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Things Don’t Go According To Hoyle June 16, 2014

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Continued from . . . RATS!

A year in the Army was enough for dad; he chose not to re-enlist and his letters began to focus on his longing to be home.

On June 19th, he wrote:

“In another week I will have been in the army a year.  I think they expect me to re-enlist.  How mistaken they are.  I guess I might be sorry that I came in  the army if I had ended up in the Infantry.  As it is, I certainly want to get home, but I will have some good experience behind me, the G.I. Bill of Rights, had a chance to travel, etc.”

Wikipedia ~ Whist (in Public Domain)

“It is unofficial and I don’t want you to count on it, but there is a possibility of getting out a little early.  A law has been enacted which allows 18 month enlistees to be discharged up to 60 days prior to time of normal discharge.  If full advantage were taken of this I could be on my way home in two months.”

“Rumors have it that a greater number of ships than usual are coming to Korea during the next two months.  My guess is that I will be home a little early.”

“Don’t let anyone overestimate this information and be disappointed if things don’t go according to Hoyle.”

On July 6th, to Margaret:

“I am still reading some books but I am getting tired of that too.  I am going to be glad to get home.”

After a quick trip to China, he wrote to Marjorie on August 30th:

“I don’t know whether you have received it but while I was in China I picked up a small item and mailed it to you.  I believe that I owe you a graduation present so you can consider the Chinese souvenir as such.”

“Just when do you start college?  When you get started you had better write and tell me what subjects you are taking.  That is if I don’t leave for home first.  It looks as though I will leave here for the states in about a month.”

On September 7th, he wrote his father:

“Right now I have charge of a case which involves some influential members of the South Korea Labor Party (old Communist Party which changed its name) in an attempted mass murder of Rightests.”

“I have been handling the case for several weeks and in a few days I expect to turn in a 30-35 page report.”

Overall, he felt that his time in the service was time well spent.  In a letter dated September 22nd to his father:

“In one week, I will have served fifteen months in the Army.  Naturally, it has seemed a long time and I have been waiting anxiously for the day when I could again throw my G.I. clothing into my duffel bag, throw the bag over my shoulder, and travel (in the opposite direction) the same route I traveled nearly one year ago.”

“However, I cannot help but feel that my decision to enlist in the army was the correct one for me to make.  During the past year I have been able to gain knowledge and background practically impossible for me to obtain in a similar period had I chosen to remain in college.  Instead of interrupting my education, this time spent in the army has increased my evaluation [of the value of higher education] and has tremendously increased my zest to return to college.  It has also relieved me of the financial burden of a college education and has assured me that once I again start to college I will not have to worry that a monetary shortage could cause me to discard my plan to obtain at least one degree.”

On October 6th:

“Well I am still here in Korea, however Butler has left and Swinnerton and I expect to be on orders at any time.  The boat we expect to leave on arrives at Inchon on the 17th.”

On October 7th:

“The headquarters building of the Replacement Depot here burned down a week ago.  It was in this building that orders were cut for men going home.  Naturally, many orders were burned along with many records of discharge dates, etc.  We wondered for a few days whether this would delay our return.  As far as we can determine, we will leave at the same time we would have left anyway.”

Concludes next Monday . . . Homeward Bound!

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Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary!  If things go according to Hoyle, we’ll be out and about celebrating for some/most/all of the day.


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