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Happy Valentine’s Day February 14, 2014

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Wikipedia ~ Valentine

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do you say “I Love You” with lush bouquets of fragrant flowers?

With Big Red Hearts filled with Chocolate?

With love poems overflowing with sweet nothings?

With handmade cards and intricate lace doilies?

With fine wine and shiny baubles?

By going out to paint the town red?

With an intimate dinner for two beside a crackling fire?

* * *

Have you ever sent or received a Vinegar Valentine?  

These insulting cards, decorated with unflattering caricatures of floozies, spinsters, and sleazy dudes, counterbalanced the saccharin sweetness of the early 1900’s.

Wikipedia ~ Vinegar Valentine

Vinegar Valentines gave jilted lovers a chance to exact sweet & sour revenge on the now displaced object of affection:

Roses are red
You are sleazy
Seeing you smile
Makes me queasy

Roses are red
Daisies are yellow
I’m glad you are
No longer my fellow

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Stop calling me up
I’ve had it with you

* * *

Dad was born on Valentine’s Day in 1928.  He would have been 86 today:

In 1928, on a cold February morn, at the home of a Vermont neighbor
Mary Helen Hatch was about to give birth ~ she had definitely gone into labor
Instead of arriving the “usual” way, in a hospital room filled with flowers
My dad arrived on Valentine’s Day, at the home of a Mrs. Bowers


As kids, we loved finding him a combined Valentine’s Birthday Card.  We also loved sharing his C~A~K~E!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

* * *

Mickey-and-Minnie-kissDo you know any Valentine Babies?  


How about Valentine’s Babes?

Aah . . . that’s better!