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Thanks . . . But No Thanks! June 2, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.
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Continued from . . . Photography Again?!

On February 21st, dad wrote Margaret to thank her for the cookies she sent with the Mercury camera:

“Captain Harbin and some of the other officers have been trying to urge me to accept a warranty ~ that is to become a warrant officer.  The pay would be $216 a month but there is a drawback.  I would have to sign up for a year.  That would keep me over here until next March.”

“As it is now, I will start home the last of August or the first of September.  Therefore, to accept would mean staying in Korea about 6 months longer.  I told them that the extra money didn’t mean as much as to go home and get back to college.  At least it shows that they appreciate my work and would like to keep me.”

To his sister Marjorie on February 25th:

“Prevo is in Colorado and waiting impatiently for his discharge.  I don’t blame him as I am in a hurry to get out of the army now.  It isn’t as nice as college.  By the way, some of the folks have been writing that you plan to go to UVM in the fall.  I am glad.  If you go to college I don’t think you will ever be sorry even if you have to work some to pay your way.  The only reason I am in the army is to pay my college expenses.  I don’t like the army well, but college is worth it.”

He wrote his father on March 9th after a short trip to Taejon, Korea:

“I am back in Seoul.  Came on a train during the night.  When I reached here, I found that promotions had come out again.  Effective the 6th of March, I was a staff sergeant ~ $138 a month.  My pay has increased quite a little since I came into the army.  The first two days in the army, the pay was $50.  On July 1st, it was increased to $75.  Since then it has gone to $90 ~ $108 ~ $120 ~ $138.”

On April 6th, he wrote:

“I am enclosing the letter I received for one of my reports.  It is from Capt. Molina, who has charge of the Political Section of CIC in Korea.  When I was assigned to the case of the beating, it seemed to be an ordinary case, but General Lerch became interested.  Because I knew that one copy of my 4-pg report was going to go to him, I tried to do a good job.  It paid off I guess, because this is the first letter I have seen any of the agents get for writing a good report:

To:  S/A Hatch

1.  Very good report.
2.  Reports of this caliber is what makes a good organization.
3.  Keep up the good work.

There isn’t much else to write about.  Life here gets to be the same old grind.  I have done enough investigating to last me the rest of my life, I think.”

Continued next week . . . RATS!