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It’s Done & Dusted! October 7, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Humor.

Despite what I said yesterday, some projects benefit from completion.

2014-09-29 15-42-19_0005

If we had stalled mid-way through the painting project, our kitchen would still be strewn all over the living room.

Bananas, dish drainer, knives, and tea kettle by the back door.

2014-09-29 15-42-29_0006

Coffee maker and spatulas in the midst of “Control Central.”

2014-09-29 15-44-56_0012

Slow cooker, onions, Ninja, and recipe box in the spare bedroom.

2014-09-29 15-44-15_0010

Although placement of the toaster next to the recliner might have come in handy for late night snacks, I wanted to return kitchen items to the kitchen.

2014-09-29 15-45-08_0013

Including Tigger’s food and watering station.

2014-09-29 15-46-11_0016

But before we could roll up the last drop cloth, we needed to move the hutch and other furniture away from the BIG wall.

2014-10-02 08-31-23_0020

Away from the wide arc of potential paint splatters.

2014-10-02 08-31-45_0022

That meant emptying out the dining room hutch.

2014-10-01 20-59-35_0019

And providing temporary housing to its populace on the dining room table.

2014-09-30 15-32-56_0018

While keeping my fingers crossed that BFF would NOT upend the table with an errant ladder.

2014-09-30 15-32-45_0017

What?  He hit the chandelier with the ladder.


Tigger heard him too.

2014-09-29 15-44-30_0011

And an errant ladder leg took a hunk out of the bookcase BFF made me a few years ago.  But it’s fixed now . . .  so we’ll say no more about it.

At last it was time to tackle the last wall.  The BIG wall.

2014-10-02 08-31-34_0021

To give you a sense of the scale, here’s the other side of the room after he finished the accent wall.

2014-09-29 15-43-36_0008

These bookcases are 6 1/2 feet high.  The ceiling is . . . higher.  Much higher.

2014-10-03 09-15-42_0030

That’s why BFF had to swing ladders around.  So I crossed my fingers and held my breath.

And voila!

2014-10-03 09-13-17_0024


2014-10-03 09-13-06_0023

Except for a few loose ends.  Like hanging photos.

2014-10-03 09-13-27_0025

Hope you’ve enjoyed this squirrel’s eye view.

2014-10-03 09-13-49_0026

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. Val Boyko - October 7, 2014

Beautiful! Good job 🙂
I love starting projects but it does feel even better to get them finished!
Val x

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

It feels great to have this project behind us, but BFF is now thinking he should paint the inside of the closets, and the pantry, and the . . .

Yup! The old snowball effect in action!

2. laurakelly2 - October 7, 2014


nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks! BFF did a fantastic job and kept the disruption and chaos to a bare minimum. It’s nice to have thinks re-situated in situ.

3. Rainee - October 7, 2014

What a lovely home you have! Even more lovely after its makeover 🙂

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, Rainee. It’s small and cozy, perfect for the 2 of us and Tigger.

4. Silver in the Barn - October 7, 2014

The toaster should stay next to the recliner. Other than that I approve!!

Pix Under the Oaks - October 7, 2014

Ha! Love it!!!

Silver in the Barn - October 7, 2014

Just think of the convenience!

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

We could start a new trend!

Silver in the Barn - October 7, 2014

Absolutely. I’m already considering the possibilities….

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Perfect for couch potatoes and Laz-E-Boys. :mrgreen:

5. Pix Under the Oaks - October 7, 2014

Looks good Nancy! I remember sitting at that table and enjoying good food and good company! Such a nice day!!!

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, Pix. We had a fun time chatting around that table ~ great visit and visitors!

6. Jill Weatherholt - October 7, 2014

It looks great, Nancy! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when your house is put back together? Enjoy!

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

It’s great to have our ZEN back. _/!\_

7. Crowing Crone - October 7, 2014

It looks lovely. Something very nice about fresh painted walls. Just gives you a feeling of uplift, doesn’t it?

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Most of the walls were in OK shape, but the BIG wall needed paint in a bad way. And we’re enjoying the new accent wall.

Tigger remains unimpressed.

Crowing Crone - October 7, 2014

Tigger is happy all is back in place. Enough of this disruption he says.

