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FEAR (“False Evidence Appearing Real”) January 6, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.
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Eeyore-SittingI avoid Eeyores.

Time is precious and I refuse to waste mine commiserating with silly rabbits and stubborn mules who throw pity parties for themselves with great regularity:

“Boo hoo.  I’ve got a hangnail.”
“She looked at me funny. Woe is me.”
“People don’t do what I want them to do.  I hate my life.”

We cannot control others.  We can learn to control our reactions to them.

Tigger-PogoAnd that’s where true liberation lies.

When we don’t waste time on time wasters, we have more time for pleasant pastimes.

Like hanging out with Tiggers! 

But what about us?

What happens when we get caught up F.E.A.R.?

Sad-TigerF.E.A.R. (“False Evidence Appearing Real”) can be a real downer when our mood is precarious.  We don’t always have the necessary strength of will to shout out loud, “THAT’S NOT TRUE!”

A bad attitude makes everything worse.

Like a snowball rolling downhill, negative thoughts gain momentum and mass, grabbing onto other negative thoughts while careening in an ever expanding downward spiral.  Instead of bounding (or bouncing) over hill and dale, we get bogged down. 

Tigger-BouncingLife becomes one long trudge through sludge.  Uphill.  Both ways.

When we tire of the negatives, we can choose to step back from “the trees” blocking our view to adopt a wider perspective.

What a difference!  An entire forest ripe and verdant with possibility.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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