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Heirlooms & Keepsakes ~ Mom & Dad December 28, 2014

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My parents loved to give homemade and hand-crafted gifts.  I own a number of treasured heirlooms and keepsakes from dad’s workbench and mom’s sewing room.

2014-09-25 09-37-33_0006

My dad made this Williamsburg reproduction tilt-top table which lived in their living room until he passed away.

2014-11-30 12-16-30_0059

He also made this bedside table for us.

2014-12-01 14-07-03_0006

He refinished this antique candle box from Vermont.

2014-11-30 18-21-45_0041

At my request, mom and dad restored this rocking chair that had belonged to Great Aunt Edie.  Dad wielded the paint brush.  Mom re-cushioned it.

2014-11-30 12-05-05_0030

My Great Aunt Lucy started this quilt before her death in 1962; mom finished it in 1986.

2014-12-01 14-01-48_0001

Dad built this quilt rack to display the antique quilt that covered a spare bed in his childhood bedroom.

2014-11-30 12-08-44_0038

They adopted this tin coffee pot from Vermont after uncovering it in my grandfather’s attic.

2014-11-30 12-09-55_0041

Dad used this box as a boy.  Now it houses my recipes, under lock and key.

2014-11-30 12-15-22_0057

I use dad’s boyhood tool chest to store old letters and keepsakes.

2014-11-30 12-05-38_0031

Mom made me a tea cozy to keep my tea cozy.

2014-12-01 14-16-42_0022

Dad refinished this antique harvest table from his dad’s attic.

2014-11-30 12-06-08_0001

Checkers anyone?

Summer 019

Dad made this Christmas Tree shelf unit for me one Christmas.

2014-11-30 13-51-27_0015

So that I would have a place to display some of my smaller Santas.


He also made me this Christmas tree out of dowels.

2014-11-30 12-11-40_0047

A close up.


When I asked dad to make me this reindeer, he wasn’t sure he had the right tools to carve.  As you can see . . . he had the right stuff.

2014-11-30 18-04-20_0019

Dad made this Amish reproduction saltbox for me one Christmas.


The saltbox is perfect for holding our Christmas CD’s . . . Fa La La La La La La La La!

2014-11-30 12-14-06_0053

Another year, he made this rack to display towels embroidered by mom.


Another joint effort ~ mom embroidered this duck and dad made the frame.

2014-11-30 13-49-05_0009

2014-11-30 13-49-24_0010

Dad made this holder for jelly, jam, or marmalade for me after I admired the one he made for mom.  The jars came filled with cocktail onions for his daily martini.

2014-12-01 14-12-13_0018

This was mom’s childhood desk.  Dad resurrected it for our use when we were younger.

2014-11-30 12-13-35_0051

An inside peek.

2014-11-30 12-13-50_0052

Mom made this Santa.  Great Aunt Edie made Lulu.

2014-11-30 13-46-52_0004

Lulu lived with mom and dad until dad passed away.  I adopted her.

2014-11-30 13-47-34_0005

Aah . . . that’s better!

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