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Christmas at Ca D’Zan December 28, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Poetry.

In contrast to the simple Cracker Christmas at Historic Manatee Village, the decor at Ca D’Zan deigned to dazzle.

2013-12-05 18-13-55_0010

Red, Green, and Gold sparkled throughout the Ringling Mansion.

2013-12-05 18-18-41_0025

An enormous tree reached to the mezzanine.

2013-12-05 18-15-03_0014

Greenery brightened with holiday lights splayed across the portico.

2013-12-05 18-43-09_0031

Fireplaces bore festoons of festive greenery.

2013-12-05 18-14-29_0013

Even the scullery and butler’s pantry bore evidence of Holly and Jolly.

2013-12-05 18-16-47_0019

Giant poinsettias acted as understudy for flickering flames.

2013-12-05 18-17-52_0022

The massive tree stood tall, overseer of all things Christmas.

2013-12-05 18-14-18_0012

One last look as we close the door on this opulent display.

2013-12-05 18-43-16_0032

* * * * *

sssThe theme for Haiku Monday this week is RELAXATION.

Peace is one breath, one
thought away. Relax. Let the
past go. Just for NOW.

To play along ~> swing by Amanda’s blog (Funky Frugal Mommy) ~ Haiku Monday Theme and post your Haiku in the comments section.

Then relax and breathe.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Crowing Crone Joss - December 28, 2013

love all the antique furniture and the wrought iron is a thing of beauty, always. Gotta admit the reds of Christmas give it all a beautiful glow.

nrhatch - December 28, 2013

John & Mabel Ringling created an opulent estate for their winter “cottage.” Like the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina or Breakers, the Vanderbilt’s Summer Cottage in Newport, Rhode Island, Ca D’Zan was designed to impress upon visitors that the Ringlings “had it all.”

Crowing Crone Joss - December 28, 2013

imagine that being the focus on one’s life!

nrhatch - December 28, 2013

How empty and vacuous an existence when one’s attention is focused on STUFF . . . rather than on the interwoven threads of the tapestry. It reminds me of The Queen of Versailles:


2. Don - December 28, 2013

Wonderful images Nancy.

nrhatch - December 28, 2013

We enjoyed wandering the grounds for Holiday Splendor ~ the Ringling Museum had musicians (mostly school aged) stationed throughout the grounds and buildings to carol the night away.

3. ericjbaker - December 28, 2013

I never said you could take pictures in my house! What’s going on here?

Sorry, that’s the best I got. The title of your post doesn’t lend itself to intentional misinterpretation. I guess I could go the conventional comment route and talk about how gorgeous that place is and what a great job the decorators did not just with the holiday display but with the lighting, furniture, etc. Very festive and tasteful.

nrhatch - December 28, 2013

Haha! That’s funny . . . as we wandered its bedecked and bejeweled rooms, one thought kept surfacing:

“I wonder if Eric does this in HIS house?” 😛

4. anotherday2paradise - December 28, 2013

Absolutely gorgeous Christmas decor! 🙂

nrhatch - December 28, 2013

Glad you enjoyed. The Ringling Museum is worth a visit ~ beautiful grounds right along Sarasota Bay. The Circus Museums (on the grounds) are tons of fun too.

5. jannatwrites - December 29, 2013

Lovely decor! I enjoyed your peaceful haiku, too. You’re getting quite good at them 🙂

nrhatch - December 29, 2013

Thanks, Janna. Several years ago, I joined a Haiku-A-Day project on WEbook. It was great fun encapsulating each day in the 17-syllable format.

6. Nancy Curteman - December 29, 2013

Wow, beautiful decorations. My granddaughters decorated my tree and the ornaments are concentrated in the lower part of the tree. As they grow taller each year, I expect the ornaments to climb higher up the tree.

nrhatch - December 29, 2013

That’s so sweet, NC. Will you take a photo each year to share with them down the road?

7. Pix Under the Oaks - December 29, 2013

It’s very festive and colorful and certain to put you in the holiday mood. I don’t think I’d like the taking down part.. 😀

nrhatch - December 29, 2013

I know, right! I’ve watched specials on decorating the White House for the Holidays ~ the man hours involved are MASSIVE!

In contrast, I packed up the Santas and put away everything but our tree yesterday afternoon. By myself. In about 2 hours.

I left the dust in situ for BFF! :mrgreen:

8. Tammy - December 29, 2013

I love the use of greenery.

nrhatch - December 29, 2013

I loved the greenery outside ~ big red bows and tiny white lights ~ and also the runner in the Butler’s Pantry.

9. Three Well Beings - December 30, 2013

I guess I really just enjoy Christmas decorations. I enjoy it all…the homespun and the opulent! I love it all until Christmas, and then I want the little fairies to come in and pack it all up and away! They haven’t come by the house yet. I think tomorrow! 🙂

nrhatch - December 30, 2013

Yes! Thank you for sharing that, Debra. I packed our Santas and Reindeer away on the 28th (but felt a bit Grinchy about not wanting them around to ring in the New Year).

When “cheery” turns “dreary,” it’s time to part company until next December. :mrgreen:

10. colonialist - December 30, 2013

The name is ringling some Circus bells! I like it. It is beautiful, tasteful, and not nearly as ‘over-the-(Big)-top as I would have expected.

nrhatch - December 30, 2013

Understated elegance seemed to be the theme ~ especially outdoors. No tacky lawn ornaments on display. 😉

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