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Pulling Rank May 19, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.

Continued from . . . Say CHEESE!

Shortly before Christmas, while stationed in Seoul, dad wrote his dad:

“Today is Friday the 13th.  No especially bad luck.  In fact, I was rather lucky.  This morning I was stopped by an M.P. for speeding (30 mph in a 15 mph zone).  I talked the M.P. out of any action he had in mind.”

Wikipedia ~ Army Jeep (in Public Domain)

In the same letter:

“Well about a third of my enlistment is up.  A year from now I will be home and am I looking forward to it.  No matter how good my job is, there are a lot of things you just can’t get in Korea or any other place in the army.”

“At least I have the benefit of being surrounded by some pretty intelligent guys.  Our conversation often leads to a discussion of good old college.  Most of us agree, however, that this experience in the army is a great benefit.  I don’t think any of us will ever be sorry for having been here and gained some knowledge of how some of the rest of the world lives.”

On December 17th:

“One week from tomorrow is Christmas.  The time is really going by.  I will be thinking of you on Christmas even though I can’t be home. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I sent some cards but I don’t know when they will get there because I sent them by free mail.”

On January 10th, 1947, he wrote his dad:

“I have received packages with magazines, 2 jars of cheese spread, a box of chocolates, and hard candy.  The large package took about 6 weeks to arrive.  I want to thank everyone who contributed to the packages.  And thanks for doing my Christmas shopping.  According to the letters I received, you did O.K.”

On January 12th, he wrote Margaret:

“I went to Inchon today and saw Healy and 4 other fellows that were in my hut during basic.  The weather was nice, but the roads were muddy.  The clay makes excellent material for mud pies.”

On January 17th, to his father:

“I am sending 16 photos I got back from the Korean Studios.  Perhaps they will give you an idea of what Korea is like.  I am spending quite a lot of money on photography but that is about the only thing that I can spend it on.  I’ll never be in Korea again and I want some good pictures to remember it by.  Even so, I plan to have Aunt Lucy all paid back by the time I get out of the army.”

Wikipedia ~ South Korea (in Public Domain)

On January 22nd, he wrote his dad to share some good news:

“Now don’t tell me any more that I don’t out rank you.  Today I was made sgt. so you had better keep quiet or I will pull my rank on you.  The promotion increases my pay to $120 a month, that’s what I like best.”

“Today is the Korean New Year’s Day.  All the Koreans are going around town in new clothes or clean ones if they can’t afford new ones.  We didn’t do much work at the office because the interpreters had the day off.”

On January 31st, he wrote:

“Tonight some of us agents are invited to the home of one of the officers for a beer party.  This is a lot different than most army outfits.  Rank doesn’t mean anything but more pay.  When I was in the infantry, so to speak, a captain seemed like quite a high officer.  Now I have no regard for rank.  They all seem the same.  The other day I was talking to two colonels and a major at the same time.”

“P.S.  Well the party last night went off pretty good.  A couple of fellows passed out, but nothing serious.  All in all everyone had a pretty good time.”

Aah . . . that’s better!

Continued next Monday . . . Photography, Again?!