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A Halloween Parade & Fall Festival November 7, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor.

Tired of waiting for Trick or Treaters to ring our bell, we went out looking for them.

2014-10-31 15-31-40_0009

And found them in droves.

2014-10-31 15-41-03_0012

At the Trail of Treats sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

2014-10-31 15-31-08_0008

This mom seemed a bit protective of her dragon.

2014-10-31 15-30-08_0007

In addition to a Costume Contest, the kids had a chance to march in a Halloween Parade.

2014-11-01 15-33-26_0024

It looked like so much fun that most of the parents joined in. ย Costumes optional.

2014-11-01 15-51-42_0026

At the end of the Parade route, we popped in to the Harvest Festival at Anna Maria Elementary School.

2014-11-01 17-15-07_0039

2014-11-01 17-15-24_0040

In the lobby, we found a Bake Sale.

2014-11-01 16-05-33_0035

With table after table of baked goodies.

2014-11-01 16-03-59_0027

Amazed by the quantity and quality, we bought a package of Baklava . . . to assist the school’s fund-raising efforts.

2014-11-01 16-05-48_0036

In addition to baklava, there were cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, popcorn balls, witch’s fingers, cake pops, etc.

2014-11-01 16-05-06_0033

We have never seen so much sugar in one place at one time before.

2014-11-01 16-04-08_0028

The tables ran down both sides of the hallway.

2014-11-01 16-04-13_0029

Guarded by witches, scarecrows, ghosts, spiders, pirates, and hobgoblins.

2014-11-01 16-05-20_0034

The baked goods kept going and going and going.

2014-11-01 16-06-27_0037

Now we know why we haven’t had a single Trick or Treater ring our doorbell in the five years we’ve lived here . . .

2014-11-01 16-04-35_0031

They were all in a self-induced sugar coma at the school!

Aah . . . that’s sweet!



1. Val Boyko - November 7, 2014

Some cuties there!
Looks like a fun time for kids and adults ๐Ÿ™‚

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

It was great fun until the Sugar Crash the next day when everyone turned into zombies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Val Boyko - November 7, 2014

LOL!! I can imagine ….

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

I’m guessing parents had some real Cranky Pants to deal with as the Sugar Highs abated.

2. Jill Weatherholt - November 7, 2014

What fun! Those are great costumes. I love the Jelly Belly and her expression, priceless. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

I got such a kick out of Ms. Jelly Belly. And Little Orphan Annie who kept reaching up to tug on her wig because it was Hot and Itchy and . . . Get It Off!

Yolanda M. - November 7, 2014

Isn’t she the cutest in her Jelly Belly !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

She won most original costume in her age group.

3. Silver in the Barn - November 7, 2014

No kidding, right? Why hit the streets? I would have chosen the baklava too. And that first little girl’s smile is just wonderful.

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

She was on Cloud Nine as she readied for the judging . . . and, yes, she did win an award for her age group.

I pounced when I saw Baklava ~ it’s a yummy something I would never make with all those butter laden layers of phyllo.

4. suzicate - November 7, 2014

The kids are so cute. We usually have about a hundred trick or treaters. This year we were out of town and missed them, boo!

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

When we lived in NC and in NJ, we had 100s of trick or treaters. In MD, we had a sprinkling every year ~ mostly kids we knew from our street. Here, over 6 Halloweens, we’ve had zip, zero, nada, none.

And now I’m OK with that since I know where to find them.

5. reocochran - November 7, 2014

This was such a fun collection of photos and definitely adorable children! This is the type of Halloween or “Harvest” theme activities I enjoy! The treats look scrumptious, too.

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

The Fall Festival is a FUN fundraiser for the school, well supported by parents who bake and decorate.

The kids enjoyed the games and rock climbing wall outside and parents enjoyed a night off from cooking ~ with hamburgers, hotdogs, and clam chowder available in the cafeteria.

6. katecrimmins - November 7, 2014

That is a better idea than hitting the streets in the dark! Of course you only bought the baklava to support the kids. You are such a good person.

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

Thank you for noticing. ๐Ÿ˜›

If the Bake Sale hadn’t landed on the heels of BFF’s birthday sweets and treats, we might have bought more . . . to support the kids. But we exercised restraint. And decorum.

katecrimmins - November 7, 2014

Just to support the kids of course.

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

Exactly! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

7. ericjbaker - November 7, 2014

Ms. Jelly Belly looks like she is having a grand time.

