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Passing the Hat . . . to Write February 8, 2014

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The internet has changed the writing landscape in many ways:

* Writers can start a blog to gain a fan base.
* Writers can create a platform on Facebook to discuss work in progress.
* Writers can tweet about their new or soon-to-be releases to build interest.

And . . . they can pass the hat to sell their promised words BEFORE they’ve even set them down in digital ink.

Wikipedia ~ Beggar (Public Domain)

Imagine if everyone could get paid for doing nothing.

* Would you pay a chef to create a meal that you might never get to taste?
* Would you pay a chauffeur to buy a car that you might never occupy?
* Would you pay an attorney for advice not yet proffered?

If not, why would you pay a writer (you’ve never met) to write a book you might never have a chance to read . . . because it hasn’t been written yet?

Internet Begging is BIG business.

There are hundreds of cyber begging sites designed to allow people to raise money to support the penchant for designer clothes, a desire for bigger boobs, or to create a fund of creative financing for creatives endeavoring to create creative endeavors before those endeavors have been created.

I’m all for supporting The Arts . . . but I’m not inclined to pay a writer for words not yet written.

* * *

What say you?  

When people “pass the hat” to finance unfulfilled desires, are you inclined to toss money into the pot?  Do you swing by Kickstarter on a regular basis to discover writing projects to support?  If so, there are 15,828 potential publishing projects on Kickstarter from which to choose.

Or, like me, would you rather support writers by buying books AFTER they’ve been written?

Aah . . . that’s better!