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

He is glad to have things back in place. The disruption was driving him a bit crazy. Every time he got up from a nap, things had shifted around. Quite discombobulating for him.

8. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - October 7, 2014

Yay! Well done Nancy!! I bet it feels good to have it finished and being able to sit back and enjoy (for the most part!) and I’m really glad the ladder didn’t create bigger issues 🙂 I’m not allowed to move ladders… for very specific reasons!

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, Kate. I understand. Wayward ladders can undo the good in the flick of a wrist ~ especially when the paint tray is 16 feet in the air and full of wet paint and brushes/rollers.

9. valleygrail - October 7, 2014

Your home is lovely! Thank you for the tour.

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, VG! It’s nice to have this project behind us . . . and our calm peaceful interior restored to order.

10. katecrimmins - October 7, 2014

Wahoo! It looks wonderful! I love the end of projects. It’s all pretty and somehow I don’t mind putting things back where they belong. I will need to redo my kitchen walls in the near future. I have wallpaper and it’s 10 years old. It’s not kitchy but it still gets dingy. Removing wallpaper to either re-wallpaper or paint is a BIG job. Maybe I’ll move….

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, Kate. We thought about moving too! 😛

Wallpaper is another issue entirely. It’s fine when it comes down in big sheets. It’s awful when you have to peel off postage stamp size bits and pieces. Good luck tackling your wall project.

11. NancyTex - October 7, 2014

Feels so good to be done, doesn’t it?

Looks awesome!

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, NT! Other than the accent wall, most visitors won’t notice much of a difference, but we know that the walls are brighter PLUS we “retired” about 7 frames paintings, a mug rack, 12 mugs, etc. So we’re cleaner AND greener.

Hope your home is on target for a speedy sell at a price you adore.

NancyTex - October 7, 2014

It went official Friday and the interest has been strong. That said, no one has written me a cheque yet so…we’ll see. The video did turn out beautifully, and all the hard work seems to have paid off.

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Yay! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and Mr. Enthusiasm.

12. thecontentedcrafter - October 7, 2014

I’m impressed! Started and finished without having a major accident or upset. Isn’t it lovely when order is returned after chaos – it makes us so appreciate what we have 🙂

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Yes! That’s true ~ when I clean out a drawer or closet, toss a few things in the donate pile, and restore order . . . it makes me grateful for what I have (and what I’ve given away).

13. Anne Lene - October 7, 2014

Looks really good, you guys did a great job 🙂 I’m impressed.

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, Anne. Now, be honest . . . didn’t you want to start clearing that clutter off the dining room table? :mrgreen:

Anne Lene - October 7, 2014

Well… ehhhh… yes… 🙂 but I have to admit, that’s pretty much how it would look at my place too, actually, I believe I’ve had a table/floor/house look way more cluttered during renovation 😉

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

I had hoped that going through the hutch would result in items landing in the Goodwill box for donation, but (for now) I’ve opted to hang on to all the pottery and china.

I did toss a book in the Goodwill box today.

14. Barb - October 7, 2014

It looks great Nancy! Now you can heave a sigh of relief – unless BFF decides to continue………

nrhatch - October 7, 2014

Thanks, Barb. The worst is behind us whatever he decides ~ although he could still create a fair amount of nail biting. 😛

15. Behind the Story - October 8, 2014

Hurray! The finished project looks great. I like the color of the accent wall.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Thanks, Nicki. I love the color and the name ~ Bayside by Sherwin Williams. It’s very soothing ~a color that whispers PEACE.

Behind the Story - October 8, 2014

I wonder how many people it takes to come up with all those evocative paint names. I should keep a list–better than using a thesaurus.

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Yes! You could create a colorful cast of character using paint chips as your thesaurus!

16. jannatwrites - October 8, 2014

Awesome! Glad you’re all done with that project. We had a ‘big’ wall when we painted our last house. Standing on the last step of a 10 foot ladder, I had to stretch to edge the ceiling. Yikes!

nrhatch - October 8, 2014

Go you! I’m not good on ladders. I’m not afraid of heights, but ladders are a bit weebly wobbly for my tastes.

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