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Copper Creations October 8, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Spirit & Ego, Sustainable Living.

On Sunday, we went to the 20th Annual Sarasota Arts & Crafts Festival where we met Bruce Trewyn who repurposes things on purpose.

2014-10-05 14-19-46_0032

Like this fantastic fish.

2014-10-05 14-19-17_0031

And this pair of manatee.

2014-10-05 14-19-55_0033

To learn more about Bruce’s Creations: ย Copper Creations Repurposed.

When you get to his site, click on the “Before & After” link to see an adorable dog made from a repurposed lamp.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Grannymar - October 8, 2014

Some lovely pieces there, Nancy. My favourite from his gallery is the snail. Sweet!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

That snail is adorable and so unique. I giggled at the moose, the frog, and the spiral dachshund dog.

Grannymar - October 8, 2014

I like the the spiral dachshund too.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Love his eye for detail.

2. Val Boyko - October 8, 2014

Love these pieces Nancy! I’ll check out his website ๐Ÿ™‚

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Bruce has only been working on his creations for 2 years ~ I love the variety and character of his pieces.

3. Jill Weatherholt - October 8, 2014

These are great, Nancy! I love the snail too. Thanks for sharing Bruce’s work!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

The Sailfish we saw was great too ~ as an added bonus, it retired a number of copper gelatin molds.

My mother used to make some nasty aspics in her molds. ๐Ÿ˜›

4. Crowing Crone - October 8, 2014

Love seeing people’s creativity at work. That dog is just delightful.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

I sometimes come across interesting objects and think, “How could I transform this into something else?”

Bruce takes that thought one step further.

5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - October 8, 2014

How neat! I love to see how creative others are, and Bruce ranks really high up there!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

We didn’t adopt any of his creative creatures, but we found them exquisite and filled with re-purposed purpose.

6. Pix Under the Oaks - October 8, 2014

Owlvis is darling!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Yes! What Bright Red Eyes he has!

Silver in the Barn - October 8, 2014

He is my favorite!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Owlvis is a cool cross between a nocturnal bird and the King.

7. NancyTex - October 8, 2014

I wish I was this creative!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

He’s only been at it for 2 years . . . but what a gallery of creations he’s created in that short time.

NancyTex - October 8, 2014


8. valleygrail - October 8, 2014

Nice creations!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

We’re looking forward to seeing his creative critters again in November at an Art Show on Anna Maria Island.

9. suzicate - October 8, 2014

Love! Saw some copper mermaid wall art on the island this weekend and fell in love with them.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

It’s great when creatives create with creativity. Hope you enjoyed your time on Ocracoke.

10. ericjbaker - October 8, 2014

He could design creatures for the world’s first steampunk kid’s movie.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

I’ll suggest that to him when we see him in November. ๐Ÿ˜›

ericjbaker - October 8, 2014

Hollywood needs some fresh ideas.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

You can say that again! Last night, we watched MAKERS: Women in Hollywood ~> Hollywood’s track record is abysmal when it comes to embracing diversity.

11. Yolanda M. - October 8, 2014

fantastic fishes! my favourite being the hogfish – very creative!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

He’s got quite an eye for re-purposing objects and creating object d’art.

12. Tokeloshe - October 8, 2014

He is very creative. I like the Moose. I suppose it was difficult to resist touching he’s work.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

I did resist. And I also asked for permission to snap these 3 photos to share here. He appreciated my restraint.

13. Silver in the Barn - October 8, 2014

Nancy, these are awesomeness defined!! I just love people who can see things in the ordinary and create such fun things. I love the owl and the moose (have I mentioned my inner Moose to you before?) is quite compelling too. Thanks!!!!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Yes! We share a “Cool as a Moose” love affair with Bar Harbor!

Silver in the Barn - October 8, 2014

That’s right!

14. Barb - October 8, 2014

I love these Nancy – Bruce is a very talented man, and his sense of humor comes through in his art!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

That’s what I love about it ~ that sense of whimsy and fun.

15. Three Well Beings - October 9, 2014

I do love these creations! Who wouldn’t be charmed by a copper manatee! Charming! I thought I’d tell you that I’m watching “Women in Comedy” right now. I found the series you recommended and think I’ll be able to access all the episodes. It’s excellent! So many “rules” for women in comedy that I have never considered. I’m so glad you posted your review and recommendation!

nrhatch - October 9, 2014

The manatees caught my eye and captured my heart. I’m glad Bruce let me share his work here.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Debra. We watched Women in Hollywood on Tuesday. Another eye opener about struggles women have faced even after raking $$$’s in at the Box Office.

16. jannatwrites - October 10, 2014

My mother-in-law would enjoy his art – she’s into anything ‘fish’! The manatee are cute – made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

nrhatch - October 10, 2014

The other animals on his website are darling ~ the frog, the mouse, the dachshund doggies.

I didn’t see a javelina or a chupacabra. :mrgreen:

17. diannegray - October 10, 2014

I love people who do this kind of work. What a creative being he is. I checked out the ‘before and after’ dog – excellent! ๐Ÿ˜€

nrhatch - October 10, 2014

Isn’t that dog special?

I e-mailed the link to this post to Bruce today so he can enjoy all the positive feedback generated by his creative creations.

18. reocochran - October 11, 2014

I like when people can use their imagination and create such intriguing and fascinating art pieces out of found objects! Wow!

nrhatch - October 11, 2014

I feel just the same. Glad you enjoyed seeing Bruce’s Copper Critters.

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