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Do Not Disturb April 4, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Art & Photography, Nature, Poetry.

Dragonfly rested
Wings folded

Do not disturb

Desires ignored
Outstretched wings

How you perturb

Dragonfly settled
Wings framed

Kicked to the curb!

Aah . . . that’s better!

Artwork available at Roderick MacIver Arts.  The beauty of Rod’s art lies in his ability NOT to control all aspects of the water ~ he allows it latitude to do its thing while he does his. The result speaks for itself.


1. Pix Under the Oaks - April 4, 2014

Nancy Mr. Maclver does some gorgeous art. I clicked your link.His brown owl picture touches my heart. I find dragonflies enchanting. I love to listen to Dragonfly Summer by Michael Franks.. it’s a Florida thing for me.

nrhatch - April 4, 2014

I’m so glad you checked out Rod’s site ~ I know the owl that touched your heart.

We have had some amazing dragonfly days here in Florida.

Pix Under the Oaks - April 4, 2014

Nancy.. how did you get your colorful round share buttons ❓

nrhatch - April 4, 2014

Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing -> Button style -> Icon only

2. Pix Under the Oaks - April 4, 2014

Thank you! I thought I had tried every combo in that drop down menu!

nrhatch - April 4, 2014

Good luck getting it set up.

3. colonialist - April 4, 2014

They are the most spectacular creatures!

nrhatch - April 4, 2014

We get some very pretty ones around us . . . and most of them do NOT want to be disturbed.

4. diannegray - April 5, 2014

Rod’s work is beautiful – just clicked on the link to see fantastic artwork (and an owl that I adore!)

And you know I just love dragonflies 😀

nrhatch - April 5, 2014

I enjoy wandering through his cyber gallery. Rod definitely knows his way around a paintbrush.

5. Grannymar - April 6, 2014

A very talented man, exploring his work is a wonderful way to pass the time in the morning until I can have my breakfast. I love the delicacy of the butterfly and dragonflies. I have only ever seen a dragonfly once in real time. I was so in-trawled, I forgot to use my camera.

nrhatch - April 6, 2014

I never thought about the fact that dragonflies might not be as ubiquitous on other shores. I wouldn’t have expected to find one in the Arctic Circle, but assumed some would call the Emerald Isle home.

Grannymar - April 6, 2014

I am sure there are dragon flies about in certain areas, but not as noticeable as butterflies.

nrhatch - April 6, 2014

Butterflies are designed to attract the eye of the beholder.

6. Three Well Beings - April 6, 2014

I have one of Rod’s books from when he was publishing the anthologies, and the dragonfly is on the cover. I really need to spend some time on his site again. It’s been a while since I’ve lingered, but I do agree with you that he is tremendously talented. He lives an authentic life of art and respecting natural beauty, hoping to make a difference in awareness, I think, but not giving up when he falls on hard financial times. I really respect him. And I love the Dragonfly poem, Nancy.

nrhatch - April 6, 2014

Thanks, Debra. He’s learned how wonderful it is to live what we love . . . and love what we live.

7. jannatwrites - April 7, 2014

I love dragonflies! A dragonfly knows how it’s done… be still and fly refreshed 🙂

nrhatch - April 7, 2014

Yes! Repose and relaxation recharges and refreshes.

8. bluebee - April 7, 2014

Kicked to the curb!? A beautiful flow of words, then…such violence!
I just hopped over to Rod’s site – his owls are just beautiful.

nrhatch - April 7, 2014

The dragonfly was quite put out at being asked to move from Point A to Point B ~ harumphing at the indignity of it all.

Glad you enjoyed Rod’s site. Beautiful work.

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