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It’s A Guy Thing December 20, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor, Joke.
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Brian-Oh-NoWhat is it with guys shoving food down their pants and into their pockets, like squirrels storing up stores for the winter?

* Raymond cramming his pockets full of roast beef at the PTA Pot Luck on Everybody Loves Raymond.

* Stephen C. McQueen lining the pockets of his overcoat with canapes stolen from a birthday buffet in The Understudy.

* Pinto in Animal House sticking packages of meat down his pants and inside his sweater for a Frat Party. TOGA!  TOGA!

At the Cheese Tasting we attended this week, a retired sheriff’s deputy spotted an un-gentlemanly gentleman pilfering cheese, by stuffing containers down the front of his pants for later consumption.

Apparently he’s not alone!

According to the Fun Facts shared at the tasting, cheese is the #1 shoplifted item in both Europe and the US because it’s small, compact, and pricey.  And doesn’t melt like ice cream.


So, if you happen upon a cheese tray at a Holiday Party this year, you might query the hostess about its origins.

If she says, “Raymond picked it up for me,” consider opting for the fruitcake.

Aah . . . that’s better!