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Parting The Clouds September 28, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

At first, grief is a blanket . . . a solid bank of clouds blocking the sun.


In time, the clouds part to reveal slivers of happiness interspersed with rain.


As blue skies expand, our grief becomes the occasional passing cloud.


With practice, we are able to choose whether to focus on the clouds or the sky.

2014-03-15 13-47-37_0002

Aah . . . that’s better!

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a moment by moment basis.



1. Silver in the Barn - September 28, 2014

Yup! That’s exactly right, Nancy. Love the gorgeous photos of clouds to illustrate your point. If I show this to pilot husband, he will insist on identifying the various cloud formations for me, by the way!!

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

Clouds are such a great life metaphor ~> for thoughts, for grief, for ebb and flow.

I know “cumulus” and “altocumulus.” Other than that, I’m not on a first name basis with clouds ~ they just come and go. As a pilot, I’m glad your husband is a bit more conversant with their characteristics.

2. NancyTex - September 28, 2014

I suspect you’re right: every moment we have the ability to choose happiness. It is a moment by moment thing.

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

Grief may hang around like a perpetual rain cloud if we feel guilty about being alive and happy after a loved one has died.

Would our dearly departed want us to sacrifice our happiness?

3. Jill Weatherholt - September 28, 2014

I love this, Nancy! And your photos are beautiful!

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

Thanks, Jill. I love shooting clouds ~ they’re far more interesting than clear blue skies, right? Much like life.

Jill Weatherholt - September 28, 2014

I agree!

4. suzicate - September 28, 2014

This is a great analogy, Nancy.

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

The post you did about your dad this week, and Cindy’s post about her brother, caused me to reflect on good-byes. The stories we tell ourselves impact how we heal from loss. But it is still hard and sad.

5. colonialist - September 28, 2014

Exactly right.
Also, even in the clouds, we learn to identify a beauty and grandeur.

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

That’s a great point, Col. Saying good-bye is hard/ sad, but the finite nature of life here adds meaning to the march.

6. Grannymar - September 28, 2014

Great example, Nancy. The clouds tell many stories, always changing with every hour of the day.

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

It’s great to watch them dance, morph, and flow across the sky ~ almost as relaxing as following the breath.

7. diannegray - September 28, 2014

I remember when my father passed and the sky was so blue without one cloud, yet I felt as if it were a very cloudy day. Our perspective is amazing sometimes xxxx

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

I know exactly the feeling you mean ~ an overlay of the within, without.

8. Crowing Crone - September 28, 2014

so beautifully expressed.

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

Thanks, Joss. Seeing grief as a blanket of clouds helps remind me that the sun is shining back there somewhere.

9. valleygrail - September 28, 2014

Lovely. Thank you for this.

nrhatch - September 28, 2014

Thanks, VG. Hope your day has been filled with lots of blue sky.

10. Patricia - September 28, 2014

Wonderful pictures. I love watching the clouds. I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of the sky until I moved to my condo above the tree tops.

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

It’s great to live with “big sky” around us ~ expansive vistas and horizons.

11. Behind the Story - September 29, 2014

Lovely! And so true.

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

Thanks, Nicki. Most of us don’t live amid constant clouds or in a state of perpetual sunshine. We flow between the two.

12. beeblu - September 29, 2014

Grief is a very strange thing – some experience early and others in a delayed time warp. Nice photos.

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

Grief, like most of life, tends toward the personal ~ we see the world behind our eyes.

13. Pix Under the Oaks - September 29, 2014

Choosing on a moment to moment basis.. yes 🙂

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

The more adept we get at maneuvering through the minefields in our minds, the better.

14. livelytwist - September 29, 2014

Your analogy resonates. The sky above me today is clear, hardly a cloud in sight 🙂

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

Enjoy a blue sky day, Timi ~ with smooth sailing!

15. jannatwrites - September 29, 2014

Happiness is moment to moment. While it can help to acknowledge the grief, it does us no good to dwell on it for too long 🙂

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

Agreed. Grief is best acknowledged and released. Dwelling on our sorrows quells our joy.

16. anotherday2paradise - September 29, 2014

Wonderful images and words, Nancy. Yes….moment by moment is the key. 🙂

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

Welcome back to Florida, Sylvia! Loved your gator. Make sure he doesn’t come strolling into your kitchen via an unlatched pet door.

17. brickhousechick - September 29, 2014

Beautiful words, Nancy!! I agree, it’s best to take it moment by moment, day to day is too long!! 😍

nrhatch - September 29, 2014

When happy moments arrive on our doorstep, it’s best to welcome them in . . . no questions asked!

18. Three Well Beings - September 30, 2014

“It is only possible to live happily ever after on a moment by moment basis.” I love this quote. What an excellent photo reminder of how grief has different phases, Nancy. We all have to decide where to put our focus–and that is sometimes moment by moment!

nrhatch - September 30, 2014

I find myself immediately feeling “grounded” when I return my attention to the Here and Now. It’s a peaceful place.

19. Val Boyko - September 30, 2014

Lovely metaphors Nancy!

nrhatch - September 30, 2014

Thanks, Val. I look forward to hearing about your retreat.

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