

yep, that’s pretty much what I think of football!

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

I don’t watch much football . . . but I enjoy the Super Bowl commercials and the half time show (sometimes).

8. Pix Under the Oaks - January 31, 2015

Oh my gosh.. duh just as I was typing I really got it! I am not fully awake yet 😕

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

I’m looking forward to Puppy Bowl!

Clean up on the 15 yard line!

Pix Under the Oaks - January 31, 2015

EWWWWW! You won’t catch any self-respecting cat pooping on the field at the Kitten Bowl!

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

I think kitties prefer Beach Volleyball . . . with all the SAND!

9. thecontentedcrafter - January 31, 2015

Even I got that one Nancy! 😀

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Excellent! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

10. Eric Tonningsen - January 31, 2015

Obviously a Patriots fan. 🙂

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

I’m a Pizza fan! :mrgreen:

Eric Tonningsen - January 31, 2015

I meant the dimwit, not you. 🙂 Pizza works! 🙂

nrhatch - January 31, 2015


But I confess I stashed her behind the Sea Hawk’s bench ~> no one on the East Coast would take such a dimwit to the Super Bowl.

11. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - January 31, 2015

I liked it and moved on… And then had to come back and comment cause three blogs later I am still giggling:)

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Yay! Glad it gave you a giggle.

I remember in HS being confused about the game ~ it seemed like Much Ado About Nothing! In college, I finally got the hang of the game by hanging out with football players over pizza and pitchers. 😎

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Come to think of it . . . we used to play Quarters with the Pitchers! :mrgreen:

nrhatch - January 31, 2015
12. Behind the Story - January 31, 2015

With all the excitement about the game here in the Seattle area, even I’m getting interested and starting to learn the names of the players. I bought groceries this morning, and all the clerks were wearing Seahawks hats and shirts. (Note to self: The day before the Superbowl is not a good time to buy groceries.)

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Stay out of the Chips and Dips aisle on the day before Superbowl Sunday or you might get tackled!

Hope the game is a crowd pleaser.

13. brickhousechick - January 31, 2015

Ha,ha! Even I’m not that bad. I’ll be watching tomorrow cheering for the Patriots and eating lot’s of wings. 🙂

nrhatch - January 31, 2015

Go Patriots!

14. Grannymar - February 1, 2015

That young lady knows as much as I do about these games.

nrhatch - February 1, 2015

When in doubt, ignore the shout . . . and check the scoreboard.

15. Anne Lene - February 1, 2015

Too funny 🙂

nrhatch - February 1, 2015

Here’s to winning your next “flip of the coin” or “roll of the dice.”

16. anotherday2paradise - February 1, 2015

So funny, Nancy! 😀

nrhatch - February 1, 2015

Glad it tickled your funny bone chakra, Sylvia. Hope you’re not having a Hard Day’s Night.

17. jannatwrites - February 1, 2015

Haha, that’s pretty much my impression of the game. Which is why I’m reading blogs while the boys in the house are shouting at the TV 🙂 I’m just thankful I’m not in Phoenix this weekend… the traffic was probably bunches of fun.

nrhatch - February 1, 2015

One of the best Super Bowls I’ve ever watched. Fabulous finish ~ for Patriots fans.

18. Valleygrail - February 1, 2015

That was so funny!

nrhatch - February 1, 2015

Glad you enjoyed, VG!

Hope you didn’t fall off the edge of your seat watching the SB! Great game to watch with all the back and forth . . . but not a happy finish for the Hawks.

Valleygrail - February 1, 2015

Thanks! It was unbelievable to see how it ended; however, that’s why we love the game.

nrhatch - February 2, 2015

One of the best Super Bowls I’ve seen. Glad I didn’t have $$’s riding on the game, I would have had my heart in my throat.

19. Tiny - February 2, 2015

Still laughing! My kind of assessment of the Game…

nrhatch - February 2, 2015

I heard tickets were going for $5300 . . . “Helloooooo? It’s just a game!”

Tiny - February 2, 2015


20. Three Well Beings - February 4, 2015

You know, that’s about all I know about football, too! I was happy to be in the air on Sunday and away from all the hoopla. The other members of my “flight crew” did not agree with me. 🙂

nrhatch - February 4, 2015

I don’t watch much football but I have seen the Super Bowl a number of times ~ this year’s game was the best. Not decided until the last moments of the 4th quarter. Plus, we had pizza!

Glad you made it back stateside. I look forward to hearing about your trip.

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