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A Quest to Knowingness March 6, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Magick & Mystery, Poetry.

Less is more . . . especially when it comes to winter’s wicked weather.  In 2009, we headed south in search of spring.

IMGP1218Aimless snowflakes drift
Spinning through frigid night air
Winter longs for spring

Yoko and Ono
pirouette beneath the palms
of Jungle Gardens

We wonder as we
wander ~ “Is this what we want?”
Life’s trade-offs abound

This villa! This view!
With that, our quest coalesced
into knowingness

Palm trees and capris
A sunny, warm winter breeze
Parkas packed away

Aah . . . that’s better!

Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you?  Does living a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, hold any appeal?

Do you recall your last house hunt?  Did intuition play a part?

The first time I experienced intuitive knowingness, it whispered, “This is YOUR house.”  I glanced up from the book in my lap and KNEW.

I KNEW that it KNEW what it was talking about; I KNEW that the house with the “For Sale” sign was MY house; and I KNEW that that intuitive knowingness welled up from a source inside me that was far beyond the limits of my mind.

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1. suzicate - March 6, 2014

Love those haiku!
I like having a home base, and not much into traveling…unless it’s hiking!
Yes, intuition played a big part in our house hunt. It was one of the first houses we looked at. The hubby and I were drawn to it. The real estate agent kept trying to lure us to higher priced homes and newer homes, but there was something about this one that held promise. She wasn’t happy we wanted this one, but I’m sure she was glad to at least make a sale.

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

Yay! Heeding that inner voice pays dividends. And I think that the more “permanent” the decision, the more likely it is to give us a wink or a whisper or a nod to let us know, “yes, that one.”

We have owned 4 homes. The knowingness was “loudest” with the first. I KNEW. Not subtle at all. The second, third, and fourth times, the “voice” was more subtle. But each time, I had a calm knowingness that THIS was our next best house.

Sometimes I don’t have the same degree of certainty when deciding what to order in a restaurant, or what TV show to watch. 😛

2. Rainee - March 6, 2014

I love it when inspiration strikes! Could do with some right now 🙂

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

Let your intuition know you are LISTENING. Maybe you’ll get the wink, whisper, or nod that you need. If you do, heed the wisdom.

3. Pix Under the Oaks - March 6, 2014

Ooo this is such a good post this morning Nancy! I need a home base, not a good traveler. Day trips are wonderful though! I DO recall my last house hunt. Intuition for The Tiny Ten played a HUGE part.. HUGE! Now I am letting intuition guide us now.. 😉 And yes, such a beautiful view you enjoy!

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

From the comments, it seems that house hunts allow the “calm knowingness” in us to surface. That’s good ~ otherwise many of us would be too paralyzed with indecision to complete the purchase.

I’m with you on having a home base. A nomadic lifestyle (on a boat or train) might be nice for a time, but I want a home to come home to at the end of each leg of the journey.

4. Tammy - March 6, 2014

I had the same experience with our home. I had looked at 100 and had declared that I was done looking but then, the last appt. occurred. I walked in and knew. Come visit!

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

That is AWESOME! Sometimes when we “close the door,” our intuitive self opens it and marches in anyway! That’s the best!

As for the visit . . . I may just do that, Tammy. (I promise not to open the door and march in unannounced.)

5. katecrimmins - March 6, 2014

I am not a big fan of house hunting. I always start out all excited, then I realize the give and takes, the things I have to leave to have those other things. My experience when I was young was that I always missed the first one I liked because I waited to long or maybe it’s that we like something better after someone else bought it. Either way, I have a least one more move before the undertaker and one of these days……

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

I think your next house hunt should be in . . . FLORIDA! I’ll go with you and help you hone your knowingness!

katecrimmins - March 6, 2014

I’ll remember that!

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

If I forget, remind me. 😉

6. I am J - March 6, 2014

As always, great post and thought-provoking. I’ve had a few episodes of knowingness – but not related to a house. Still, that feeling of knowingness that you described is so hard to explain, isn’t it? You just know – and how do explain that feeling beyond, “I just know…?”

After reading this, though, I think I’m ready to go house-hunting again and see if I can experience the “home-knowing” that you have!

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

Cool! It is a feeling that is hard to explain. But wonderful to experience. Once, I KNEW the answer to Final Jeopardy before the clue had even been revealed. Way cool!


Another time I KNEW what BFF had in the bag for our nieces and nephews.


Good luck with he house hunt!

7. Don - March 6, 2014

Thank you for the pingback Nancy. Appreciate it. Intuitive knowingness – what a gift that is to nurture and grow. A level of knowing we just don’t plumb often enough.

