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Our Budding Pineapple Plantation May 9, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Home & Garden.

Although our courtyard is quite small, it is home to acrobatic lizards . . .

2014-04-25 09-45-51_0028

And colorful crabs, buds, and blooms . . .

2014-04-25 09-46-33_0032

And, now, a pineapple in the making . . .

2014-04-25 09-46-09_0030

I won’t start planning the fruit salad just yet.

2014-04-25 09-46-16_0031

We planted three pineapple tops a few years ago.  Our pineapple plantation has been a slow grow!

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. suzicate - May 9, 2014

A pineapple plant, how awesome is that! And some of the best things in life take a long process, so well worth the wait.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

My sister has grown a few pineapples in Orlando ~ fingers crossed we get to pluck the pineapple before some critter takes a big bite out of it.

2. Jill Weatherholt - May 9, 2014

How cool! I love pineapple! Keeps us posted, Nancy. I love to see a photo when it’s ready to cut.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

If it continues to grow, I’ll share it’s progress. I hope we get to harvest it before a masked marauder makes off with it.

3. colonialist - May 9, 2014

Pineapples are wonderful opportunities to eat your fruit and have it. Pity one can’t plant cake.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

Imagine how much fun it would be
To have lollipop plants and cookie trees!

colonialist - May 9, 2014


nrhatch - May 9, 2014

Make mine a Lindt Truffle tree!

4. Morgan - May 9, 2014

Good things do come to those who wait 😉 YUM

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

Yes! We’re being very patient.

5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - May 9, 2014

Okay, that is awesome! I’ve heard that actually does work, but have been scared to try… I might just have to try it!

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

I’ve liked the looks of the pineapple plants all along . . . but think it looks better with the pineapple growing. Good luck!

6. katecrimmins - May 9, 2014

How long does it take to get a pineapple? I was wondering how you had crabs in your courtyard but I was relieved when I saw the photo!

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

I’m not sure how long it takes the fruit to grow and ripen. A few months is my best guess.

Our crab is not a very mobile one. 😉

7. jannatwrites - May 9, 2014

Pineapple – yum! That will make a lovely fruit salad in 2016 🙂

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

I agree with your assessment, Janna ~ don’t count your pineapples until they’re wearing golden crowns!

8. Don - May 9, 2014

Planting pineapples – now that’s quite a challenge, Nancy. Looks like a nice little area in your home.The crab is magnificent. The blues are marvellous. Reminds me of the colour of the sea here where we are.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

Thanks, Don. We got that crab when we lived in Maryland ~ it’s a Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab. It does look like the color of a tropical sea

9. Grannymar - May 9, 2014

I would love to grow a pineapple plant, but we are way to cold and windy for that.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

I did a quick google and found that pineapples can be grown in pots ~ outdoors in summer months and indoors during frosts & freezing months. But that seems like a lot of work to me. When we lived farther north, we bought pineapples when we wanted one.

Grannymar - May 10, 2014

I’ll stick with buying fresh. I like to cube any leftovers and open freeze, then bag them. They are very refreshing on a hot day.

For a very special palate cleanser try pineapple flavoured with campari!

nrhatch - May 10, 2014

Next time we have pineapple, I’ll stick a few cubes in the freezer and try your trick, GM.

I bet it would be lovely with Chambord too ~ raspberry and pineapple would be a treat.

10. nancytex2013 - May 9, 2014

Nancy, that is so cool on the pineapples!

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

I was quite tickled when I saw it peeking out of the crown.

11. barb19 - May 9, 2014

Cool! How long ago did you plant them Nancy? Been thinking of trying this myself.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

We planted the crowns about 3 years ago, not really expecting that we’d see any fruit. But it does take that long for the first pineapple. Not sure if we’ll get one a year from this point forward or not. There’s lots of info on line ~ “growing pineapples.”

12. diannegray - May 9, 2014

This post reminds me of when I was much younger and hubby took me to the tropics for a holiday (long before we moved here). We were driving and he said – ‘look at all those pineapples’. But I couldn’t see them and kept asking him where they were and he kept saying ‘over there!’ Cut a long story short, I didn’t know that pineapples grew on the ground, I thought they grew in tall trees like coconuts! LOL 😀

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

Hah! The “opposite” happened to me. When we were househunting down here 5 years ago, we saw grapefruit trees, orange trees, etc. One day, I saw a tree with large green fruit. I wondered if it was mango or papaya until I got closer and saw that the tree had hundreds of avocados on it.