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

She seemed positively buoyant . . . like all those balloons! :mrgreen:

8. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - November 7, 2014

What a great community event! I love that! I lived my early years in a small town and remember getting dressed up on costume and participating in a parade – so much fun!

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

I’ve been thinking I SHOULD volunteer at the Island School so I COULD get a Kid Fix every week.

But then I think about what it WOULD do to my schedule. :mrgreen:

9. valleygrail - November 7, 2014

What a fun and safe way to celebrate! Where is your costume?

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

No costume, VG. My “go to” costume for years and years was WITCH (in honor of Susannah North Martin). A niece fell in love with my witch’s hat, so I gave it to her ~> her dog ATE a hole through its peek!

Last year I went as a “recovering attorney” with an Earth Justice bag that said, “What the world needs is a Good Lawyer.”

10. anotherday2paradise - November 7, 2014

This looks like such a great festival and parade. Much more fun than going around knocking at people’s doors. Was the Baklava delicious? It’s ages since I tasted any. You got some great shots, Nancy. The costumes are really good. ๐Ÿ™‚

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

The baklava is very good, but sweet. I froze 1/2 of it so that we wouldn’t O.D. on honey.

I didn’t have a chance to snap photos of all the fun and funny costumes. Maybe next year.

11. thecontentedcrafter - November 7, 2014

That looks like a fun way to do it for the littlies – and not so littlies too. I’m thinking if I had seen baklava I wouldn’t have been able to say no either! Great photos!

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

The Baklava sold out in about 15 minutes. Maybe some make it a Holiday Tradition.

The costume contest covered different ages (0-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13) ~ not many middle schoolers competed. Probably only those with younger siblings.

12. Grannymar - November 7, 2014

I love Ms Jelly Belly and the little guy in the wheelchair. We miss out on all the trick or treating. There is only one family younger than me in my part of the cul de sac. We had very few fire crackers/ fireworks, any I heard were quite far away.

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

I thought the pirate ship wheelchair was great ~ so did the judges. The “captain” got a prize for most original in his age group.

Our neighborhood has very few children ~ just kids visiting friends and relatives or renting a villa for short stay vacations.

13. Yolanda M. - November 7, 2014

So cute Nancy! now I’m craving cake and candy ๐Ÿ˜‰

nrhatch - November 7, 2014

The sugar we ate for BFF’s birthday is still circulating in my veins. I’m craving salty crunchy treats!

14. jannatwrites - November 8, 2014

That looks like fun! I especially like the jelly bean costume. I got a little woozy looking at all that sugar (I might feel like that again later this month when we deliver the 27 containers of cookie dough my younger son sold for his school fundraiser!)

nrhatch - November 8, 2014

For me, a little sugar goes a long way. Pass the salty crunchy chips, please!

In MD, one of the school fundraisers was pizza ~ each box contained the fixings for 3 pies (crust, cheese, sauce, seasonings). We’d order two boxes ~ one with alfredo sauce and the other with tomato sauce. Cheese beats Girl Scout Cookies by a mile in my book. ๐Ÿ˜›

Have fun making those deliveries, Janna.

15. Don - November 8, 2014

With that amount of goodies I don’t think those kids will sleep for a week. ๐Ÿ™‚

nrhatch - November 8, 2014

You’ve got a point. They might still be bouncing off the walls like ping pong balls!

16. NancyTex - November 8, 2014

Love Annie and Dorothy so much!

nrhatch - November 8, 2014

Aren’t they fabulous! Annie was my FAVE . . . except for a wee 9-month-old dressed as a pumpkin who I didn’t capture on film.

17. Behind the Story - November 8, 2014

I love the Annie wig and Dorothy’s red shoes. I had to hurry past the pictures of sweets. I’m trying so hard to stay away from sugar. It’s not easy.

nrhatch - November 8, 2014

Glad you enjoyed Annie and her big sister’s red shoes. Good luck staying away from sugar ~ it’s not very good for us.

18. Three Well Beings - November 10, 2014

Adorable! That was realy smart of you to just go out an find the parade! I think the schools are so smart for giving the children such a fun and safe opportunity to share their costumes! And those goodies look delicious! That Jelly Belly costume is so creative…but I also add my vote for Annie. Adorable.

nrhatch - November 10, 2014

Annie stole my heart! The kids had a great time ~ after the costume contest, the stores invited the kids to trick or treat on the Trail of Treats. Fun and Safe.

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