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RATS! June 9, 2014

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Continued from:  Thanks . . . But No Thanks!

During his stay in Korea, dad enjoyed interesting assignments.  When Dr. Syngman Rhee, a high ranking Korean official who later became the first President of South Korea, returned from conferring with the President and other government officials in the states, dad received the assignment of going to the airport and following the parade back to Seoul:

“Nearly all the important Rightest leaders in Korea were at the airport to greet him and I got pictures of some of them and several of Dr. Rhee and his wife who was at the airport to greet him.”  [April 23rd letter to Marjorie]

Wikipedia ~ Syngman Rhee (in Public Domain)

In a letter to his father, dated April 28th:

“Time is going quite fast.  Tomorrow makes a total of 10 months since I was sworn in.  Only eight more months, but that is plenty.  When I get home I think you will be interested to hear about some of the things I have worked on.  I can’t write about it, because all of the information is Classified, Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret.  However, you may be interested in an extract from one of the secret reports:

This headquarters wishes to commend the following agents for their tireless efforts in the conduct of investigations and on their splendid reports of same:

S/A  R.V. Butler
S/A  R.W. Hatch
S/A  A.L. Swinnerton
S/A  T. M. Greene

Butler, Swinnerton, and I spend most of our time together in the evenings and weekends.  We are all stationed here in Seoul.  I don’t know Greene as he is in one of the district offices.  It is really nice to have the officers think that you are doing a good job.”

In a letter to Aunt Lucy, dated April 29th:

“Our house is infested with rats.  In fact, they are so numerous that we sent two men to Rat Extermination school.  The other day before dinner some of us were talking about the rat problem when one of us turned around and saw a big rat sitting on one of the tables eating some bread.  About 10 minutes ago, I was sitting here in my room and a rat stuck his head out of the drawer where I keep my clothes.  I didn’t catch him.

I have a lot of work to do.  Right now I have two men in jail. Tonight I will have to work, probably until well after midnight.  However, the work is still interesting.  Only 8 months to go.  I should get to spend the last month at home.  I wish I could get home in time for deer season but I probably won’t.”

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