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Work Out Without Working Up A Sweat May 2, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Health & Wellness.

In 7 Ways Water Workouts Work Wonders, we touched upon the many benefits of staying cool while working out and getting fit.

Water exercise, or aquatics, is a terrific non-impact fitness tool.  Almost everyone can benefit from joining an aquatics class, including pregnant women, out of shape folks, the elderly, and patients recovering from injuries or certain surgeries.

* Water’s buoyancy reduces your “weight” by 90%, resulting in less stress on weight-bearing joints, bones, and muscles.

* You’re less likely to have sore muscles after working out in water, which makes it perfect for folks with arthritis, back problems, knee problems, or motivational problems.

* Water exercise, done right, encompasses all fitness components:  cardio-vascular, endurance, strength training, flexibility, and body fat reduction.

* The water’s resistance offers an excellent opportunity to strength train without using  weights.

To create additional resistance, cup your hands and pull or push the water away from you, or just run in place.

* Because of the water’s support, you can perform stretches that would be difficult (or impossible) on land.  As a result, you can move your joints through a wider range of motion and achieve greater levels of fitness and flexibility in and out of the pool.

Being in the water is calming and energizing at the same time.  Instead of creaking and groaning on land, you move with the ease and grace of a kid.

And, if you stay in the shallow end of the pool, you don’t even need to know how to swim!

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. jannatwrites - May 2, 2014

Anything that reduces ‘weight’ by 90 % can’t be that bad, right? 🙂

nrhatch - May 2, 2014

Exactly! I love the freedom of movement I have in the pool . . . it always makes me feel like a kid again. Plus, since most of me is under water, no one laughs at my un-smooth moves.

2. katecrimmins - May 2, 2014

Is there a swim-up bar in this pool? That would certainly motivate me!

nrhatch - May 2, 2014

I’ll bring up the idea at the next board meeting . . . if they don’t go for the idea, maybe we can do a poolside Tiki Bar.

katecrimmins - May 2, 2014

That’ll work! Those old people will just pee in the pool.

nrhatch - May 2, 2014

You’ve got a point, Kate ~ I vote poolside, not swim up.

3. Carol Balawyder - May 2, 2014

I find one of the easiest ways to swim is to snorkel. You’re so focused on the fish that you’re unaware of the effort you’re making.
Of course, I live far from a snorkeling place and so I have to content myself with the local Y pool, which your post reminded me i should be doing about this time of the year, when I don’t have to worry about going out into freezing cold weather.
Have a Happy Weekend. 🙂

nrhatch - May 2, 2014

Thanks, Carol. Hope your weekend is a blast. We can swim year round, but I enjoy it more when the air temps are warm.

4. I am J - May 2, 2014

Okay, Nancy. You’ve sparked a bit of interest in me to try the lap pool at Bally’s. It’s not deep (just very public, yuck) but I will give it a try sometime in the next 12 weeks – after I buy a swimming suit. You’ve posted so many excellent reasons for jumping in the pool, most of all no sore joints, that I think I’ll have to shelve my fear for a while and give it a go. GULP.

nrhatch - May 2, 2014

We have a shower by the pool, so I just rinse off before and after swimming and figure we’re never as clean as we think we are.

Just don’t read Kate’s last comment before you dive in.

I am J - May 3, 2014

If Bally’s had a poolside bar, I think I’d choose that over the pool anyway. It wouldn’t take much to keep me away from the pool. In fact, maybe Kate makes a good point, but it’s not the old I worry about.

nrhatch - May 3, 2014

I hear ya! We don’t have many young kids in the neighborhood or the pool. And when the weather’s warm, the water is so refreshing. So much better than slogging through the humidity on land.

5. ericjbaker - May 2, 2014

If the water is deep enough, you can pretend to be Bruce Lee.

I know a little thing or two about pitching ideas, don’t I?


nrhatch - May 2, 2014

I DO pretend I’m Bruce Lee . . . Hie Yah!

ericjbaker - May 2, 2014

Don’t do it on land. You’ll end up with surgery to repair a torn ACL.

nrhatch - May 2, 2014

Ya think? 😉

6. Three Well Beings - May 4, 2014

Besides the “no impact” value, the orthopedist emphasized the improved range of motion that water’s buoyancy provides. It’s interesting to read how many things water exercise amends!

nrhatch - May 4, 2014

Yes! I can reach my toes, heels behind my back, etc., with greater ease in the water. And walking is both easier on the joints AND a better work=-out due to the increased resistance of water vs. air.

7. Pix Under the Oaks - May 4, 2014

Having to buy a new suit is a problem.. 😀

nrhatch - May 4, 2014

I find that Beall’s usually has a good selection. In fact, I’m about due for a new suit.

8. Perfecting Motherhood - May 13, 2014

I should spend more time in the water, if I had the time… And I don’t think I could break a sweat in our community pool. The water is always freezing cold, except during major heatwaves. 🙂

nrhatch - May 13, 2014

Our pool is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer ~ to a fairly constant 84-85 degrees. Perfect for staying cool without “hypothermia.” 😎

Perfecting Motherhood - May 13, 2014

Ah, nice! That would be perfect for me but I think most pools here don’t get above 80 degrees. It sounds hot but it really isn’t.

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