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

I often play intuitive games with myself ~ who’s calling? (when the phone rings), what will be in the mail today? (easy ~ bills!), etc.

Often I’m correct in my assessments.

But intuitive knowingness is a DEEPER more confident feeling ~ a calm certainty that THIS IS.

8. Booksphotographsandartwork - March 6, 2014

I used to drive by our house all the time and think oh what a cute little yellow house. Then after Hurricane Hugo did some smashing up to our previous place I saw our the cute little yellow house for sale and snatched it up! There were only two houses in our price range and my husband would not even look at the other one. For awhile it was or seemed to be a great place to live. We have had great neighbors, a fabulous walking trail a couple of blocks over and we used to be able to walk to the library (they have since moved it) when the kids were young. I wish I had payed more attention to “little” when we were looking. It has been good for a lot of reasons but I would like to move again. Even with the kids gone now it seems smaller than it used to be.

nrhatch - March 6, 2014

I’m glad you enjoyed living in the cute little yellow house. That’s cool.

Sometimes our homes seem SMALLER because we’ve accumulated more STUFF over the years. We’ve downsized both possessions and square footage in our last two moves. It’s nice have LESS house and FEWER things to care for.

9. jannatwrites - March 7, 2014

It’s cool that you knew where you were supposed to be (birds migrate south for a reason 🙂 )

I prefer home over travel, so a nomadic life isn’t for me. When we found both of our houses, we knew. Both times, we looked for a long time before we found THE house. Our house isn’t perfect – it could use some modernizing, but we can see past that and the overgrown yard (which we’re working on). It’s becoming more and more “ours”.

nrhatch - March 7, 2014

It’s great when we recognize OUR house during the hunt ~ glad the magic continued for you during your most recent move.

From the comments, it seems that choosing a house may be a more certain enterprise than, say, choosing a breakfast cereal from the overwhelming array of sugar coated GMO’s.

10. anotherday2paradise - March 7, 2014

I am holding thumbs still for the abandoned and run down house we saw a couple of weeks ago. I hope we get it, so that we can make it beautiful again. The size and location is exactly what we would like. 🙂

nrhatch - March 7, 2014

We’ll enjoying watching the renovations if you are successful in your bid ~ we’ve enjoyed watching the transformation of Dianne Gray’s RUC “down under.”

Fingers crossed.

11. ericjbaker - March 7, 2014

Property tax in NJ takes the romance and whimsy out of the word “home.”

nrhatch - March 7, 2014

Property Taxes in NJ are . . . INSANE! Our taxes here in FL (for a comparably priced property) are 30% of what we paid there.

ericjbaker - March 7, 2014

The footprint of a townhouse in my town… I mean the dirt under the structure, not an actual yard you can walk in, is about $8000 a year. a house with a half acre, you’re looking at $13,000. Thus, I live in an apartment.

nrhatch - March 7, 2014

One of the reasons we moved from NJ to MD in 2000 was b/c of the sky high property taxes.

We do miss the pizza. And the bagels. Much better than anywhere else we’ve lived.

12. sufilight - March 7, 2014

I prefer home as I am not much of a traveler. I would however love a second home in a warmer climate where Phil and I could stay during the winter.

nrhatch - March 7, 2014

Maybe you and Phil could rent a place for a couple of weeks/ months next winter and see how you like the idea? Or rent an RV and head SOUTH with the snowbirds?

Owning two homes would mean owning two of too many things for me ~ whatever I wanted would be in the other home for sure.

sufilight - March 8, 2014

That sounds like an option, Nancy. Thanks. We do have a motorhome but want to sell it because we hardly use it these days. Another option is to relocate which Phil and I have considered. We will make changes when the timing is right.

nrhatch - March 9, 2014

That’s exactly the approach I would take ~ make the intention and watch for “the way” to appear on the horizon. Since you have a motorhome, that might be a great way to “test the waters” and find whether you like flying south for the winter.

13. Perfecting Motherhood - March 11, 2014

Oh, you’re reminding me I need to post some cute lemur photos!

I bought a house (actually two, one first, then sold it and bought another) as a way to “anchor” me down. Until then I moved a lot, from one place to another, one state to another. I guess I have what you call gypsy feet. Not that I want to travel the world or anything like that, simply that I love the change of scenery, people, surroundings after a few years. Still today I have the itch to move somewhere else, but because of my kids (or rather their dad), this would be difficult and so I don’t. As much as I enjoy San Diego and as much as I love my current home, I still don’t feel completely “at home”. It’s a curse. 🙂

nrhatch - March 11, 2014

Yes, share!

Maybe someday you’ll live in one of those Gypsy Wagons that moves with you from place to place.

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