I had no idea that avocados grew on trees ~ I thought they grew like zucchini or pumpkins on the ground.

13. lindsaycummingswrites - May 9, 2014

It looks so colorful and pretty! Ohhh a pineapple! How wonderful. I’m sure it will be juicy and amazing. You may have to repost to tell us how it tastes! Don’t think I could grow one of those here in Colorado. Bummer. Suppose I’ll stick to jalapeños.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

If you grow them in pots and bring them in in winter, it could work. Dole has instructions on its site. But what we did was far easier. We just buried the cut side of the crown in the ground and waited to see what happened.

Jalapeños are good too!

lindsaycummingswrites - May 9, 2014

Together, we could make a yummy salsa! I’ll have to try that potting idea sometime:)

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

Yes! . . . a pineapple jalapeño salsa sounds yummy. I made a tomato salsa today with HATCH jalapeños.

14. bluebee - May 9, 2014

The joy of living in the tropics – I used to. Miss seeing lizards on a wall. The giant crab is delightful, only because he’s not alive!

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

It’s been a pleasant surprise watching our pending pineapple grow. I’m sure that the lizards and the crab won’t bother it, but we have some other critters around who probably love fruit ~ possums, raccoons, and fruit rats.

15. ericjbaker - May 9, 2014

Cool! It’s not just a tasty fruit. You can also use it to render intruders unconscious, or you can paint a face on it and hang out.

nrhatch - May 9, 2014

“WILSON!” :mrgreen:

16. I am J - May 10, 2014

So, you just take the top of a pineapple, stick it in the ground, and it grows? I had no idea.

I wonder what would happen if we tried that here in Colorado with some Rocky Mountain oysters …or, maybe not. 🙂

I bet when your pineapple matures, it will be an extra special delight. I look forward to seeing it grow.

nrhatch - May 10, 2014

That’s all we did, J. The Dole site suggests letting the crown dry out for a week, then stick it in water and wait for roots to appear before transplanting. But we just stuck it in the ground to see what would happen. And, now, VOILA! A pineapple.

As for the Rocky Mountain Oysters . . . EWWWW!!!!! Even before I became a vegetarian, those held no appeal.

I am J - May 10, 2014

Imagine if I could grow a pineapple inside in Colorado! I’m going to check this out more. Thanks!

And, “EWWWW” hardly expresses how I feel about Rocky Mountain Oysters. Never tried them. Never will!

I would be so excited if I could grow a pineapple. I’m going to try this.

nrhatch - May 10, 2014

Good luck, J. I really like the look of the plants so have never worried about whether they produced a pineapple. But I’m glad I’ve got one out there. Something a bit different.

17. Pix Under the Oaks - May 10, 2014

It’s such a cute little pineapple!

nrhatch - May 10, 2014

It’s darling. We see it every time we go anywhere. I’ll probably start talking to it soon.

18. kateshrewsday - May 10, 2014

A pineapple. It’s enough to make me get on that plane, Nancy. The most we manage here is sour grapes. But we get a lovely crop of apples….

nrhatch - May 10, 2014

At this rate, it looks like we’ll harvest one pineapple every 2-3 years ~ not quite the harvest one gets from an apple tree.

19. Anne Lene - May 11, 2014

That’s the cutest pineapple I have ever seen 🙂 I wish you luck, and hope you get to harvest one TASTY pineapple!

nrhatch - May 11, 2014

Thanks, Anne. Fingers crossed that its growth is undeterred.

20. Three Well Beings - May 12, 2014

Occasionally I see them at the garden center, but it’s so much more fun to think of growing them from your own pineapples! They’re beautiful green plants even if the pineapple never makes it to a salad! 🙂

nrhatch - May 12, 2014

As an experiment, we’ve enjoyed watching the plants grow. Having the pineapple appear is like the “cherry on top.”

21. Sandra Bell Kirchman - May 12, 2014

I can’t imagine growing pineapples in your backyard. Pine cones, anyone?

nrhatch - May 12, 2014

Pine cones are great for increasing the roughage and fiber in your diet. Just make sure you have some dental floss handy.

22. thefolia - May 12, 2014

I’ve never seen a pineapple growing–how neat. I will have to try this out…what a special prize for a plant to grow just one…I would for sure savor it. Happy Nesting.

nrhatch - May 12, 2014

Yay! I hope you succeed in your endeavor ~ It’s been great fun watching it grow.

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