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Say CHEESE! May 12, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.

Continued from . . . The Best Service Assignment Ever!

One of dad’s primary interests while overseas was photography.  Because cameras and film were in short supply in Korea, he asked his dad to buy him a Kodak Bantam camera and case and send it over via first class mail:

“A good camera is almost necessary in this work.  The outfit here has some Kodak Bantams to sign out to the various men in the outfit.  At present, they are all signed out.  I will be able to get all my films (except color) developed over there.  That will be a help because I plan to take a lot of pictures.  I will probably never be in the Orient again.”


On November 28th, he wrote his dad:

“Today is Thanksgiving Day, but you would hardly know it.  Film is very scarce here.  Don’t be afraid of sending too much.  The other fellows will want any that I don’t use myself. Send all small packages first class. They get handled better and come over by air.”

In addition to cameras and film, he also asked for “care packages” of cheese or cheese spreads, other spreads or sandwich fillings, soda crackers, cookies, candies, soap,  razor blades, raisins, hair tonic, shoe polish, etc.

In the same letter:

“There isn’t much news from here.  The work is interesting and keeps me busy most of the time.  I am reading A General Introduction to Psycho Analysis by Freud.  You have probably heard of Freud because he is supposed to be one of the most brilliant men in his line.”

“I have become more convinced than ever that I shall try to go farther than to get just a Bachelor of Science degree.  I think that I will at least try to get a Master’s degree.  The more I study and learn, the more I want to learn.  The fellows here are all college men.”

“My roommate has his college degree and has been a minister for 1 1/2 years.  He gave it up when he found he did not enjoy preaching what he did not believe. He is going back to college to get a master’s degree in Psychology.  Perhaps you can guess where I borrowed the book.”

He wrote Marjorie on December 6th to wish her a Happy Birthday:

“Hope you can understand that introductory paragraph.  I am afraid it is a complete grammatical flop.”

“As yet, I have seen no tigers.  I suppose there may be some around but they keep away from the cities.  I think there are more in the Russian occupied area than in the U.S. occupied area.”

“Do you take regular college subjects at Castleton?  Since I have had the opportunity to find out what college is like, I advise everybody that has the opportunity to get more education.  It is something you will never regret the rest of your life.  Learn all you can about everything you can.  Your mind will change and you find that you are interested in new and more subjects.”

He concluded:

“I notice you mention my good job in the army with sarcasm.  Anyway, it may interest you to know that I am now a corporal.  $108 a month.”

“They were going to make me a general, but I refused.”

Continued next Monday . . . Pulling Rank