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A Real Straight Shooter November 23, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Nature, People.

Lumpus-MooseMy grandfather was a straight shooter (unless his sights needed adjusting).  And he always learned from past mistakes (unless he didn’t).

* 11/24/57 ~ “Deer Hunting is over ~ so this is a report on the season:

On Nov. 17, I discovered the rear sight was loose ~ I should have felt of it before but I just thought I was off on my shooting ~ it could have thrown the bullet off several feet.  This explained why the first two buck did not run.  It wasn’t even close enough to scare them.  I went to Spencer’s and got the sights adjusted. Since then I have seen several deer but no buck. Now the season is over.  I might say in passing, I hope someone kicks me if I ever start out hunting again without trying out the gun.  I have said this before.

It was nice being in the great open places and looking at what was over the next ridge. I enjoyed it. I didn’t cough at all, all the season. Couldn’t. It might scare the game.  I got 7 parcels mailed out to service men overseas. Well I must stop. Sorry to have been so slow in writing.  Deer business!

During hunting season, deer became priority #1:

* 10/24/57 ~ “In case you are tied up next week end, we might be able to try it the next after that altho deer hunting starts Nov. 9, on Saturday.  Probably I would hate to leave that.”

* 11/6/58 ~ “I just tried out my rifle and found it shoots all right this year.  The sights are tight.  I plan to go on my hill Saturday early.  I will defer coming down [to see you] till after I get a deer!” 

* 11/28/59 ~  “Leon and I went up on my hill.  There was snow and we were able to chase 5 deer around.  I saw them twice but was unable to see horns.  In all I have seen 21 deer this season but nothing to shoot at.”


Of course, as soon as deer season ended:

* 12/15/59 ~ “Last week Friday as I came home, I hit a deer.  I have seen the insurance company in Montpelier and have their OK on getting it fixed.  It will cost $348.  I believe I have to pay $50 of it.

However, I won’t kick too bad. It gives me a new radiator, grill, hood, right fender, horn, etc. ”

Years later, he continued to chase deer around, sense of humor intact:

* 11/24/66 ~ “About Deer! It’s still running. The nearest I have come was Tuesday. I went up to the site of the Densmore School and saw something that looked like a deer. It was quite a distance away. I convinced myself it was a sumac stub. Just then a white tail flopped up and disappeared. Oh Dear!

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Pix Under the Oaks - November 23, 2014

Love it Nancy! Deer season(main portion firearms) will end here on Tuesday. We will be kind of glad, we will be able to go outside without being concerned about where the shots are coming from and where they are heading.. 🙂

nrhatch - November 23, 2014

Thanks, Pix! Glad that you will soon have freedom to roam the Tiny Ten again without worrying about stray bullets.

2. Silver in the Barn - November 23, 2014

Grandfather would have loved it here, Nancy. I have a small herd which comes every evening and grazes the acorns under the big oaks….driving Max to distraction. And how I enjoy reading his words always with that dry sense of humor.

nrhatch - November 23, 2014

Thanks, Barbara. I enjoy seeing deer grazing in fields.

My parents had herds of deer visit their home in NJ . . . often helping themselves to “offerings” in the vegetable garden. The 3 ft. high fence was no deterrent.

3. granny1947 - November 23, 2014

I am glad he didn’t seem to ever shoot one!
Love his sense of humour.

nrhatch - November 23, 2014

He did shoot a few over the years, but I found his comments when missing them more fun to share. :mrgreen:

4. ericjbaker - November 23, 2014

Cripes. All the deer seem to have moved to NJ, perhaps knowing there’s just enough woodland to hold them but the houses are too close together for people to shoot them. I typically see between 5 and 45 on the way home form work this time of year. 47 if you count the two new dead ones on the side of the road each time.

Dear deer,

Those big metal creatures with glowing eyes you see all the time are called “cars.” Despite what you seem to think, you cannot pass through them. They are very much made of solid matter and will kill you when they hit you. Wait until they are gone before crossing the road,

Hugs and kisses,


nrhatch - November 23, 2014

That’s a great letter, Eric.

While house hunting in the “mountains” of PA, we noticed lots of dead deer (and other road kill) on the side of the road. I decided I would not enjoy seeing that on a daily basis. So we moved to MD.

You might enjoy this post:


5. Jill Weatherholt - November 23, 2014

I love reading these entries, Nancy. My dad was a big deer hunter back in the day. Many times he came home empty handed and I was always happy. 🙂 While driving, I’ve had a few deer close encounters lately myself…very uncool.

nrhatch - November 23, 2014

Like your dad, my grandfather liked having an excuse to wander around outside enjoying the crisp fall temps (except when it was raining). He seemed just as happy with a hit or a miss.

6. Grannymar - November 23, 2014

I live in sheep country (poor land) and cattle. Road kill consists of rabbits, foxes and the odd badger. If we see sheep on the road, by law we must stop. Alas the guns are used to kill people!

nrhatch - November 23, 2014

Glad you are required to stop for sheep. Most people stop for deer (and moose) if they can . . . hitting one is dangerous.

7. jannatwrites - November 23, 2014

It seemed the deer made a sport of hunting as much as the hunters did! Glad he kept his sense of humor!

nrhatch - November 23, 2014

I got the sense from his letters that the deer (a) knew it was deer season and (b) recognized hunters by their colorful caps (and muttered oaths).

8. Behind the Story - November 23, 2014

This is something new. We always hear the story of how the hunter shot the deer, not how he chased them around. I suppose there’s a lot of chasing around we don’t hear about.

nrhatch - November 24, 2014

I expect so, Nicki. That’s why hunting season lasts for weeks, not hours. Cagey deer. :mrgreen:

9. Tiny - November 23, 2014

Oh how far money went those days! Just saying. The deers had some fun on him, but I think he took it in good stride 🙂

nrhatch - November 24, 2014

Boy are you right about that, Tiny. Some of the prices quoted in his letters seem downright “quaint” in comparison with today.

10. anotherday2paradise - November 24, 2014

This is so funny, especially the bit about “of course as soon as the deer season ended…..I hit a deer. ” What a droll sense of humor your grandfather had. 🙂 His and Leon’s attempts at deer hunting sound like a bit of a dead loss, but I’m sure they had fun. 😀

nrhatch - November 25, 2014

They bagged deer more often it appears here ~ his comments about mishaps and missteps amused me more than the weight and points of deer he &/or Uncle Leon shot. Glad you enjoyed.

11. Three Well Beings - November 30, 2014

Such a great sense of humor! He had so many interests, didn’t he? He approached hunting with the same sense of purpose he employed with everything he did. I think that is such a terrific quality in a person. I conclude each letter with such admiration for your grandfather, Nancy. Quite a man!

nrhatch - November 30, 2014

This concludes the series (for now) ~ I’ve enjoyed sharing his thoughts here. Nostalgia and memories do tend to tug on our sleeves from time to time . . . urging us to step out of the present and “live in the past.” For a bit.

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